Thursday, December 31, 2009

An Obligatory New Years Post

I really hate this holiday. Have I mentioned this before? Probably the last two New Years. Although, I do remember having fun the past two years doing murder mysteries with Rob's fam. We're waiting right now for some of them to come over, and to have a low-key (but loud) night with the fam, playing games, eating snacks, and whatever. I actually think it will be kinda fun. But I'm also exhausted and feeling tired and pregnant and like it's been a long week. If I can forget that it's the holiday I most despise.

Anyone doing anything creative or fun? Or making resolutions? I'm not big into the resolutions, but I do like beginnings and fresh starts, so will probably being changing some things or making new plans pretty soon here. Rob's Dad gives out a great goals sheet every year about this time, and maybe tomorrow when I'm not feeling so anti-resolutions, I'll post it on here.

Hope you're all having a happy New Years!

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  1. GRANDPA TURKEY1/1/10, 10:48 AM

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you to ms sunshine! don't worry, be happy!


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