Monday, July 21, 2008

Where I Spent Most of the Road Trip...

So, my mother and I set out on a road trip from Texas to Knoxville, TN for my best friend's wedding and then through Greensboro to see some great friends and then on to Virginia to see family and more friends, driving back through Atlanta to visit more family. We knew setting out that it would be an adventure, but we expected Sawyer to be the one having issues with such a long car trip. Instead, I was the one with the issues. At first, I just thought my stomach was upset from the stuff we were eating on the road. By Friday night, I realized that I had a full-blown stomach virus. This is a picture of the hotel bathroom where I spent many hours in Knoxville. Not pretty. Or fun.

I did get to attend Ginny's wedding, though I was too weak to stand at her side and be the matron of honor, which was disappointing beyond belief. Here is a picture of us, where she looks beautiful as a bride and I'm trying not to look as sick as I felt.

Overall, the trip was better than expected as far as Sawyer goes, but difficult because of my illness. We had to skip out on seeing lots of the Greensboro people, which made me really sad, and I felt pretty horrible. But many people got to meet Sawyer, I was able to survive stomach flu and continue breastfeeding, I saw Ginny's big day, and my Mom and I made it through--sounds like a mostly success to me!

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  1. Hey there! Ginny told us you hadn't been feeling well when we saw her in Fred. on Sat., I was so sorry to hear that. Glad you are feeling better now. I can tell you, being sick with little kids is no picnic! I'm sure you were glad to have mom along.


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