Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding Photos

Here are a bunch of photos from the wedding and rehearsal. What a fun weeken! Congrats Lauren and Tim!!

How many guys does it take to fill a hot tub? Tim and Lauren at the rehearsal dinner.
Robbie and I at the rehearsal dinner.

I'm super excited that I got to wear two non-maternity dresses. yay!
Braden eating a table.
Robbie and I at the wedding.

Peter, David, Rob and Daniel. Oh, and Buck.
I liked this shot with the wedding couple in the background.
The Oliphant siblings. Daniel, come on.
The Oliphant clan!
Jumping for joy.
The wedding kiss!!
Paul and Denise.
Sandi, Sergio, Kevin, Katelynn and Colin.
The couple and the cake!
All the ladies.
First dance.
I like Denise's dress here!
Tim dancing with a little friend.

Daniel shaking his groove thing.

Tim and his boys.
Colin, Sergrio and David.
The garter...
...and, they're catching! David got it.
Sandi and Sergio cutting a rug.
Paul and Colin.
Peter and Denise.
Lynn and Katelynn.
Buck and Lynn doing the twist!
Rob and I weren't the only ones who tried to hide in the limo. Here's Lauren's dad.
Yeah, I think they want us to get out.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the wedding pictures. I was praying that it was a wonderful celebration and it looks like it was. What great pictures of the Oliphant clan!
    Liz W.


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