Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now That's Solid

At my doctor's visit this week, I asked her if it was okay that Sawyer seemed to have regressed in his solids eating. He gets very restless in his high chair, and also doesn't seem to really love anything. She said that was okay, and that maybe he really just didn't like the pureed stuff, and seeing how he has lots of teeth, maybe he wanted something a little more substantial.

He has been getting better in his chewing through the eating of the puffs, so I decided to try something the doctor recommended: deli turkey. Sounded like a strange next food to me, but I just happened to have some on hand, so the next time I had Sawyer in the chair, I tried giving him a little piece.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sawyer has a favorite food. And it's deli turkey.

It's funny how much he likes it--no terrible faces once he's chewed it past the teeth and onto the tongue. No spitting it out. And he practically takes my hand off when I'm feeding it to him. He's actually tried (as he did a little with the puffs) to feed himself, which is pretty funny to watch. He can't quite always get it to his mouth, and will suck on his fingers, and often ends up with turkey in weird places, like his hair. But it's a few steps forward for him, and I'm just happy there's a solid food that he likes! Now, what to do with all of the millions of batches of pureed food that I have in my freezer?? Ebay?

Blog Apologies

Sorry I've been kind of under the radar the past few days. I kind of have moments where all I want to do is blog, and then periods where it's the last thing I want to do. Usually lots of this depends on whether or not I have Rob's computer, or am super busy. This week, it's been a bit of both. Thanks for hanging in here!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Not a Morning Baby

I think this is kind of funny--even though Sawyer is, as I mentioned, going to bed between 7:30-8:30 every night, he still sleeps in. It used to be 8am, but this past week, it's been 9am. That's pretty amazing.

We'll see if this continues when we fully get him into the crib for the WHOLE night--right now he sleeps along until 1 or 2am, and then transfers over to us. Sawyer does wake up with a smile in the morning, but then he is ready for his first nap sometimes as early as 45 minutes after he gets up. That's a lot of sleep for a kid that hates it, right? Though we have him going down at an early time, I'm pretty sure he could party til late with the best of them! I have to say though, I really enjoy our sleeping-late, leisurely mornings. They do say to sleep when your baby's sleeping!I haven't slept this late on a consistent basis, my freshman year of college?? Thanks, Sawyer!

A Month of Bedtimes

What people say is true: a routine of some sort REALLY helps with bedtimes. Robbie and I decided in January that whatever we did to get Sawyer to bed, we needed to start having a really consistent bedtime. And with maybe a few exceptions, this past month, we have put him to bed sometime between 7:30-8:30pm, based on when he shows tired signs.

The amazing thing is that this has really made everything easier. That whole battle of the wills struggle? Pretty much gone. (Not that my son does not still have a strong will, but just that our bedtime battles have for the most part ceased.) Having to wear him down? Well, sometimes, but sometimes now at night he will struggle in the bjorn, but fall asleep as soon as I put him down. I would say it's magical, but that might be pushing it.

In any case, I know for me, bedtime has become a much easier beast. There are still difficulties--Rob is having to figure out his own routine and way of getting Saw down the nights I have derby. And just about when I'm getting home on those nights, Sawyer is waking up to eat. But now, when he does wake up to eat, he eats and goes right back to sleep. No more huge fight to keep him down.

There are a few exceptions, and I hope I'm not cursing it by mentioning this, but we are doing so much better right now. And he still sleeps in until 9am! Man, this kid is pretty great.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sawyer, Tex and I just had the daily outside time I talked about yesterday. It's cool, but sunny--yay for Texas sunlight! I brought out the walker today and let Sawyer at it on the sidewalk. He loves the walker inside, but there's not a lot of space before he hits something, and he has not quite mastered the whole turning thing yet. I wasn't really surprised that he just took OFF. He pushed the walker two houses down and back at a pace any speedwalker would be proud of. I had to help steer him out of the grass a few times, but other than that, he did it on his own. Which leads me to believe he should be tired enough to nap now. :)

The Dr's Office Was Good for Something...

The one good thing that came out of all that waiting yesterday was that I found a really neat thing that Sawyer liked to play with--this cool wooden activity cube. Today I stopped by a resale store where I have credit--just in case the CPSIA puts them out of business. And what did I find? The cube!!
I think Tex approves, too.

Fun TV Moment

Rob and I just caught up on our 24 watching, and here's what I LOVED from tonight.

Picture Chloe getting ready to affix a miniature transmitter to the prime minister's tooth...
Agent Moss: Are you FBI?
Chloe: No. I'm a stay at home mom.

Love it.

Just Call Me Boss, Baby

It's official: Kiki Mojo (that's me in skater form) is now an official member of the Bayou City Bosses, 2008 Champions. I'm so happy to finally have a home on Houston Roller Derby. Click here to see a link for my new team. First bout: March 21. Mark your calendars and come show some Boss love!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Big Front Yard

Do they still make that My Big Backyard magazine for kids? I'll have to look because I loved it growing up. For now, the boys and I spend at least a few minutes outdoors each day, even after today's cold front. Sawyer loves to explore (and touch and eat) the grass and natural areas.

Twitter Your Pregnancy

I explained my new sidebar, Twitter, a few days ago, but this morning I heard on the radio of some really funny applications for this. A man wanted to monitor his baby's movement while his wife was pregnant, so he hooked up monitors to her belly that would alert him via Twitter when his baby was kicking. Pretty ingenious. And thorough. I would not have said yes to wearing a monitor, but hey. Hear more about this story here.

While googling that, I also found Tweelet--a great idea on how to get updates on your baby-to-be. You simply sign up, give your due date, and then you get twitters about what your baby is doing in there developmentally that day. How fun is that? I will definitely be doing that next pregnancy! I think you can also sign up friends or family who might want those updates on your little one--perfect for Grandmas and Grandpas!

Doctor Visit 6--I Mean 8--Months

We were way overdue for our well-visit, mostly because I had a November trip to Virginia and then the holiday madness. In any case, if you read my Twitters, there are other reasons I tend to put it off--namely the wait.

I really do like our doctor and I'm sure the wait issue is the same everywhere, but it REALLY ticks me off. It's very hard to keep a child of any age entertained for an hour and forty five minutes while you wait. (Especially for the poor Moms who were there with multiples.) I also shook my head at the fact that the exam rooms are totally not child proof--from the dangerous wheel-y stool (which Sawyer used as a push toy) and the non-blocked-off electrical sockets. Really? At a pediatrician office? Come on.

Complaints aside, Sawyer is fine, just as I thought. He weighs almost 19 pounds (I swear we weighed him a while ago and he was 20, but our scale stinks) and is 27.5 inches long, with a 17.5 cm head. All 50th percentile. It's funny how I feel let down by that--kind of like it's a grade, and if he were 95th percentile it would be better. My doctor assured me that this means Sawyer is average. And not average in a bad way--but average as in normal everything.

What's not normal is his motor skills--he's a little ahead in crawling (ahem, trying to walk) and in his teeth, which are really visible now up top. Overall, things are good and I don't plan to go back anytime soon. And maybe I'll go an hour late so I don't have to wait...sounds like a plan.

HIB Outbreak

I first read about this over at Reston Mom, but there has been a recent HIB (Haemophilus Influenzae Type B) outbreak with one infant fatality. Here is the article if you want to read it, but I thought I'd talk a little more about vaccines and all that. The debate is not going away anytime soon.

I was really sad to read about the HIB outbreak and death--not the kind of news you ever want to hear. I went back and read about HIB, and basically, it's a bacterium that can cause serious illnesses like meningitis, blood or bone infections and pneumonia. Transmitted like the common cold, often it's not diagnosed until the person is fairly sick. It can be minor, but it can also be serious and fatal--mostly because it takes time to diagnose, and if it causes something like meningitis, that's precious time.

Our vaccine criteria were as follows: do the risks of the virus outweigh the risks of side effects? do the vaccine ingredients give cause for concern? and, is there a genetic or family history that would be cause for concern? HIB has one of the safest side effect profiles, but it's also extremely rare and breastfed babies not in day care are particularly low-risk.

The news article says that the reason for the outbreak was because of a recent shortage of the HIB vaccine, which brings in the idea of herd immunity. Basically, the idea is that if everyone receives the vaccine, eventually these sicknesses will be eradicated. That has pretty much happened with HIB, among others, like Polio. I have read literature that claims these viruses were already on the decline before the vaccines, but I have not done enough reading or research (and don't plan to) to see if those claims are substantiated. The sick children had either not received ALL of the vaccines (since they're done in increments) or were unvaccinated.

Wherever you are in this issue, I did want to bring this to attention. I'm not for or against you vaccinating--I think everyone needs to make their own decision, and I think having information and knowing about what's going on in the world with regards to viruses and vaccines is a big part of that. I definitely hate hearing these kinds of stories, though.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's with Today, Today?

I'd be shocked if anyone other than my brother knows what movie that title quote is from.

Today has been nice. And it's a TUESDAY which usually means bad mood Mom. We had our nice half-night in the crib, then some nice morning time including the eating of more puffs. I can't figure it out--Sawyer really wants to eat those puffs, but then when he starts tasting them, he makes horrible faces. If you've seen the video, you know. But he keeps. Eating. Them. I think it's good for him to learn chewing, so I'll keep giving them out as long as he'll chomp them, but maybe I will try Pirate or Veggie Booty, as Stacy suggested. Hey, if he hates it, I can eat it!

We also had day two of the gym nursery, and the care was better. The woman from yesterday remembered him and played with him the whole time. Plus, he was the only kid. So, noon seems the ideal time for my workout! Now Sawyer's napping and I'm getting lunch and a little read of American Baby magazine to see if there's anything in there I need to blog about. Stay tuned.

The Morning After

Does this look like a tired baby to you? Well, our first night in the crib went kind of as I thought. He slept really well from 8pm, eating twice, and then woke up screaming at like 1am, so switched over to our bed. Not too bad. I'd forgotten what it's like to go to sleep dreading, because you know that you're going to get woken up in X number of hours. I probably could have put him back to sleep, then left him in the crib, but honestly, I was too tired to think about having to get up again and again. But it was a start! And he slept til 9am, so I really can't complain about too much. I think we'll get there. It will just take some time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Boys Like Fire

Disclaimer: Before you call CPS or freak out, just realize that this was a totally monitored situation. I was next to Sawyer the entire time and so was Rob. He was not able to actually reach this fire on his own.

When we made a fire the other night, Sawyer was front and center, as every boy should be. It's a fact: boys (and some girls) like fire.
This face says it all.
See? Safety. We put up the grate. :)

First Glimpse at the New Teeth!

There are more up there, but this one is the only really visible one--in pictures, anyway. My little guy is getting dental.

Sleeping Experiment...

Sawyer has been sleeping for two his CRIB. I've been saying for a long time that we were going to transition him out of our bed, and now that he's sleeping for longer stretches at night, this seems like a good time. He does still wake more than I'd like, sometimes just needing a pat or comfort to go back to sleep. Maybe now we'll find that he puts himself back to sleep better...I don't know. To quote Tobias from Arrested Development: "Let the great experiment BEGIN!"

If you've read about our sleeping style, it really developed organically: I was staying up way too much at night feeding Sawyer, and somehow he always ended up in bed with my by morning. I felt like this was wrong, so started reading, and found that there are actually people--a LOT of people--who (gasp!) sleep with their babies. Once I didn't feel so crazy, we took some safety precautions and embraced this.

I would have scoffed at this eight-and-a-half months ago. I was always thinking that baby would be in our room for like, maybe six weeks, maybe two months. I don't know where those numbers came from, but they were in my head. So if you think sleeping with baby sounds nuts, I get you--I was you before baby. But now, I'm open. I don't know what we'll do with next baby, whenever next baby comes. I'd like to think we'll do what we did here--see what works and do that.

I'm really torn. I'm happy and feel like we're getting to the time where it's okay for Sawyer to be in his own room and where Robbie and I have our own bed back. (Except for when Tex sneaks in up in the middle of the night...) At the same time, the nights have been some of our sweetest times--not just for me. I have often woken up to see Robbie holding Sawyer's hand or with a hand on Saw's chest. It's special, intimate, sweet bonding time.

The mornings are our favorites--Sawyer wakes up happy, and we play a game where he tries to escape while we hold him back and keep him in bed. It's a nice, slow way to wake up, and it's neat to be all together. So my hope would be that we get him sleeping on his own, but whenever he wakes in the earliest morning to eat, whatever time that might be, we'll transfer him into our bed so that we can still wake up as a family.

Look forward to updates on how this works. So far, he's been alseep for over two hours on his own in the crib. Woo hoo!

Diaper Bag, Schmiaper Bag

I really had a hard time figuring out what to do with the whole diaper bag issue. I got one that was kind of gender neutral, in case Rob needed to carry it sometimes with Sawyer. It started ripping right away, and that made me nervous, since I wanted ONE bag, so my wallet and stuff was in there. So now I use a big, old purse that has two sides--one for baby stuff, one for me stuff. It's like a mullet, except instead of party in the back and business up front, it's like baby in the back and Mommy up front. It works, but I don't love it. And it stinks when I have to leave it, like in the nursery at church, because then all my stuff is in there.

I found this great idea today: the Skip Hop Canvas Pronto bag. It's not a huge bag--very streamlined so that it doesn't have to be it's own purse-type-bag, but can kind of sneak along for the ride. Plus it opens into a changing pad. I really like this idea, and the fact that it's $30, not over $100 like a lot of bags. If you want to learn more about this bag, check here.

Adventures in Eating

Lately I've been trying to move Saw from eating the liquidy solids that he doesn't seem to care for into the chewing solids. It's a scary transition, with choking and all--they really need to grasp how to work their mouths and stuff. So, we're trying those puff things--like the Gerber Graduates, but we're using the cheaper Parents Choice brand. Supposedly they're a great size and really dissolve well so that there is less choking danger. Sawyer really didn't seem to like them at first. Actually, he still doesn't, but he EATS them. He puts them in his mouth by himself and also about takes my finger off in this video when I give him another. And yet...his faces as he eats. Oh, man.

My Other Baby

No, I'm not pregnant--I wanted to give an update on my novel progress. I'm still in the waiting period, which means I have no idea when I'll hear anything. I don't know if I already wrote this (blame post-baby brain if I have) but my agent has sent out the manuscript to publishers, and has heard a good response so far. The offers (if there are any) take a little longer. I'm in a sort of pregnancy period, waiting while I have to go on with real life. Of course, that metaphor breaks down because if my book doesn't sell, I guess it's like the baby not being born? Hm. Yeah, let's just keep it at this--I'm waiting.

Here's a brief outline of how this process works, at least from the bit I understand of it so far. I'll know more if my book sells.

-You write a book.
-You either A. get lucky and have someone come to you and want to buy your book (this is usually limited to celebrities or bizarre luck) or B. send out query letters, sample chapters, etc to find an agent.
-You wait to hear back from agents, usually getting lots of polite rejections.
-You hear good news that an agent wants to represent you. Yay! You may work together on whipping the manuscript into shape and editing.
-Your agent then sends out your manuscript to publishers.
-You wait to hear back from publishers. This is where I am.

After that, there's probably a lot I don't know. I imagine there is negotiating or signing of papers, if someone (or several someones) want to buy your manuscript. Then there is probably some more editing and that kind of thing. Then you do more waiting while they do all their fancy publishing stuff. And day you have a book on the shelves somewhere! Good for you!

In any case, I've had a lot of people asking for news on this, so that's my news--I'm in the waiting to hear back phase. I'm working on novel #2, when I have time, which is never. I will definitely let you know when Iknow something, whether good or bad. But you'll have to join me in the waiting...

Gym Success!

I decided to go ahead and try our gym nursery today after Sawyer's mini morning nap. They had told me before we needed an immunization record which we don't have since he hasn't been vaccinated, so I was concerned. Turns out, it was no problem! They didn't even need to see his birth certificate (which they'd said they would need--probably in the case of babies who look younger than six months), but had me fill out paperwork, and there you go.

He spent a little over thirty minutes playing, and was still smiling when I picked him up. Yay! Meanwhile Mommy got some quality time with the elliptical and the E! True Hollywood Story on Kelly Ripa.

I'm happy to have this nice outlet now, but I do have to say that our gym's nursery pretty much stinks. The woman working in there, while very nice, sat at a counter facing away from the play area pretty much the whole time as I could tell. While she said there were always two or more workers, I did not see any others. In fact, when I came to pick Sawyer up, she said, "Hmm...We've lost him!" In a joking way, but only because really, she had to LOOK for him.

You may think that I'm a bad mother for even leaving him, but I do feel that he's at the age where he's okay. The room is, after all, child-proofed: carpeting, soft toys, no sockets or escape hatches. Plus, I plan to only take him at non-peak times (like noon) when he's one of like three kids in there. Knowing their childcare stinks is why I waited a few extra months to even try it. And after all, Sawyer had a great time. When she eventually found him, he was using the wall to walk around the perimeter of the room and seemed to be having a jolly good time doing it.

Overall, I'd give them a D in childcare. Not great, but D also stands for do-able, and I think that at his age, for short periods without huge mobs of kids, he'll be happy while I get to have a nice workout. It feels good to know that I have the freedom to work out without having to wait for Rob to babysit!

Spanking Is a Terrorist Act?

Tonight on Inside Edition, there is a bit about a Mom arrested under anti-terrorism laws after spanking her kids on an airplane. Here's an article about it, which I'm going to try and read, though Rob is taking away his computer in a matter of moments. Noo.....

Spanking discussion to follow??

The Wrong Side of the Bed

This morning, we had some fun and happy times with Sawyer. And THEN. He suddenly morphed into crying about everything--crying while playing with toys, crying to be held, crying to be put down. I could not figure it out or make him happy. Maybe it's that fourth and final top tooth that's about to pop through? Maybe he's just having a Garfield-style Monday? Either way, the wearing solution always works. It's early for his morning nap yet, but I'm wearing him in the Bjorn into a nice zombie-like state. He actually has a pacifier in his mouth (gasp!) and just settled his head down on my chest. Let's hope he wakes up feeling a little more optimistic about the day.

Sawyer Has Left the Building

videoAs I mentioned, Sawyer is on the road to walking. Often he will pull up on something and then let go to stand on his own for as long as ten to fifteen seconds. He gets this grin on his face like, "Look how great I am!" Now he has decided that anything at all can be a walker. Case in point: this video. Out. Of. Control.

Mommy Needs a Vacay

Let me start by saying that I love my life. I really do. I love my husband. I love my kid. I even love my dog. (I probably do NOT love my fish. Honestly, I'm just waiting for him to die and stop taking up space in my margarita pitcher.)


Tonight while darting back and forth between massaging my husband's hamstrings and patting the baby's butt in hopes he'd stay asleep, I thought to myself--when do I get my vacation?? I'm picturing the kind where that part of my brain wired to worry about what my kid is doing would be turned off. I'd be in a bikini (WITHOUT the sad and probably permanent evidence that I've had a kid) on the beach with a fruity alcoholic drink that I'd be sipping from a coconut. With a straw. And a pink umbrella. No one will talk to me (unless I want them to) and no one will be checking to see if there is cellulite on my butt as I walk around in my bathing suit (there most probably is). It's just me, my fruity drink, and the sun. And maybe a computer because I can't seem to live without one.

If you know where I can find one of these vacations, please send me the information. Better yet, a two-way ticket. Because I do love my life, and at the end of this nice, frivilous vacay, I would gleefully come home to my guys if they'd still have me.

Better Get Your Cocktail While You Can

Your Mommy Needs a Cocktail, that is. One of my favorite mloggers is also a great, witty T-shirt maker, and due to that not-well-planned CPSIA Act that I mentioned recently that affects small businesses, she may have to shut her doors. Fie on Congress! (Is "fie" the right word??) In any case, you can check her blog for her thoughts on it, and also go see her Baby Brewing site where she's holding a pre-emptive sale. I just bought Sawyer a "My Mom Is Blogging This" tee. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cheap Toys

I've talked before about how Robbie and I want to be frugal and not crazy with kid toys. Here's a favorite from this week.
And when Sawyer was done, Tex got to play with it.

Viking Hats Are a Must

Okay, today did have some good moments. Like these, when Sawyer actually kept his viking hat on for a few cute photos.

Maximizing his playing--as many toys as he can get his hands on at once.

It's Not Easy Like Sunday Morning

Once again, Sundays totally mess up Sawyer's schedule. We got up around 9ish. Leisurely, I know. The boy knows how to sleep in. We showered, got ready for church, played some, and drove to church. On the way, he fell asleep. Naturally, he was a little iffy when he woke up. I left him in the nursery, but was happy to see him crawl straight for something he could push around. Rob checked him halfway through the service and he was doing great. We ran a little over, and so when we got him, he was cranky, but mostly just ready for food and a nap.

He fell asleep again on the way home from church, but our stupid door makes this really loud noise now and woke him up on the way in. So, ten minute nap. And he would NOT go back down. He took a mid-afternoon nap with Robbie for an hour and a half, but then on the way back to church, he fell asleep again for another ten minutes, woke up all groggy and not the happy little guy I know. I kept him with the youth and then put him in the nursery for the last half-hour. By the time I picked him up, he was WAILING.

I don't know if he's just so tired from his normal naps being thrown off, or if he really hates being left, or what. On Wednesday I had Bible study for two hours in the morning and he seemed fine in there. Today was just a day of crankiness all around from him and I just think it's too much go-go-go and unfamiliarity at all the wrong times.

The Sawyer Slide

Sawyer is doing some interesting things this week in terms of movement. You can see one in this picture--I call it the Sawyer slide. He basically tries to use any object that will slide across the floor and pushes it around, often ending it with a baseball-type slide where he's left lying sprawled on the floor on his stomach. Some objects he just pushes, using anything that will move as a makeshift walker--he's definitely moving into the wanting-to-walk stage. But I love to watch the slide!

A Blog by Any Other Name...

I've been thinking this week about what attracts me (and you, and other people) to blogs. Why the heck do I read them? And why do I write them?? As you can see, there is a good long list of links to the right. Most of them are for blogs belonging to friends, and I read them to keep up and see or hear about what they're doing. But the blogs of people I don't actually know--what makes me want to read? (And I do read blogs of people I don't know.)

Some of it's the content--if they talk about issues of interest to me. Some of it's writing--especially if it's witty and sharp. I also return for viewpoints--if the writer is someone whose viewpoint I find interesting. Then there is the superficial part of me: I really like pictures and snappy-looking sites. (While we're on the subject, if any of you reading do that kind of thing for a living and want to pimp my site, I'll give you permanent ad space and lots of love!) Whatever the reason, I'm blog-addicted. I'm posting every day and I'm reading every day, and I love the new-fangled way of life.

How about you? What makes you keep coming back to a blog??

Meet My New Sidebar

You may or may not have noticed a new area in the right sidebar--Tweet Tweet. This is my Twitter area. I've been seeing Twitter for some time now, and it really ticks me off. It reminds me of the facebook status update, where people let you know what they're doing at the moment or tell you how they feel about complex issues like religion or politics in a small space. In seeing twitter, I always thought, who cares what you're doing right now? And yet...I signed up. This makes me a hypocrite, I suppose, but I do like the fact that I can type in a little message on my cell phone (even my super-cheap Go phone that I hate) and poof!! It appears instantaneously on my blog. Pretty cool, right? It will be helpful also for those days when I don't have Rob's fast computer and you, faithful readers, are wondering why I haven't posted. You can check my tweets (man, that sounds dirty) and see something like "Wishing my computer was faster so I could post that picture of Sawyer playing with the electrical outlet." Then you'll know what I'm doing even if I can't really post that picture for a few more hours. See how I justify my hypocrisy??

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sawyer Walks Backwards and Forwards

Here is a new video of Sawyer showing his mastery of the walker, backwards, forwards, or pushing a house. He's getting so close!

Censor This

I found a way to put in a bath picture that's not dirty. Yay! I asked Robbie if this was his bonding with Sawyer, and he said, "We have MANY ways of bonding." Very true! I'm blessed to have a husband that loves to do all kinds of things (albeit crazy things sometimes) with our son. This past week he rollerbladed to Kroger to return a video to the redbox with Sawyer in the jogging stroller. Yes, he bladed INTO Kroger with the jogging stroller. Awesome. How cute is this photo??? a Dress??

Mom and Dad scanned and sent this picture to me this morning of me as a wee one. Rob was like, "Woa--is that Sawyer in a dress?"
Here's a recent one of the Saw-man doing similar things... what do you think?
Not to be outdone, but here's one of Rob (with brothers Chris and Tim) that really reminded me of Sawyer somehow too. Our kid is definitely a Rob-Kiki mutt.

I Heart Momversations

Here is another site that many of you may already be familiar with that I just love love LOVE. It's called Momversations and features Moms and bloggers weighing in on different aspects of life and motherhood. What makes it unique is the way they use video and not simply the written word to discuss issues. It's a great site! Here's a link to one really interesting video panel from some well-known mloggers (mom-bloggers) that talks about censoring your blog and how much information is okay to share. There are definitely times I've not posted something that I thought would be too personal (um, pics of Rob and Sawyer in the bath) or might be taken the wrong way by someone, and I've definitely inadvertently hurt feelings before. So, in that way, I've thought about censoring. Also in the way that I don't want some sick person to come and find my cute family or whatever. (I watch too much crime TV.) But in this panel, they talk about the fact that here is a lot of opposition to Moms blogging about their kids and many people see it as exploitive. Huh? I guess I don't have a wide enough audience that I'm getting flack for what I post, but that is a viewpoint I hadn't heard. Whether this topic interests you or not, check out Momversation for some fun reading and watching!

Bleeding Ears

So here's what Sawyer does when he's tired--scratches his ears. He used to do this spinning move with his hand to everything, and that's basically what he does to his ears and the sides of his head, but really hard. As in, right now he has all these little bloody scabs in his ears.

I really don't think it's an ear infection, since he doesn't do it ever when awake. It's something he does with eye-rubbing and yawning to signal tiredness. But his poor little ears! I need to get him some sleeping mittens or something. He apparently has not learned the cause of self-inflicted harm.

Somedays, It's Easy...

Yesterday was a landmark day: I got Sawyer to sleep three whole times (two naps and bedtime) without wearing him. Yay! On Sunday, he went to sleep and slept for three hours at night without waking up at all! I went and checked his breathing, I really did. Things have been better with falling to sleep, even with me doing derby and leaving Sawyer in the care of either Rob or his Mom at night.

But then there's tonight. Sawyer put up a huge fit before falling asleep and has woken up three or so times. In fact, I hear him now. Oh, man. The thing about life with kiddos is that it's never boring because there's very little sameness. Every day has a new event, and (especially now), their stages change and morph so quickly that it's hard to keep up.

Speaking of "up," I better go tend to that little guy...

The Problem with My Videos

Today is a video day. I thus declare it! Not for any special reason, other than the fact that I took a bunch of videos and have now posted them. We still have not done the one where we make Sawyer dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." I hope that day comes. In any case, here is a little apology for the state of my videos. Rob's camera is too nice to take videos and post on the blog--I run out of room, or something. That is the explanation I tell myself for why they don't work. My camera is not good. For Ginny, I will call it Dinocam 2. It takes poor videos, and then to top it off, I can't edit out the last thirty seconds of nearly every video where I keep rolling to see if anything else will happen. Usually, it doesn't.

So that's my disclaimer about my bad videos. I know at least my Mom likes them. Probably about two others of you as well. You get to hear me laugh in at least one of these today, and you get to see Rob dance, which is kind of like seeing a unicorn. (That's totally the wrong expression, but I'm so tired I can't think of what I possibly mean to say.) Enjoy them, in all their not-refined-ness.

Ninja Running

Robbie likes to do this with Sawyer through the house--he calls it the ninja run. It's pretty fun to watch Sawyer's feet keep up with Robbie's speed. Perhaps the best part of this video is where Sawyer coughs at the end, right onto the lens. Great.

Sawyer Wanting to Walk

Here we have little man working on his mad skizills.

Dancing Frenzy, Part Two

This is a great video for a few reasons. (I should go ahead and say that "great" here means "cute" and "with some humor or merit," not actually a well-made video.) First, I love how happy Sawyer is watching Rob dance. Second, I think Rob dancing is hysterically awesome. (He wouldn't call it awesome.) Third, I don't know--it's just cute and fun.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dancing Frenzy, Part One

Here you get to see some of Sawyer dancing a little, then dancing frenzied. Then, doing nothing. The last like thirty seconds is a waste. We need video-editing software. Or just Uncle Tim...

The Consequences of Not Vaccinating

It begins. Today I asked my gym what I needed to bring in for Sawyer's first time in their childcare. I think now he's at the age and stage where he'd actually enjoy it, and it'd be nice for me not to have to wait for Rob to watch the little guy to get a workout in. But here's what I need: immunization records.

I haven't talked about vaccines in a while, mostly because we made our decision not to give Sawyer the vaccines that doctors recommend for his age now. We'll be looking again when he hits age one and there's a new set of recommended. I know if we don't vaccinate, we'll have to claim some kind of exemption for public schools, but I just wasn't thinking we'd already have to figure this out.

Don't get me wrong--I do understand the idea of a herd principle, keeping everyone vaccinated to keep the viruses out of commission. But I hate to think that because we made the choice not to give Sawyer some of the vaccines that he will be seen as some kind of ticking time bomb that needs to be in his own bubble away from other kids. I know that no one wants their kid to be exposed to sicknesses of any kind, but then again, I think that if Sawyer is not vaccinated, I'm the one who should be worried, not other parents who did vaccinate. In theory, their kids should be protect. That's the point of the vaccine, right?

Sigh. So now I have to make calls and figure out if there's an exemption for the gym or if there is another option. Or if we just paid for childcare with our membership for nothing.

Can't Wait for the Ultrasound Results?

If y'all have been reading since my pregnancy days, you know that Robbie and I tried the Drano-pee test to see if we were having a boy or girl. It almost blew up my bathroom once, and according to the color my pee turned, we were having a girl. Not the most reliable test, apparently. But, maybe there is a way to tell the sex of your baby from your urine. The IntelliGender test claims to do just that, for $34.95 plus shipping and handling. You can check out the site for more information, though after seeing a mass of unnecessary quotation marks (a pet peeve of mine) on the first page, I'm not sure I'd trust them. But if you're a "mom to be," then maybe you'll be interested in whether you'll be seeing "pink or blue."

Kitchen Chairs Become Jungle Gyms...or Cages

Sawyer discovered a new play area the other day. I like this thought process...
"Yeah, look at me under the chair. I'm awesome."
"Hey, wait--how do I get back out there? Um..."
Enough said. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dinner and a Campbell

We got to have dinner down the street tonight with Sawyer's friend Campbell, who is about three weeks younger than he is. She's one of his many girl friends, though her Dad says she can't date til she's thirty. They may or may not have challenged that tonight by kissing, and Campbell did try any pull Sawyer's pants off. It's always fun to watch them play together, especially now that they're getting old enough to interact. In this case, "interact" usually means poking one another in the eye, but hey.

I like this action shot, where Sawyer appears to be in the act of biting.
Now it's Campbell's turn to tackle Sawyer.
He liked their coffee table...
...and then got stuck under it. Because I'm a good Mom, I let him bump his head a few times while taking this picture instead of rescuing him right away.
Here's the happy couple playing with Sawyer's table. Campbell may be taller, but Sawyer has more hair. For now anyway. :)

Historic Roller Derby Moms

This week, I enjoyed three straight nights of derby and am both sore and elated: I just can't get enough. I think it's pretty funny that this is the only sport I'm actually sort of naturally good at, and it's a wild one. The reactions when I tell people I do derby range from, "Roller derby--I remember that from when I was a kid" to "I hope you've got great insurance." I've talked before about how for me, it's a great outlet. Not only terrific exercise, but a nice time to get some space from the little guy (much as I love him!) and have something where I don't have to feel like (or act like) a Mom.

Today I've been reading through this book by Catherine Mabe called Roller Derby: The History and All-Girl Revival of the Greatest Sport on Wheels, a gift from Carmen Geddit of HRD's Psych Ward Sirens. It's a great book, and I have especially enjoyed reading about the history and roots of today's derby. One story that I loved was about a great skater from the early days--Josephine Bogash, known as Ma. At 47 years old, she joined derby with her son on a dare from her husband. There were few sports where women could really be competitive athletes, especially alongside men. Women liked Ma drew a whole new fan-base to derby: mothers.

I think it's great for Moms to be able to find an outlet of some kind, for their own mental health and for the sake of their family. Even getting out of the house each day is helpful to me, but the times where I just get to worry about me are especially important. And even if you're not a Mom, finding that YOU thing is still important. So, Mom or not, what's your YOU thing??

Corralling the Kiddo

We are finally at the stage where Sawyer wants to explore the house. Three cheers for open floor plans! Actually, our house, built in the 70s, is only semi-open, which means I can close off the kitchen/breakfast room and the family room from the rest of the house pretty easily. The bedroom doors can all be closed, which means we need two gates: one for the front entryway into the family room and one from the kitchen to the dining and more formal-ish (read: casual still but with some breakable stuff) living room.

Sawyer's taken pretty well to the gates, and actually treats them as play-things to pull up on. The one pictured was the gate my mom used with my brother and me when we were little, remarkably enough. The other is wooden as well--I just didn't want to spring for the nice, easy gates with a doorway feature. Forty bucks was too much for cheap old me. These work fine--they're just not as quick or easy. And it's particularly annoying when I keep having to let Tex back and forth since his food must be on the other side of the gate. In any case, we're in a new era now--the era of movement and exploration, so we're adjusting to life inside the fence.

And...this is what baby gates are really all about.

To Make Nose-Wiping a Little Easier...

Between teething and just cold weather, I feel like Sawyer has had a runny and then crusty nose for months now. At least a fourth of his life, even. I saw this product today which would really take the pain out of wiping! Made with saline, vitamin E, chamomile and aloe, Boogie Wipes are the perfect solution to gently get that nozzle cleaned up. Great idea!

Can Sawyer Pull This Style Off?

Stripes and plaids together--what do you think? Orange and red, even. Does a cute face make up for this outfit?

Little Successes

Today, I put Sawyer down for two naps without wearing him first. As in, I put him in the pack and play, patted and sang to him, and left him to fall asleep. Which he did in less than ten minutes. AND, both times, he slept at least an hour! It's funny what small things constitute a successful day now...

Opposing Views

In honor of this morning's controversial post (SO controversial that there's only been ONE comment--hmm...), here is a link to a site I really like called Opposing Views. Basically, this site deals with a number of relevant issues and has informed people on either side post an opinion. I'm linking in to the New Moms section, which deals with issues from crying-it-out to discipline. You can also access other areas of the site which deal with religion, politics, and all those great hot buttons!

Controversy: Fight FOCA

I've spent my morning a little oddly--perusing the Planned Parenthood and National Right to Life sites, as well as various news articles. It's kind of heavy morning reading. If you are a faithful reader, you know I rarely make political statements or deal with these types of issues on this blog--that's just not what I'm about. I also hate conflict and think politics can be very alienating. However, after reading Tricia's post on Reston Mom, I feel compelled and inspired to make a few comments about FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) and about abortion.

Let me start off by saying a little about where I stand on abortion. Pro-choice advocates would most likely label me as "anti-choice" or "anti-women's rights." I think those are both misnomers. As Americans, we all enjoy the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Where do those rights end? Well, if pursuing my happiness meant ending someone else's life, it would cross that line into a crime. We all would agree on that, I think.

With abortion, the real debate is where life begins. If life does begin at conception, then that means that a woman is not just choosing what to do with her body, but with another life. And, as in the example above, anyone's rights are limited when it would mean ending the life of another. I do believe that life begins at conception, and so I feel that it is a necessity to protect that life. If you believe life begins at conception, it is a moral obligation to stand for that life.

I understand that if you do not believe life begins at conception, this position does simply seem like it's anti-choice. However, I would ask you to really consider that question of when life begins. I think that it's a really slippery slope to define, especially when you think about how early a fetus can be viable outside the womb or even look at pictures or read about what baby is doing from the earliest days--I just don't know how you pinpoint a moment.

This is heavy stuff for morning, or anytime, and it has taken me way too long to write this post, and to get to my point. Which is: no matter where you stand or stood politically, there is a bill that President Obama promised to pass first thing in the White House--The Freedom of Choice Act. In short, FOCA will do away with state laws on parental involvement, on partial birth abortion, and on all other protections; compel taxpayer funding of abortions; and will force faith-based hospitals and healthcare facilities to perform abortions.

I would encourage you to do some reading on both sides of this issue, as I have this morning. I would also ask that you visit the Fight FOCA site if you feel persuaded that the passing of this Act would be harmful. And, lastly, I do hope that you will feel the freedom to email me or leave comments wherever you stand on this issue, but please, as I have tried to be respectful and reasonable in my statements here, extend that courtesy as well.

Let me end by saying that I understand that this is a sensitive and hard issue with many facets and complicated sitations--pregnancies as result of rape, pregnancies that endanger the mother, etc. I personally know women who have had abortions, who have given babies up for adoption after unwanted pregnancies, and who have been born as a result of an unwanted pregnancy. I don't want to make light of this, or make simple blanket statements, but I also don't intend for this blog to be all about this--I simply feel compelled because of FOCA to express my concerns at this time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Your Resale While You Can

I'm sure everyone has heard about the massive toy recalls because of lead this year, but since I often live with my head in the sand, I had not heard about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act until Lauren pointed it out to me. (Thanks, Lauren!!) Created to prevent large companies like Mattel from buying and selling products with dangerous lead, the CPSIA take effect in February and requires lead-testing of products, especially those sold to children.

Here's what the CPSIA will also do: close the doors of small businesses and resale shops across the country. Associations of both resale and small businesses are lobbying to make specifications to this law, but by February 10th, compliance is mandatory. So I will be headed over to the resale shops I frequent this week, especially the ones that have sold things for me and owe me money! Check with your favorites to see if they will be forced to close their doors. It's a shame when laws meant to protect also do harm in unexpected places! Here's an article if you want to read more.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gourmet Baby

My friend Karen sent me this article in the mail recently. Basically it talks about feeding the little ones, but not just feeding them the basic blended purees of bananas, avocados, or pears--pureeing whole adult meals for baby. The writer found that his 7-month old even ate pasta Bolognese with mint. Tom Colicchio would be proud!

The caveats to this are that you still need to beware of allergies, so make sure that baby has tried each component of that meal individually with a five to seven day buffer to watch for reactions. You also still need to make sure you're pureeing the meal to the consistency your baby is able to handle at that stage.

Sadly, I think Sawyer plans to reject solids forever in favor of nursing. He gets frustrated quickly with me trying to feed him, though he's totally capable. I tried him on the Parent's Choice Puffs today, and though he was able to chew and swallow, he also made horrible faces, spit them on my shirt, and threw the second ones I offered in the floor. Sigh. I guess we'll eventually get there, but I doubt Sawyer's going to be going gourmet on me anytime soon.

Blog Your Mom

There is such a vast world of mom-blogs out there, and sometimes I get my head of the sand that is my own blog and read other things. As you can see, there is a very long list of links to the right, many of which are links to friend blogs. I am sadly not as up-to-date with all of them, and they are my FRIENDS. But I do try and click that list daily, or at least weekly, and when I have extra free time (insert laughter here), I find new and fun things to read online. I'm a little behind on the curve here, but I just found Mamalogues, a blog that I think I'll be frequenting. Great, snappy writing and a fun perspective about life and mommy-ness and all that. Promise that if you check it out, you'll still come back and read my less-funny, less-famous blog, okay?

Next Up: Pictures before Prom

This cute photo of Sawyer chewing on his favorite toy--Tex's collar--has nothing to do with this post really. It's just cute. (And you can see that I gave him his third haircut yesterday.) The prom title comes from the fact that Sawyer is out-growing babyhood WAY too quickly. Rob and I were changing him and getting him dressed (yes, sometimes it takes two of us) when I noticed something frightening. Sawyer is not just getting his two front top teeth in--he's getting ALL FOUR. The top right has already pushed through and the top left is just about there, but unless I'm crazy, I see the other two about to break through as well. I can't believe it! Isn't there supposed to be more space between this happening?? Though maybe now his really horrible sleeping that one week makes more sense if he was dealing with four, not just two, teeth rumbling below the surface. My little baby is about to look like a real boy and I don't like it.

TMI: "Her Monthly Bill's Come Early."

WARNING TMI: If you are easily grossed out, offended, not interested in very personal information about me, or are a man, you may want to skip this post.

If anyone can tell me what movie the title quote is from, I'll give a dollar and mad props.

I guess I've been either storing up TMI posts, or just a lot of TMI things have been happening to me this week. I was sad about the other one, but I'm REALLY sad about this one. Really sad.

I've been feeding Sawyer on cue, which means that I haven't set a schedule to feed him, but I've always fed him when he showed signs of hunger. That goes for nighttime too, which is why we became co-sleepers: out of necessity for my sanity, the only way I could feed him several times through the night was if I didn't have to get up. Lately, I felt like he was eating less at night and I was getting longer stretches of sleep, and I guess I was right, because this morning, I GOT MY PERIOD.

It totally sucks. I haven't had a period in 18 months. I kind of liked that. I kind of hoped I'd never have one again, though I knew it was wishful thinking. In any case, I did not expect it, and yet, here it is. Ugh.

I sort of feel like it's the ending of something, or maybe the beginning of something new. It really is--it's the beginning of my body being ready to have another baby. Not that we're wanting another baby yet. I would have been happy to get pregnant before now, but now that I'm doing derby, I want to hold off. But this means that my body is able again (if not willing) and it makes me sad.

I know this is different for everyone. If you're formula feeding, this happened probably sooner for you. Or if you fed by schedule and night-weaned, it may have been sooner. Even if feeding by cue, some babies stop eating at night earlier, meaning that your body will cycle back sooner. Just another thing that's different for every woman.

There was such a nice comfort in knowing that I was out of commission, fertility-wise. Not to mention just the general hassle that is a period. UGH! Oh, well. Here we are, I guess, whether I like it or not.

TMI: The Importance of Kegels

WARNING TMI: If you are easily grossed out, offended, not interested in very personal information about me, or are a man, you may want to skip this post.

Still reading?? Last night at the Psych Ward Sirens practice, I was struck by several things. The first was that those girls work SO stinking hard--I'm kind of awed. If I end up on their team, expect me to be in the best shape of my life. I'm just saying. The second came to me as we were running one of many laps around the park, and it was something like this: Huh. I guess I DIDN'T fully recover my pelvic floor muscles, because otherwise I would not be peeing my pants right now.

That's right--running apparently reveals the weakness that I thought I had overcome, now eight months after popping out that kiddo. I did Kegels before baby, and I did them after, but I guess not as much as I should have. I felt like I'd recovered control down there, but after the second or third lap last night, I had to face facts: I should have done more Kegels.

TMI Posts

I've had a complaint now and again from my few but faithful male readers that they inadvertently read something they did not want to know on my blog. Sometimes I may be a little honest--I'm all about keeping it real, J-Lo style, but without the bling. In any case, I think that I'll go ahead and institute a TMI policy. If ever I'm writing about something that may be gross, personal, or just something a man might NOT want to know about, I'm going to put a TMI warning at the beginning of the post. Hopefully that will serve as a warning, not as a kind of intrigue. But I guess if you don't take my warning seriously and then are grossed out or unhappy with what you read, then it's your problem, right? I did warn you.

Why, Hello!

Last night I had a funny moment that will probably get lost in translation, but here goes. Rob and I had gotten into bed after a movie and we were talking. Sawyer was asleep in the pack and play, which lines up next to my side of the bed, and I had my back to him. I turned to put my water bottle back on my bedside table and BOO! There was this little face about two inches from me. I actually think I screamed. Sawyer must have quietly woken up and then pulled up to see what was going on. It really scared me, just because I wasn't expecting to see a face there, however cute. I laughed hysterically after I got over my fright, which Sawyer found pretty amusing. He loves to make people laugh. Thankfully, he went back to sleep after that, but it was a really sweet and funny moment.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Site for Herb(s)

I can already tell I'm going to be hurting after Sirens practice tonight, and I had been told that Grape Sed Extract is good for taking after a tough workout. But can I take it while nursing? I found this great site in case you're wondering if you can take a certain supplement while nursing or pregnant!

Sawyer Shakes It

videoHere you can see Sawyer doing his version of dancing!

A Video Only a Grandmother Could Love

videoThis video is too long and not really anything too exciting. I was trying to get Sawyer to dance or wave. He does a tiny little dancing, but basically just kind of walks around and plays with his table. I only post it because I know that at the very least, there may be some grandparents who will love it!

Sibling Rivalry

video'nuff said.

Post-Holiday Body

I'll assume I'm not the only one who let loose over the holidays. I probably gained five pounds or so, and now that the holidays are pretty over and I'm getting my butt kicked at derby three times a week, I want to buckle down. I did lose all the baby weight, probably three or so months ago, but now I'm left wanting to lose that last ten pounds I wanted to lose BEFORE getting pregnant. Sadly, there are things that will never be the same, like my stomach, which may never see a bikini again. Sigh. However, that doesn't mean I can't get back to a weight and clothing size that I like and be happy with what I have.

Here's my goal: get to my ideal weight by Sawyer's first birthday. That should be easy, since I only need to lose ten pounds, and four months is way longer that I need to do that. But here's the rub--setting that date means that I have to not only lose it, but KEEP it off. That's the hard part.

So now I'm starting back on whole grains, veggies, and proteins. As soon as I finish this last carton of ice cream, that is... Anyone else doing a diet overhaul in the new year??

The Great Outdoors

I am so sorry for people who live in colder areas on days like today where it's 65 degrees and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I would simply not make it, though I know I did make it through a number of cold winters. Now that I know the difference, I could not go back. Brr! In any case, Sawyer and I took our bad selves out to the neighborhood park where I took pictures of him until my batteries died. Man, I hate it when Rob takes his work camera to work.

This picture is great, but if I had the Nikon D80 that I wanted, it would be even better....
It only took about twenty tries to catch the smile.
The tree bark stuff they use in the playground hurt Sawyer's knees, so he started crawling on his feet. I like the dirty butt.
There is always something clutched in his hands when outside, usually dirt.
Happy swinging boy!

A Time for Quiet

I remember being at a christian camp the summer before 8th grade and hearing girls talk about getting up before breakfast to go spend time with God. They called it a quiet time. This was a very strange idea to me and I wondered how the heck you spent time with God. It sounded flaky and very odd. I chose to sleep in til breakfast instead. Later that year, I finally grasped the idea that there was a God who wanted to be in relationship so much, that he sent his son to die so that could happen. Suddenly, this quiet time idea didn't sound as weird, and since then, it's been a part of my daily routine, at least most days. And it really is a quiet time--in the sense that it adds peace and sort of soul-quiet to me.

Since Sawyer, this time has been hard to come by. It's hard to have any moment to sit, and then when I do, often I want to do other things like check my email or take a shower. I'm trying right now to make it a priority, and to have that time during his first nap. So I put away the computer, turn off the phone, and try to have that recharge time. I have to say though, that perhaps the best time I've had recently for this was at Peter's in Corpus. You can see the picture of my Bible and notebook here: does it get any better than sitting on a deck over the water?? But even at my kitchen table, this brief time (really brief now that Sawyer does 30 minute naps) does make a huge difference in the rest of my day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Missing Church

"I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob..."

I always think of that Office Space quote whenever someone mentions missing something. It's not true of church for me, though. I really have been missing it--both physically and in the emotional sense. The past two months or so, I think I've been maybe twice. Sawyer's been sick; we've been out of town; I had derby tryouts.

But even when I go, it's difficult to be there. I talked before about the nursery in church or having your kids with you, and there was some interesting discussion about that. In Biblical times, kids were with the whole group of worshipers. Our culture today has nurseries and caretakers, which could be seen as a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. I know that there are times I'd love to have Sawyer with me, but then it can be really distracting--to me and to other people, especially if it's not a church where kids being there is common. It's not so common in ours, so my often-loud and wiggly kiddo is definitely distracting to others.

Today I put Sawyer in the nursery, which ordinarily he'd love since there are other kids and new toys to explore. However, church time coincides with his nap time, meaning that he was tired and cranky. I sensed this and when I went back to check on him during the offering, he was kind of losing it. Though he used to sleep through the service (and probably would have slept through a rock concert), those days are gone, leaving me with a tired and cranky boy who won't sleep there.

I tried him in the sling, and when that failed, I ended up in the nursing room, listening to the sermon piped through the speakers and watching Sawyer play around on the floor. It's great to hear the sermon, but I still am missing church, since church itself is about being a part of a body of believers. Plus I miss being next to Robbie. So I'm in a quandary: Sawyer's too cranky and tired to be happy in the nursery, and yet he's too loud and active to be in church with me too.

I know I'm not the only one who has dealt with this, and maybe I'm just in for a season where church on Sundays will look a little different for me. But I would say that I'm missing it, Bob.

Exciting New Product!!

I got a little excited this morning over an email update from Nurtured Family. Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers have gone one step (or a few) further in their already great product by creating a one-size fits all diaper. Not only that, they warranty the snaps for LIFE. I loved using Fuzzi Bunz with Sawyer, but because they only came in sizes before, I have three smalls that no longer fit. Not that I am unhappy with Mommy's Touch, but I would LOVE to get my hands on some Fuzzi Bunz one-size to see how they compare. If you're interested in seeing more info, check out the Nurtured Family links to the left!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A First!

Sawyer waved for the first time tonight! I'm staying with Buck and Lynn, as Robbie's gone and I have Derbyoke tonight until fairly late, and when I put him down, Buck waved to him and he waved back. And because I thought it was a fluke, we tried it four times, and he waved four separate times! Yay, Sawyer! It was a really cute wave too, with arm and hand movement. I'm especially glad, as apparently the last few times he's been over here, he has been standoffish with Buck. He must be feeling better about him if he gave him his first wave!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekends Alone

This weekend I'm going boldly where I've gone before...a few days with Rob out of town. Over the summer I think he was gone for two plus weeks, which was wild with little tiny Sawyer. Now I have not-so-little Sawyer and two-and-a-half days alone. I have a ton of roller derby events, so I'll probably be so busy it will go quickly. I'll stay at Rob's parents some (I need mucho babysitting for Derbyoke and such) and then Kelly and I are going to hang since her hubby's going with Rob on the retreat.

It's always difficult being alone with the kids with the husband gone. When Rob went away before, I missed him and was glad to see him home. But now, in addition to missing him, I now also have 24-7 Sawyer time. It's tough! I know I'm not the only one who has this situation sometimes, so what do other people do when left alone, with kids or without?

Puppy Play

I've gotten a few comments about Tex being left out now that we have Sawyer. It is always an adjustment for pets, and as the former king of the house and our firstborn, Tex certainly had some adjustments to make. There are times where he is sad-jealous, meaning he doesn't take it out on Sawyer, but more shows his neediness by climbing in our laps and looking sad and stuff. Sawyer, on the other hand, LOVES Tex and is always trying to talk to Tex and play with him. Tex tolerates this and is gentle with Sawyer, and a few times he has actually voluntarily come to snuggle up with Sawyer. This week, Tex has actually been enjoying Sawyer and they've been having some good times, despite the fact that Sawyer is into an eye-poking and ear-chewing stage.

This one is so cute I had to post it, though it's blurry.
Playing with the same toy. (Thanks to Aunt Jo for the cute outfit!)
Here's the eye-poking, ear-pulling part.



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