Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Heart Momversations

Here is another site that many of you may already be familiar with that I just love love LOVE. It's called Momversations and features Moms and bloggers weighing in on different aspects of life and motherhood. What makes it unique is the way they use video and not simply the written word to discuss issues. It's a great site! Here's a link to one really interesting video panel from some well-known mloggers (mom-bloggers) that talks about censoring your blog and how much information is okay to share. There are definitely times I've not posted something that I thought would be too personal (um, pics of Rob and Sawyer in the bath) or might be taken the wrong way by someone, and I've definitely inadvertently hurt feelings before. So, in that way, I've thought about censoring. Also in the way that I don't want some sick person to come and find my cute family or whatever. (I watch too much crime TV.) But in this panel, they talk about the fact that here is a lot of opposition to Moms blogging about their kids and many people see it as exploitive. Huh? I guess I don't have a wide enough audience that I'm getting flack for what I post, but that is a viewpoint I hadn't heard. Whether this topic interests you or not, check out Momversation for some fun reading and watching!

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