Friday, September 25, 2009

Let Us Commence with the Rude Comments

The scene: my neighborhood Kroger, checkout line. My mood: a little impatient with my checker, who is being ridiculously slow.

Checker: How much longer do you have?
Me: I'm only four months.
Checker: You have FOUR MONTHS LEFT?
Me: No. I have FIVE months left.
Checker: Oh my gosh! Are you having twins?
Me: No, but thanks for asking. [I promise I said this. Sarcasm and all. Not a shining moment for me, obviously.]
Checker: That's going to be a HUGE baby.
Me: ...........

Is it already time for people to start saying this kind of thing to me? I told Rob that it's a little early for me to stop leaving the house, but if it gets to that, I will. I cannot get over how ridiculous and rude people are. This woman made it very clear that she thought I was due like any day now. Really??

And then we had this lovely moment, which almost halfway made up for that one.

The scene: Tan's Hunan. The mood: excited, because we're getting Chinese takeout, a Friday St. Clair tradition.

Waitress: Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes!! I am!
Waitress: Congratulations! That means you get to eat for two?
Me: Yes, and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

That's more like it. I'll take a few dozen more of those, please.


  1. GRANDPA TURKEY9/26/09, 11:09 PM

    sounds as though a new pic of you is needed on here so that we can make up our own minds as to whether you look like you are going to have twins. don't sweat it when you are pregnant, only when you are several months after delivery and they are asking how long do you have....then you can really get mad and stay home.

  2. The day before my son was born I heard a guy tell whomever he was talking to (very loudly) on his cell phone "Whoa dude. This lady just passed me and she has GOT to be having triplets!". I wanted to turn around and punch him in the stomach, but restrained myself. And for the record I only gained 32 pounds (all of it in the belly I swear!) and my son was 8 pounds 10 ounces. Some people really shouldn't be allowed to speak!
    By the way, you don't look very big to me in your vacay pictures....

  3. am i the only one who doesnt think thats rude? i wouldnt say that to someone but i wouldnt be offended. its not like youve gotten fat, its all in your belly! and lets be honest, huge babies, are the cutest babies. chubby arms and legs are the best.


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