Friday, February 27, 2009

Look Who's Walking

It's official: he's mobile! To make up for my lack of posts of late, here's Sawyer. Not a great example, as he's walked further, but you can see that after almost a week, he's wobbly, but fairly steady, and walks purposefully and can even change directions! He's good at falling (mostly) on his padded, cloth diaper bottom. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Patience, My Babies

Did anyone else get teary watching the last Conan?? (I realize this is overdue, but I was just wondering.) I'll be back with photos and VIDEO shortly. This home away from home stuff is really cramping my blogger style. Don't leave me! Momma will come back, I promise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why Sawyer Should Always Sleep in Pants...

So, it's 5am. Sawyer is rolling around a bit in his sleep and I'm trying to keep an arm around him so he doesn't roll past the blocking pillow and off the bed. Rob is in a single bed a few feet away--he switched around 3am when Sawyer came into bed with us because three of us in a double bed is one too many. (We're still at Rob's parent's house.) At least Tex was out on the couch.

As Sawyer's rolling, I suddenly realize I'm feeling a lot more skin than I should. Oh, no. His diaper is OFF. Or, at least hanging off. To make matters worse, I hear a sound that is one of two things: poot or poop.

And then: a sudden warm wetness.

You'd think that would mean pee, but in my experience with baby poo, it can have a really wet quality to it. In the dark, I don't know what I'm dealing with here.

So I try to get Rob's attention in a whisper/shout: "Rob! Robbie! ROB!" Nope. Only heavy breathing. I'm on my own here.

I somehow manage to find a diaper in the dark and get out the wipes, and then it's showtime. In my mind, there is this little chorus of pee-or-poop-pee-or-poop playing as I pull off the half-way hanging diaper. Eureka! It's only pee.

This is when you know you're a parent: it's 5am and you're relieved that you and your sleeping area are only covered in someone else's urine.

We had a happy ending, as I was able to somewhat properly attach a new diaper to my son without waking him up, despite the fact he was lying on his stomach. How bout that! The moral of the story is that if he had only been wearing the cute pajama pants his Gammy bought him, this whole thing might have been contained and avoided. Lesson learned.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


In the midst of our displaced-ness, Sawyer has been fussy and clingy and non-sleepy--I think due to the last two of his front eight teeth coming in. This morning I missed church (again) because he was so super fussy and clingy. He went down for a nap at 9:30, after only being up an hour, and I was not about to wake him up for 10:30 service. He got a great two-hour nap in, and woke in a better, albeit still clingy, mood.

The last two nights have been bad, probably compounded by the fact that we're not in the familiar home place. It's so nice to have close family we can stay with so easily, but no place is home, so I hope to be back in ours soon. We can live there amidst most of the construction/destruction, but Rob had to turn off the water in order to get the guest bathroom tile taken out. least until we have running water, we'll be gone.

I'm feeling like Sawyer--a little clingy and fussy. Rob's still working a lot, and when not working, he's working hard at our house on things. Add an unhappy little guy into the mix and a few nights without sleep, and I'm quite the grumpy mama. I'll get a nice release tonight at derby and am thankful Lynn can watch Sawyer. Maybe I'll get a better night's sleep and both Sawyer and I will wake up feeling a little bit better.


So, Rob and I are now staying at his parent's house for an indefinite period of time. You may have seen our photos of ripping up the floor with a crowbar last week, and now Robbie has further demolished the entry hall and the guest bath. He also sealed the concrete in the living areas just for extra protection. I'm excited that he's excited about tiling everything, and we do have some paid workers coming in to install fixtures, etc. Here is what we are doing:

-re-tiling the entry, family room, and kitchen
-re-tiling the master bath floor
-re-tiling and re-fixturing the master bath shower
-replacing the sink, counters, and cabinets in the master bath
-re-tiling and re-fixturing the bathtub in the guest bath
-fixing the tile in the pool that was cracked
-replacing some rotten wood on the front porch
-re-painting the columns, shutter, and front door

I think that's everything. That's a lot. Rob plans to do most of the tiling after practicing at a free Home Depot workshop, and I am going to do the painting on the front of the house. Plus, Rob is also doing most of the demolition and prep to save money and we're picking out and buying all the tile and fixtures. I LOVE the vanity he found for our master bath sink--it's gorgeous. Pictures to follow of the progress.

So, for now, we're gypsies a little bit, and I may not be able to get photos up like I normally do--it all depends on Buck and Lynn's computer and Rob's camera. Hopefully I can get them working together. It's great to get all of this done, but it stresses me out not to be at home, and this all kind of happened suddenly, so we didn't prepare very well. I'm almost out of clothes and diapers, so need to run back home today for re-stocking. I hope to be back later in the week, and all the work will be (fingers crossed) done by MaryBeth's visit, so she'll be the first to enjoy our newly remodeled home!

Off with a Bump

Pictures to follow, but Sawyer started off his walking with a nice face to the corner of a trunk. He tried to walk from the couch to the coffee table (which is a solid trunk/chest thing) and fell right into it with his face. We thought he'd hit his forehead, but there wasn't really a bump there, and this morning he has a big bump and mark on his nose and mouth, so it's pretty obvious where he landed.

He handled the whole thing pretty well--screaming like crazy, but then getting distracted by the ice his Mammy put on his face. I guess this is just the start of falls to come??

Saturday, February 21, 2009

And the Winner Is....

COURTNEY! Sawyer took his first official steps today, witnessed by his Mammy (Lynn) and Sara. He took three or four steps and then just stood there, as if wondering, "What was that I just did? And how do I do it again?" He did it several more times before his afternoon nap, but I wonder now if he's forgotten... :)

Courtney, you may have to wait until your back in the states to get your prize, but email me and I'll send you a picture!! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let Baby Clean the Floors

Also from Carmen: this link about making your baby work for his or her keep. The person writing about this obviously does not have kids because he refers to your baby as "it" several times. All that aside, finding a way to harnessbaby's energy for good might be a nice idea...

Not as Good as Wham

I first saw this posted from Carmen on Facebook. It makes me cringe. It's so...80s. And just not done well. Sometimes I get embarrassed when I watch things, like the part in Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox does that whole rock routine at the school dance and everyone stares at him. I feel awkward and uncomfortable. That's how I felt watching this.

The Dinner Dance


Here we have Sawyer feeding himself peas, turkey, and puffs while doing what we call the Dinner Dance. The child loves to dance--what can I say?

Better Than Crack, I Guess

Sawyer has officially been addicted for almost a week his pacifier. It's weird. Since he's been born, there have only been a few periods where he liked a pacifier at all--usually for a few days at a time. One day he would spit it out of his mouth and then refuse it for months. Not that I always offer it, but they sit in his toy baskets and are just kind of around.

I can't decide how I feel about this. I mean, maybe this will end just like the other stints--suddenly and violently. But this is the longest it's ever been, and I'm kind of torn. I liked that he wasn't addicted to a pacifier or certain toy or blanket. It was nice not to have to worry where that special something is all the time. Then again, if he has the pacifier, he doesn't try to put everything else in his mouth: dirt, my cell phone, the edge of the coffee table.

I guess I'll just keep waiting it out. If Sawyer does stay addicted, there are worse things than having to break this habit down the road.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why I Should ALWAYS Shove a Camera in My Purse

Today while waiting for an estimate in Lowes, Sawyer got restless so I set him free from the cart and gave him free reign on the floor. (Yes, he was on the dirty Lowes floor. You can see my parenting style is free from germ fears.) He proceeded to use the giant blue cart as a walker and pushed it up and down the aisles. It was hilarious and adorable and, though Rob would disagree, awesome. Lesson learned: I must be camera-ready at all times.

Novel Update

I heard from my agent today--two rejections. It's not all bad news though, and honestly any news is better than waiting and hearing nothing. Here are the dirty details: she has sent my manuscript to fourteen houses. These two both liked the writing and had good things to say, but one has another book on its list that's similar and the second thought my ending was preachy, but said to send on my other work in the future.

The second kind of took me aback--I really didn't think I was preachy. That's the thing with writing: subjective. Though if I hear that a few more times, I will have to take it under consideration. You can edit things to death, and I think it stands. If a house wanted it but wanted me to work on the ending, well, then we'd have a stew going. Sorry, I mean, a bargain. (The stew is a bad reference to Arrested Development and Carl Weathers.)

Though I would have loved to get news that it sold, I will take two rejections with nice things to say, because I know in this business, NO ONE says nice things unless they mean it. So, two down...twelve to go. Fingers crossed, wood knocked, prayers said.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last AI Thoughts

Okay, so I won't always be able to post live on Idol Nights...I have derby on Wednesday and Thursday. But it's fun to post while watching in case you readers watch and want to comment. I love watching and being snarky and critical. Don't we all, really??

So...I missed Tatiana, but in watching the 2 second recap, I wonder if she could look any more like a middle-aged Mom? Really. She has old-look going on. There's old face, which often happens when girls wear too much makeup or have that haggard look. Some of the girls had old-face. Tatiana had old presence. She seemed marmy.

As far as who I'd send I'm not voting this early. Maybe not at all, if I miss this much of the show. I liked Alexis Grace. I have in the past liked Stevie. I kind of liked Anoop, the guy who sang country, and the guy who sang Gavin DeGraw. The last guy has a good voice, but I didn't like the whole Mariah thing. Makes me feel creepy.

That's about it for now. Any other Idol watchers? Thoughts?

Hero Sucks

Okay, this is really cold of me. I know his wife died. But I hated the song "Hero" when Mariah sang it (I mean, Mariah, people) and I really hate it when other people--especially men--sing this. Call me Cruella.

He has a nice a voice. Pointy hair. But, Mariah???? And people are digging it. Pity? Love of Mimi??

Ick. Ick. Ick.

And just for the record, no hero lies in me. None. I'm just sayin.

Missing It Much?

I just missed Tatiana whilst putting Sawyer down. Did I miss much??? Somehow I doubt it.

Never, Never Rock With You

No. Just don't sing "Rock with You." Ever. Don't do it. Yikes. Maybe I'm just bitter because I had to dance to that at prom for that horrendous and horrible prom court experience. Ick.

American Idol Live

So I'm watching American Idol (finally). And I am HATING Casey Carlson. She looks like she should be on the Bachelor. And what's with these Let's Get a Room faces she's making. Hate. It.

Also, she kind of has that hair that looks like it's alive.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I haven't had a night like this in a while. Rob had football tonight and I had a nice night planned--putting Sawyer down and then painting while watching mindless television. (Ahem. Most dramatic rose ceremony ever.) But it's now 9:30 and he just went to sleep after over an hour of battling. My painting stuff is back in the closet and I'm too tired now to do that, or the million dishes piled up in the sink since we still have no working dishwasher. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

It could be worse, I know. But it's hard to see my parents go and then be back to long days with the little guy, as much fun as he is. (Have you seen the latest video?? Seriously.) That's just the thing about parenthood I think. There's so much joy and reward and fun, while at the very same time it's exhausting and draining and difficult. Sometimes it can be only one and not the other. Sometimes both at once. Totally worth it, but that doesn't always make the tough moments feel good. Again--ugh.

The Cutest Video Ever


Yeah, I know. I'm biased. He's my kid. But seriously--this smile is irresistible. And then there's the dancing. And clapping. :)


Here's a video of Sawyer doing his new thing--pulling up and trying to climb out of his pack and play. Man, are we in trouble. I say that a lot, but this time I mean it. Sorry it's sideways. I never learn.

The Clap

I just saw Sawyer clap for the first time! The moment was soon over.

Me: Look! Sawyer is clapping! It's his first clap! Look!!

Rob: No it's not. He's been clapping.

Me: What? No--he's never clapped before.

Rob: I've seen him. And so has your Dad.

Where have I been? I'm missing my son's whole life, apparently. So, by the way, Sawyer has been clapping.

Missing Gammy and Turkey

My parents left this morning after a great visit, and the house feels so empty. Rob is about to go to work, and Sawyer and I are on our own. Sigh. We're all keep our fingers crossed that the realtor in VA can get their house sold so they can move down here in the next few months. We always have such a fun time, both driving around Houston and Texas, and staying at home. It's such a shock when they leave and I have to figure out my schedule again and make only six cups of coffee, not twelve. Sawyer was looking around the house today like, "Well? Where is everyone??" I know he'll miss them, and I miss you, Mom and Dad! Come back soon! And bring Geoff too. :)

Here's a big Sawyer smile after being tickled by Gammy.
Here we have Grandpa Turkey and Sawyer checking out a toy.

Back to Packy

For whatever reason, Sawyer has inexplicably decided the last few days to get back into a pacifier. I shouldn't say get "back" into...he's never really been into them. He would have a few hours or moments or, at longest, days, where he would keep a pacifier in his mouth. Mostly he just got angry when you tried to offer him one. But on Saturday, Mom gave him one and he's had it in his mouth practically ever since. It's weird. I keep waiting for it to end with a violent spitting from the mouth, which is how it always ended before. But he's wanting to set a record now.

The other weird thing is how weird he gets when he has the thing. He's so much calmer. It really is a pacifier. (Yes, Rob, literally.) His eyes seem less wide. He crawls slower. He doesn't try to eat everything. Maybe this is a bad thing. Maybe I shouldn't really give him something with the same effects as a drug. Hm. Well, for now, we're three days into packy-land and coutning.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joel McHale Disappears in a Puff of Lavender Smoke

Just like Kris Jenner, apparently. Or else that's just how my camera took his picture tonight with no flash. Yeah, I'm the dork that takes pictures of performances like this one of The Soup's Joel McHale. Love. Him. Carmen and I had a great time tonight, save the really bad margarita (read: neon slushy with NO alcohol of any kind regardless of the title "margarita") and trying to get through the crowd to the bathroom at the end. Oh, and the tall people in front of us. Dang those tall people. But yeah, McHale was just Soup-y enough, and yet with a smack of (ham) normal stand-up. The weird thing about comedy is that I laugh a lot, and then get home and barely remember any of it. My dad, who must be asleep, says that it "came to him in his head" that Joel McHale talked about Nintendo. I do know that he did not, in any way, mention Nintendo. Dad, don't believe things that "come to you in your head." Carmen, thanks again for a great night out!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have not posted on here about the mother of the Octuplets, and I'm not going to post on here about it. Enough other people are talking about it. But I just saw a picture of her bare belly while she was pregnant, and I am so frightened. It looks like her belly is just going to break off like an iceberg or something. Terrifying. Really and truly, terrifying.

The Tunnel

This week, the fam went to Ikea for the sole purpose of buying this $18 tunnel that my friend Kia told me about. What a bargain! I hadn't realized how many cute things they have there for little people at great prices. We will definitely be going back. For now, though, we have these fun tunnel memories. I think the lesson learned is that these are only for children.

Different Hats

So, I have a photo shoot for my derby team tomorrow. I've been super pumped about this, as though having my photo on the website makes me official or something. Probably getting the tar knocked out of me Wednesday by Scar Wars, Sinista Sista, and Claudia Van Damage (did I miss anyone else??) really makes me official, but the photo shoot seems like a milestone. The problem I've been facing, however, is how to look roller-derby hot without being too sexy.

I am excited about looking good post-baby. I'm excited about wearing fishnets--I'm not gonna lie. That little jumpsuit thingy is what I'm wearing. It's hot. I love it. I would never wear it other than to this photo shoot. So why am I having a dilemma, you might ask? Embrace the sexy, Kiki! Derby is often thought of as a kind of double life--school-teacher by day, derby girl by night kind of thing. I'm just thinking about the double-life idea and how that works exactly, and what happens to that moral center (or just YOUR center) when you try to wear two different hats.

Ever watch Survivor? Rob and I just watched the first new one last night. Nobody mentioned this in that episode, but often people say things like, "I'm really a good person, but you have to lie in this game, so that's what I'm going to do. It's just a game." Or you have the opposite: "I don't want to lie and deceive to play this game--I want to stay true to myself." (Those are the people who usually get voted off the island.) That's the thing I'm thinking about with this photo shoot, and just derby in general. It is a tough, sexy sport. There is freedom though to choose how much cleavage you're going to show or how you'll present yourself. Many girls take this as a chance to wear things they wouldn't normally wear or to embrace a side of themselves that they may not show in, say, the workplace.

For sure I'm embracing a side of myself that other people may not see. Some people are really surprised to hear I'm doing derby. (Those people do not know me very well--it makes perfect sense if you know me, I think.) I'm pretty nice, albeit sarcastic and non-sentimental, as a person. I tend to not wear things that are super-provocative, and not just because I may not look as good in them as I did maybe a few years ago. So do I just throw all that out the window because it's derby, and get a pass to be mean and wear skanky clothes? (Not that all derby girls are mean or wear skanky clothes--let's be clear on that.)

For me, I don't think there's such thing as a free pass. And hence the dilemma. While derby does provide an outlet for some aspects of my personality people may not see all the time (my love for contact sports, for example), it's still my life. It's still me. And I don't want to treat it like people do Survivor, as some "other" world where I can be Kiki Mojo, alter ego of Kirsten, and as that alter ego, do things Kirsten would never do. I'm one person, and I hope for that to carry through. I want to skate hard, but I want to be NICE. Maybe fierce-nice on the track and kind-nice off of it, but still. Nice.

So in thinking about this wholeness of self in different arenas, I've been debating this week about what's appropriate to wear in this photo shoot. Sometimes what's appropriate does depend some on circumstance. A bathing suit on the beach looks normal. A bathing suit worn to try out for American Idol looks scandalous. (And should NOT get you through the next round, for what it's worth.) Fishnets on the derby track are par for the course. Fishnets in church Sunday morning might be pushing it.

I LOVE my little jumpsuit. (Thanks, Forever 21!) It looks great with my fishnets and striped socks and skates. I can't wait to see how the photos turn out with my team. And while it may be kind of the edge of what I would wear, I think I'm okay with it. Rob's okay with it. Which is good considering he's a youth pastor and might be in trouble if parents of his youth kids don't like his wife looking too sexy in online pics.

Whether you're in something like derby or not, we all wear different hats. With friends you may be different than with your parents. Or even with some groups of friends, you're different than with others. In the workplace you'll be different than you are in the bar after work. (Or wherever you go after work...) Some of these changes may be subtle--some may be extreme. So, how do you handle these different worlds you're in and the different hats you wear?? Now that I've given my 50 cents (this long post is way more than 2 cents), I want to hear yours.

All the Pretty (Plaster) Horses

Yesterday, after watching the carousel go by several times, Sawyer and I decided to ride it. He did a really big-boy job of sitting on the pony. He also did a big-boy job of checking out the pre-teen girls that rode behind us. Oh, man. He also liked waving to Gammy and Turkey, who sponsored this ride. :)

Moving on from Kid Toys

Now Sawyer's pushing around OUR furniture. Sheesh.

Friday, February 13, 2009

You're Never Too Young...

...for a frappucino.

Um, Adorable

This is how my Dad likes Sawyer's hair. Pretty fetching, I must admit.

Put on Your Hard Hats

There's never a good time to remodel your home, so yesterday, Rob started pulling up the tile in our kitchen. We've had dishwasher woes, which ruined the linoleum around the washer, and we were able to get our tile on sale last week. Of course, after we started pulling it up with a crwobar, I remembered I'm hosting a baby shower here next weekend. Oh, well. Hope the ladies like concrete floors. Rob is like a pit bull when he gets started on a project--he does not stop until it's dead. I can't believe how much he got done in one night. I'll post pictures once we get the tile in, though I'm not sure when that's happening. I have a feeling it will take a little longer than the demolition...

Autism Legal Update

If you've been following the whole autism court battles in the news, here is an article about the federal ruling, which did not find in favor of the litigating families. From what I have read, it would be very difficult to do a test study that would conclusively show that there is or is NOT a link. I spoke with my doctor, who said that it would take an almost impossible set of controls to find proof either way. But, hearing the stories of families whose children drastically changed immediately after a round of vaccines is compelling. I know if I was one of those families, it would not sit well with me to hear that finding conclusive, scientific evidence might be impossible.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My First Real Scrimmage

Tonight was my first real scrimmage, and so I had to come home and write about it. I'm still coming down from the rush of adrenaline, but I'm also dead tired, so it's a weird mix. I'm misspelling a lot of words. Hopefully spell check will find them so you'll never know. But just be aware that at least half of these words are misspelled because of derby brain. If things don't make sense here, that's also why.

All day, I was kind of dreading tonight. I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up, and wondered how I could get out of going. I don't know why--that's just how it was. I think because I didn't know what to expect. I'm sure I'll be nervous every time, but not THIS nervous.

So, here's how it went: I made some major mistakes (including two or three trips to the penalty box), learned a lot, and did a few things right. My team has some FABULOUS blocking skills, which made me look really good as a jammer, though I think really it was their blocking, not me. I just skated in the holes they made, and that was fun. I can't block to save my life, and when I went in as a blocker, I was just in the way, in a very bad way. That's not the only thing I need to work on, but that was my worst thing. And listening to my team--I got in a weird zone where it was like I couldn't hear anything at all.

But I LOVED it. It was everything I thought it would be when I first heard about and knew I would do derby, and I can't wait for more. I'll post pictures whenever I have bruises in non-inappropriate places, so get excited for that! And if any companies want to buy ads in our programs, please shoot me an email!!

Robot Crib, Anyone?

There's technology, and then there's HUH? Check out this link talking about a crib that's also a "robot," supposedly able read your child's needs and keep him or her happy and asleep all night. Right. Because we're just too lazy as people to do that ourselves??


This past weekend, we had a great occasion: a double baptism for Sawyer and his cousin Braden! My camera's flash was set to off (my fault) during the actual event, so my photos are blurry, but you get the idea from these shots. At the end, I'll write a little about infant baptism if that kind of thing interests you. :)

Okay, so: infant baptism v. believer's baptism. A believer's baptism is what most people in the new testament had--they were adults, came to believe, and were baptized with water. Baptists, among other denominations, still do this. I'm totally fine with this! I don't know that sprinkling, dunking, etc matters. It's a symbol, after all. But a lot of believer's-baptism people have trouble with infant baptism. Here's a short explanation for the Presbyterian belief behind this.

In the Old Testament, God called his people to be circumcised, which set them apart from the other nations and made them HIS. This was done on the eighth day for boys, and did not include women. It did not confer salvation, but did set those people apart as God's covenental nation. In the New Testament, there is a lot of talk about circumcision and how that doesn't need to be done to those who were Gentiles (anyone not of national Jewish descent) because the heart is what matter. Christ fulfilled the Law and the national Israel now has changed to a spiritual Israel, where God's people may be Jews or Gentiles. (I'm realizing this is not a short explanation, but it's the best I can do.)

Most people in that day were baptized as adults, mostly because they were adults as this whole new covenant in Christ's blood happened. Presbies don't necessarily believe this means it has to be as an adult--that's just the circumstances of the time. Now that circumcision is of the heart, baptism takes its place as a covenant marker of God's family. As in, the parents do this as a sign and symbol that they are God's people and want to dedicate their child as a child of believers to God. It does not confer salvation, but does in a sense set apart that child as a child of God's people, in the hopes that the promise will be fulfilled as that child grows and becomes a believer. And unlike circumcision, this blessing and symbolic act includes women, whereas it didn't before. (Please know that the kind of female circumcision going on in African countries is NOT related to Biblical Judeo-Christianity.) So infant baptism is a replacement for circumcision of the body in setting apart children of the covenant.

So, when we baptized Sawyer, it was in the presence of the church family. We were asked if we believe he was a sinner in need of salvation from Christ and if we were committed to raising him in a way that makes every effort to pass on our faith. The church was then asked if it, as our church family and body, they would also commit to aiding us in raising him up in the way of Christ.

Whew. That was a long explanation of infant baptism. Just imagine if I had written the non-short version!!

And in Other, Awful News...

...a 20-year old threw her just-born baby into Lake Ponchatrain in New Orleans to hide her pregnancy from her parents. I just can't understand this. Isn't there supposed to be some kind of natural mothering instinct that prevents women from doing things like this? I guess I don't understand the fear. And maybe in like a young teenager I get the sheer terror, but this girl was 20. She turned herself into the police, so I suppose she somehow felt remorse, but I just can't imagine what it would be like to do this. I mean, I believe in a real, Biblical sinful nature that we all have, so I shouldn't be shocked. But I am.

Sharing Milk?

This news is a few days old, but give me a break. I've been out of town. Salma Hayek went on a humanitarian trip to Sierra Leone recently, and while there, breastfed a sick baby whose mother could not produce milk. This is a really intimate thing, and I don't know how you'd feel about it, but personally, I think this is an amazing act of service giving great, healthy milk chock full of immunities to a baby in need. Probably if she really wanted to be a humanitarian, she would have stayed on as a wet nurse, but I guess she had to film 30 Rock or something.

I don't know that I'd share milk in most situations (though on accident, I did share milk with Sawyer's cousin Ila when she got ahold of his bottle), but I think that it can be a great thing. I'm sure everyone feels differently about's a little odd, in this culture anyway. Thoughts??

Taking Fertility into Your Own Hands

Do any of you really keep track of your whole fertility/cycle stuff?? Rob and I tried the Natural Family Planning a few times, and my cycles are just long and irregular and too hard to track. I got annoyed at the peaks and dips in my temperature in the morning that is supposed to stay constant or have one peak or dip. It's just too much trouble. But I know a lot of people are more regular and keep up with that stuff, whether on your own calendar or on some kind of chart, like the Natural Family Planning one. Am I the only one who hates doing this? Or have any of you found great ways to keep track of this?

Here are a few sites and things that you can use if you want to keep up with your cycle in a digital way. iPhone even has an app for this--is there anything the iPhone DOESN'T have an app for??

-Mon.Thly. has a calendar where you can keep track. It's pretty. It almost makes me want to try.
-My Monthly Cycles. Another website that keeps track of all kinds of things regarding your body and cycle.

I ripped these from Lil Sugar.

TMI: Self-spray

WARNING TMI: If you are easily grossed out, offended, not interested in very personal information about me, or are a man, you may want to skip this post.

It happened: I sprayed myself in the face with my own milk. Doesn't sound likely, does it?? I'll save all the details, but suffice to say it happened at night while nursing lying down and trying to get situated to feed Sawyer in a non-nursing top. I guess that's why people shell out for those expensive nursing tops, huh?

A Slew of Pictures

Here are a ton of photos from our recent Corpus trip!! I love the beach. LOVE. THE. BEACH. I think Sawyer inherited this from me.

Playing with wet sand.
Looking stoic by the ocean.
Playing with footprints.
Sawyer scaled the dunes! It wasn't as high as it looked, but it was high.
Happy to be at the top.
Crawling! He likes to use his right foot flat and his left knee now.
This is when he started eating sand. :)
You can't quite see it, but Sawyer is drenched. He got knocked by a rogue wave.
Instead of sleeping, he got up and played with Peter.
What a great smile!
Caught under the end table.
Playing with Grandpa Turkey.
Waiting for the two-second ferry at Port Aransas. We're at one side in this picture. See the other side? Yeah, we didn't get the ferry need.
Sawyer got impatient and ate his foot.
The cute little town of Rockport!
This is hilarious! Here are the store owner's two dogs.
Sawyer checking out a log.
Ships at Fulton.
Mommy with some boats.
Me horsing around. You know.
Look!! This is for you, Aunt Jo!!!
Someone got tuckered out after a long day.



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