Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Slew of Pictures

Here are a ton of photos from our recent Corpus trip!! I love the beach. LOVE. THE. BEACH. I think Sawyer inherited this from me.

Playing with wet sand.
Looking stoic by the ocean.
Playing with footprints.
Sawyer scaled the dunes! It wasn't as high as it looked, but it was high.
Happy to be at the top.
Crawling! He likes to use his right foot flat and his left knee now.
This is when he started eating sand. :)
You can't quite see it, but Sawyer is drenched. He got knocked by a rogue wave.
Instead of sleeping, he got up and played with Peter.
What a great smile!
Caught under the end table.
Playing with Grandpa Turkey.
Waiting for the two-second ferry at Port Aransas. We're at one side in this picture. See the other side? Yeah, we didn't get the ferry need.
Sawyer got impatient and ate his foot.
The cute little town of Rockport!
This is hilarious! Here are the store owner's two dogs.
Sawyer checking out a log.
Ships at Fulton.
Mommy with some boats.
Me horsing around. You know.
Look!! This is for you, Aunt Jo!!!
Someone got tuckered out after a long day.

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