Saturday, May 17, 2008

Post-Baby Body

So, a big concern throughout the pregnancy was the giant growing body I was in and how the heck I was going to return to "normal" after baby. I was about ten pounds over where I wanted to be when I got pregnant, and then without morning sickness, I kind of started gaining right away. Even though I knew it was for baby's sake, it was really hard at times to just watch the scale creep up, especially toward the end when I was swelling like Violet Beauregard. (Willa Wonka reference.)

Obviously right now I'm focusing on getting settled in with baby and can't even begin to think about real exercise with my healing episiotomy. I took a walk halfway down the block the other night and felt like my insides were coming out. But even without that, it's been amazing the past week to see my body shrink down. I didn't realize how much weight I was carrying around was literally FLUID. I'm not going near a scale, but I'd say I've lost at LEAST twenty-five pounds. Of course, there's the weirdness of having a poochy stomach that now is weird and squishy since it's empty of baby. We'll hope crunches can one day help with that. For now, I'm encouraged that I have feet again!

Exhibit A: My feet just over a week ago.

Exhibit B: My feet today!! I have ankles!!

This is for you, Chico. :)


  1. I laughed out loud when I got to the last sentence! Yeah!!! I'm glad your feet are normal now. I was worried. So was The Boy (clearly!). I'm glad you all are doing so well. Heart you!


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