Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Labor Photos!

There are some great pictures I haven't had a chance to go through from Denise, so I may post more later, but here are some photos from labor. I'm going to post the major ones of Sawyer on our other blog, per Rob's request. So check out our family photos!!

Here's one more shot of me happy, when I was still having contractions ten minutes apart and they didn't really hurt. Quite a change from later!
Robbie has no idea what is in store...
Cathy and Amanda watching and making notes.
Denise excited as everything begins.
Amanda taking a little nap.
Robbie was the most amazing support.
Tex cheered me up with his kisses.
Everyone doing their part to support me.
Tex in the middle of things, as usual. .
Laboring in the hot tub.
Cathy and Tex checking the baby's heart rate.
This is great. Rob took a brief break in the morning and fell asleep while chewing eggs. You can see them in his mouth.
I love this pain chart. I told Peter I was at an 11 before epidural, and at a negative 3 afterwards.
How you look after having an epidural. I can smile again!!
They kicked everyone out so we could nap for a while.
Rob racked out on the mini-couch.
Napping with Mommy.
This super unflattering picture is just for Ginny--and she knows why. :)
Waiting to dilate with Peter and Robbie.
I think this is when Mom was praying for either the baby to turn anterior, or that I was fully dilated and ready to push.
Resting between pushes.
What pushing looks like.
More pushing. Teddy was there the whole time.
This is a great moment between Krista and Denise.
I love this look on my mom's face.
The doctor's face as we're nearing the end. Not quite as excited as my mom.
You can tell people were distracted by what's going on, but here's a slanted shot of Sawyer seconds after birth.
I wish there weren't a blurry thing in front of me here, but this is a great first moment. It was amazing.
Love the joy here, hate the puffy pregnant face.
Our first moments as parents.
Sawyer's first few moments, getting checked out.
Lynn with Sawyer's footprints.
My little man in the NICU. So sweet!!


  1. Sawyer has the CUTEST face in this last picture. So Sweet!

  2. I laughed out loud when I saw it. You're a sick woman! Sick, sick, sick!

  3. I friggin' LOVE that Rob is wearing the shirt I got him during your home labor. I wish he had worn it to the hospital. I would have enjoyed seeing/hearing about the hospital staff's reactions!

    Nice talking to you last night, lovie. By the way, The Boy wants some updated pics of your feet so he can see if they are still swollen!


  4. thank you so much for posting those pics...i felt like i got to be a part of it afterall :) how are you? i was praying a bunch for you and hannah last night (she got to come home ysterday)...i miss you and please let me know if there is something specific to pray or if you guys need anything...meals, advice (though i dont know much), encouragement, or a good laugh! hope to see you soon!-kelly

  5. Your pictures make me cry -- in a good way!!! I"m so happy for you and glad that you're all safe and well. Love you all!!!!

  6. Natalie Sherwood5/15/08, 1:25 PM

    Wow, you looked AMAZING, even in the thick of things! You're my hero.

  7. Look at his perfect little (BIG) head! no wonder he was so much work. sounds like everything was amazing and worked out just as it should for you and everyone involved. Thanks for sharing the story and the pics. much love to you and the whole family!!! you are a total inspiration
    (PS the teddy pic made me laugh out loud too!!!!)

  8. Amanda Newkirk5/15/08, 7:31 PM

    He's just perfect Kirsten!!!!! The pictures are super great too!!

  9. stop making me cry, kirsten! i bet it was so awesome having your mom there. i love the pic of you laying with rob by your side, her holding you hand and teddy! wow, teddy is still around! do you still write letters and put them in him?sawyer is gorgeous! let's talk arranged marriage, soon.


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