Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleep Fighting

Sawyer has decided to take after both Rob and me in the sleep department. What he gets from Robbie is loving sleep--once he's asleep. What he gets from me is not wanting to miss anything, so not wanting to GO to sleep. It's been such a fight to get him to take naps especially. I usually nurse him to sleep (which I know you're not supposed to do, but hey--it works) on my side in bed. The last few days though he's even fought that. He'll be hungry, but even if I try to nurse him NOT in bed and then transfer him to crib, as soon as he gets down to nurse, he realizes what this game is and starts arching his back and fighting it. The little fighter! At last resort, when I KNOW he's tired and should be sleeping, I wear him in the sling and ignore him. As in, I don't talk to him and just go about my business or pace around the house til he gives in to it, then transfer him to crib. It's pretty exhausting, especially considering his naps: he takes two 45-minute naps and one that's around 2 hours. But it does make me thankful for the sling and that there is a way to get him down, even when he's saying no! Let's hope that this stubborn will of his doesn't continue as we move one day into the disciplining stage of things...but yeah, we're probably in for it.

Finally. Transferred to crib.

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