Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off with a Bump

Pictures to follow, but Sawyer started off his walking with a nice face to the corner of a trunk. He tried to walk from the couch to the coffee table (which is a solid trunk/chest thing) and fell right into it with his face. We thought he'd hit his forehead, but there wasn't really a bump there, and this morning he has a big bump and mark on his nose and mouth, so it's pretty obvious where he landed.

He handled the whole thing pretty well--screaming like crazy, but then getting distracted by the ice his Mammy put on his face. I guess this is just the start of falls to come??


  1. oh no! poor baby! glad I wasn't there when that happened- yes, unfortunately, this is one of many future falls- especially with boys. keep the ice handy- give him a kiss from me!

  2. I love that he is walking, but sad about the bumps and bruises.

  3. Aaron fell down today and hit his forehead on the corner thing on the doorjamb at's metal, ouch! He's been walking for almost a month, so it takes some time to get steady!


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