Saturday, April 25, 2009

Missing Mommy

Have you noticed that I haven't been updating? That's because Mom left, and now I'm back to Sawyer full time, squeezing in my internet fun during naps or unassisted playtime. Mom and I had a great time, and as always, it left me longing for the day when my fam will be closer than a plane ride away! I know Mom and Dad are coming out in June, so it's only six weeks away, but Sawyer changes so quickly! I think that starts to slow down some after the one-year mark, but Dad hasn't gotten to see him since February, which was BW. Before walking. I think Sawyer has so much more personality now that he's walking and showing his independence. Oh, my little man.

So I'm back to the daily life here, though I'm figuring out what that means all over again since I've been out of my house for almost two months! Rob and I are on stage 1.4 of the house work: finishing minor details like painting trim outside and re-painting the mirror in our bathroom. Then pictures galore of all the hard work!

Thanks to my Mom (Sawyer's Gammy Gummy) for all the babysitting and new toys and just the fun time! And thanks to Grandpa Turkey for flying her out. I miss you guys!

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  1. I had such a wonderful time being there- you guys have the most awesome neighbors- Sharon, Alicia, Kristen, Tara and their families! and Chad too of course! the house looks soo good and am so proud of Rob for doing such a wonderful job on the tile-
    I miss all of you and especially Tex... just kidding of course- love Tex but I have Sawyer withdrawal- miss his little personality when I would chase him and he would squeal and try to run away!! he is adorable and is fun to play with- sorry I let him fall into the bathtub while I was babysitting!!! so glad he didn't knock his new teeth out- he is a quick little guy! miss all of you and love you lots!!! xxxoooxxoo Mommiee


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