Friday, June 26, 2009

Monthly Rant

Now that we're past the year mark, I hate talking about how old Sawyer is in months. I know it's the thing to do until they're like two or something, but it drives me nuts a little bit. I find myself doing crunching numbers in my head. Like, "Oh, your kid is fifteen months...that's a year months. See? I can do math!" Because I don't do math well, this is difficult for me. The first year, I get it. Every month matters. And there is still a lot of development going on now each month with the little guy, but enough already with the months! Sawyer is officially a little over a year, okay?? Okay.

Wow, I went off a little on this. This post was totally supposed to be about something else. Now I have to leave it, I guess.

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