Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun Gadget!

Okay, so I have a few problems with this product, but LOVE the idea. It's a kick counter for your baby called the KickTrak. Baby O has been super active and is actually starting to make me uncomfortable with his/her movements in there. We had our first fight the other day when I told Bo in no uncertain terms to stop trying to break my ribs.

Anyway, back to the product... As I said, I like the idea of it, but think it's another one of those gadgets you don't need. The site has all this information that seems like a scare tactic, telling you how important doctors say it is to monitor fetal movement, etc etc. Yes--movement is important. But no--you don't need this device to do it. The other disappointing thing (besides the price) is that it's not something that hooks up to your belly to read movements by itself. You actually have to manually enter when the baby kicks. Why couldn't I just do that on a piece of paper for free? Oh, that's right--I can!

So, nice idea, but I'm not going to buy one. I can tell without counting that Bo's moving just fine!

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