Wednesday, October 28, 2009


One of my favorite places to visit in Richmond is Maymont. Geoff took the day off from work and we had a great day with Saw, who basically ran around like mad instead of riding in the stroller. Then we both may or may not have fallen into the Japanese pond. What a beautiful day for it!

We told Saw to kiss the goat. He does open-mouthed kisses these days. Thankfully it's not the goat flu we're worried about... Feeding the goaties.
It was bright!
Me and the little man.
G and the special Sauce.
The fox got him so excited, he started stripping. (Really he just ran by it while removing his sleeve.)
I'm glad the fox sat under his sign. Otherwise I would have thought it was a bobcat.
Big hill! Bright sky!
Saw learning to roll down the hill.
Now being dragged.
Sawyer, meet the bear.
Stairs to the bamboo forest.
Being chased through the Japanese Gardens.
Stepping stones! (This isn't even where we fell in...)
Still dry...
STILL dry...
Now, not so much. This doesn't really do justice to how wet we are. I like the big spot on my baby belly though. That's hot.
The view down from the Italian Garden. Did I mention I love Maymont?
Fall leaves! And two of my favorite guys.


  1. It makes me laugh that you all dressed like twins!!! I love your family. I think that they should adopt me. Although, I'm not sure they could handle my ... eclectic vocabulry!

  2. These are such fun pictures! I too like the matching outfits, everyone didn't want the one-sleeve outfit like Sawyer? I love the 3 guys running down the hill and pretty fall leaves! I'm glad everyone's ok now :)


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