Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Baby Trumps

A long time ago I posted about baby toupees, which were a joke started on Saturday Night Live. (My friend Rob was in the skit!) I really thought they were a joke, and with the site looking so silly, I'm sure these were intended for parents like me who have an off-beat sense of humor.


Parentdish has an article this morning about parents who seriously want to remedy their babies' baldness. Now I will admit that I've had thoughts about whether or not the Beast will have hair. Sawyer did, and honestly, I do think it made him even more adorable in those early days--the days when I tend to think most babies are not automatically cute. Hair helps. I've hoped for a baby that also has hair. I'll say it. But to actually make a real wig for my baby if s/he doesn't? Yeah...that's crazy talk. Hair isn't the only trend that is kind of scary these days with parents attempting to beautiful their young kids, or to allow them to delve into a more grown-up world. I'll admit that I've been disturbed seeing pictures of 3-year old Suri Cruise walking around in heels. Dress up is one thing, but regular wearing of heels as a toddler? Um, wrong somehow. Anyway, see what you think about hiding your baby's pattern baldness--Tyra Banks even weighs in!

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