Sunday, May 4, 2008

Things That Make Labor Start

Here is a list of things that I have been told help labor start. People like to share these things with me now that I'm past due. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which ones are good ideas and which ones are probably unsafe. You can make guesses or add new ones in the comments.

-drinking castor oil
-having lots of sex
-taking evening primrose oil
-taking borage oil
-climbing stairs
-eating spicy foods
-moving furniture
-taking long walks
-driving on roads with lots of potholes
-massaging the pressure point in your hand
-hooking up to a breast pump

I will say that out of these, I've done five; one Cathy says could make your placenta rupture from the uterine wall; and one of them made for an awkward conversation in line at Walmart.

Oh, and so far, none of them are working.


  1. I was overdue with my first (as you now know - it's pretty common) and nothing I tried worked. I ended up being induced. I'm all for trying anything you can though, since obviously SOME of this stuff may have worked for somebody and may work for you. My advice is to draw the line at anything really unpleasant or potentially harmful. Castor oil was number one on my unpleasant and a waste of time list. The only good effect that it might have is that it voids your system - so if you do go into labor soon afterward, you're less likely to have the embarrassing experience of your husband seeing something other than the baby come out of you during labor. I also don't suggest doing anything too strenuous like climbing stairs and taking long walks since you can inadvertently injure yourself. You don't realize how much strain the weight of your belly is putting on the rest of your body. I went for a really long walk a couple of days before my date to be induced and ended up pulling a muscle in my side. This was so painful I had to spend the next two days sitting on the couch with a heating pad. I couldn't believe that I would pull a muscle from just walking - but I guess my 9 lb. son was just too much for all of the muscles supporting his weight. Good luck with everything! I'm looking forward to seeing you birth post!

  2. you left out...jumping on a tampoline (one REALLY good jump could just shoot BO out), going to the hospital (you know, they will get Bo out REAL fast ;), and trying to scare Bo out, you know, like when someone has the hiccups, and you are tryig to get them to stop!!! oh, well, i am proud of you if i have not told you-you are keeping a good head about this all! i will call you later maybe to come and play, and maybe i can just have Noah blay around you and Bo will want to come out to play :)-kelly

  3. Castor oil worked with Charlotte, but we tried pretty much everything else on your list for James and Ford and NOTHING worked (James was 10 days late and Ford a week late). One thing we didn't try that isn't on your list are the pressure points in your feet? God's timing is perfect, but I know how hard waiting is so we will continue to be praying for you three! Love, Mary and Sy

  4. "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be on guard. Be alert. You do not know when that time will come."
    - Mark 13; 32-33 ;-)

  5. Some of those sound fun. Others just sound miserable. Good luck, lovie!

  6. Ouch...having a placenta rupture from the uterine wall...I'm gonna guess that's using the breast pump? I'm curious to know...Stephanie (using Aaron's website)

  7. The one that can do serious damage is moving furniture. A checkout lady told me it worked for her, but I got in trouble for moving things around in the nursery with my midwife. :) I think everything else is safe-ish, whether or not it really helps.

  8. some of them might of worked for some people. but i am sure bo will come out when he ready!!!

  9. I met a woman who's also expecting any moment in the pedicure place today --- she said when she had her first child, she'd had a pedicure four days before, so she was repeating her steps to see if it'd help things along a second time....

    I guess jumping jacks are really out of the question, huh?? :)

  10. Watching a really scary movie, like WindChill?

  11. If scary movies could work, you should come out here and watch Teeth with me!

  12. So was it the breast pump that made the placenta rupture from the uterine wall!! I was wanting to know bc somebody told me that the breast pump was the safest methoda to use & I want to make sure that it's not gonna hurt my baby if I use it!!

  13. It was moving furniture that can cause a rupture! The breast pump is great for helping with promoting oxytocin, so feel free!:)


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