Thursday, July 30, 2009

Every Now and Again Battles Beat Every Day Battles...

Man. I am so thankful that for now (knocking heartily on wood) we don't have battles with Sawyer every day. I mean the major kind, like the one today about nap time. He was tired. It was time for nap. He started to fall asleep, and when I put him in his crib: total fit. The angry kind. Yelling and kicking and fighting me and just generally being mad about it. I let him cry for a while, then came back to offer comfort and see if he was ready to settle down into a nice, gentle sleep like usual. Nope.

I hate doing it, but I felt like there was no option other than leaving him to his devices. He needed to sleep and wasn't accepting help and comfort from me, so he made a choice. I honestly didn't think he'd give up, but he finally did and has been sleeping peacefully for almost two hours. I'm glad it's not this way every day, because little man has quite the strong will to resist if he's in the mood. And I have no idea what sparks the mood--it just happens. I know we'll have more and more of this kind of behavior as he gets older and starts asserting himself more when he wants something that we've said no about, or when he decides he knows better than we do. I've heard vague rumors about something called the terrible twos...but in any case, I guess for now I'll be thankful for my every-now-and-again battles.

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  1. oh.. I forgot to mention that we are now busy in late August so can't babysit after all when you go to Tim's wedding... sorry.... something just came up!! haha


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