Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Long Journey Home...

Wow, it's been a while. This is a record, I think! Mom and I are leaving VA tomorrow for the trek back to Houston, and there have been many adventures! I'm excited to post pictures and talk about our trip, which was altogether...wild. We are EXHAUSTED. But it's been fun. And not so fun. More details to come, probably Saturday or so. Hope everyone is doing well!!


  1. So sad i have not gotten to talk to you in a long time, as i am leaving in the am for MS for the week, on that mission trip! we will have to catch up when i get back...hope you had a blast and i cannot wait to hear, and see how big sawyer is! talk to you later gator...kelly

  2. hope you had a great time. I won't say relaxing...i know that's not possible. give me a call when you get back so we can schedule some time for me to come see mister sawyer!

  3. Looks like we both were on the road last week. Can't wait to hear about your trip with Sawyer!


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