Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I'm NOT Having the Best Week Ever

Here's a little run-down of my week so far:

-Sawyer threw up on me
-Sawyer had diarrhea EVERYWHERE
-Our house flooded
-We moved back to the Oliphants
-I got sick
-Sawyer threw up on me (and INTO my purse)
-Sawyer had diarrhea EVERYWHERE

I'm hoping this is not a repeating pattern. It really could be worse, but that's a lot to happen in one week, I should say. Sawyer seems to be feeling like himself, but the stomach illness I thought had passed obviously has not. Meanwhile I have no appetite and feel achy and exhausted. And, with all the throwing up/diarrhea, I'm out of clean clothes. Maybe I can apply for a bad-week bailout??

If This Is Parenting, I Change My Mind

In the past 12 hours, I got puked on and pooped on. Seriously?? I think I'm ready for that vacation now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'll Take Swine Flu for $400

The first thought the other morning when I woke up to find Sawyer with diarrhea everywhere was swine flu! He's doing better now, and really wasn't all that sick, but now I'm not feeling well, and of course again I'm like, SWINE FLU!

I don't have a fever and probably don't have even the regular flu, but you can't help but think about that when the news is going totally crazy over this. (Here's how I know I'm sick, by the way: food sounds totally disgusting to me. Definitely sick.) It is seriously--I know that people have died. But it's also hard because you can't live in fear and not go anywhere or do anything because of something that MIGHT happen. We're trying to be careful and precautious, but I think that the general panic needs to die down a bit. I'm sure tomorrow I'll want to eat a carton of ice cream again and everything will be better. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's about Time for Another One

No, I'm not saying we're trying for another one. But I have heard that phrase a LOT lately. I mean, people (ahem, Mom) were already talking about us having another kid when Sawyer was only a few months old. And I defitely had a few times where I was SURE I was pregnant again in the early months. (I wasn't. Obviously.) Now that he's a year, it suddenly must be okay for everyone to start asking when we're having another one. The answer is: for us to know and you to find out. :)

There is a lot of debate about the question of spacing with kiddos. I know ultimately, it's each family's decision (or when God surprises you with His decision). But I thought I'd put that question out there--when do you feel like the best time to try for #2 is? Is it better to have more space between them, or less? Thoughts??

Sawyer's Newest Feat

Again, sorry for not having pictures up. My camera's out of batteries and we don't have Rob's work one. Plus, we're back out of the house due to flooding and I'm all at a loss. (And suddenly I just remembered that I could have actually watched American Idol tonight and FORGOT all about it. Wow. That's a first.) In any case, I'll describe to you Saw's newest obsession. Hopefully to be followed shortly by photos and video.

A month or more ago, he figured out how to climb into the kid-sized chairs and stand up in them, much to my horror. But in the last few days, he learned how to climb up and actually SIT in the chair. Then he figured out how to get out of the chair by scooting to the edge and standing up. These things seem so small to adults--we do them every day. It's huge to Sawyer, though, and he spent about twenty minutes today climbing in, sitting down, and climbing out of a chair. He was really happy with himself and it was really cute! My little guy now can sit like a big boy.

An Interesting Phone Call

Yesterday I got a truncated message on my telephone from an automated system. I don't know who exactly it was, since the first half of the automated message got cut off since it started playing as soon as my voicemail picked up, rather than after the beep like a real person would. Here's the jist of the message I heard:

...your child is a year old and due for immunizations. Please make an appointment with your pediatrician to schedule these immunizations as soon as possible.

I found it a little odd and was left with these questions. Who exactly left this message? The governement? A specific agency? A non-profit? A pharmaceutical company?? How do they know how old Sawyer is? How did they get my cell phone number??

And, my biggest question: Why? Is this a push to keep herd immunity and to keep the various viruses and illnesses down? Is this a push from a drug company to make sure they're getting their money's worth out of me? (That second quesion was the cynic, X-File-y part of me that sometimes sees conspiracy everywhere.)

Overall, I found it creepy and strange. Anyone else get that phone message? Or any other kind of message like it? Because that was the thing--I can't think of any other time in my life I've gotten a message like that reminding me to do something in my life. Which again begs that question, why this?? Any thoughts?

I Don't Have Much on Noah...

...but we are seriously under water here in Houston. I don't know if people knew this was coming or not (I never watch the news), but we had 12 hours or torrential rain last night. I woke up at 4ish and there were waves cresting on our street and the water was more than halfway up our mailbox post. Scary! Unfortunately, the back of our house didn't withstand the rising water and our back two bedrooms are soaked. Ugh! So once again, we're sort of homeless since all the furniture in those rooms is in the main rooms while the carpet dries. It could be worse, but it's not the best. If you can, check out one of our local news sites for photos!

Monday, April 27, 2009

They're Back....

Not the same frogs (toads?), but frogs (toads?) nonetheless. I guess we can expect this every time there is a torrential rain in Houston. I don't know where they came from, but they don't seem to care whether our pool is chlorinated or not. I rescued three of them and set them free in the neighborhood. They better not come back if they know what's good for them. Chlorine is NOT.

Sawyer Being BRAT-y

We had a great night last night--Sawyer woke up only ONE time and slept until 8am in his bed. Woo hoo! I've decided for now to continue nursing him when he wakes and wants to nurse, after trying several other methods, such as having Rob go in and comfort him. Nothing else seems to work, and I had a feeling that when we settled back into our house, maybe our nights would quiet down. And all week they've been getting better and he's been sleeping longer stretches alone. I'm hoping that we're only a few weeks away from NO night wakings, but I won't hold my breath!

The only downside to last night was that when I walked into his room at 8am, there was a SMELL. Like, not a good one. And when I went to pick him up, a good portion of the crib was covered in liquid poo. My first thought (after thinking, GROSS) was: Swine Flu. Thankfully, he doesn't have a fever or any other symptoms and seems like himself. He's had two more small today and so we've got him on the BRAT diet--Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. Of course, we only have the RA of the diet right now, but I'm headed to the store later. Especially since he's not that into rice today.

From what I've read, the best thing to do with diarrhea is to keep baby hydrated, keep nursing (if you're nursing), do the BRAT diet, and watch for things like weight loss (weigh baby daily when diarrhea persists) and blood in there. I think he's going to be okay, but we're keeping an eye out for sure. I can't help but notice the two times he's been sick with things other than a runny nose (the fever and now this), it's right after being in the church nursery...Guess that just comes with the territory!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Done Got Puked On...

That title post says it all. I think Sawyer got a little too excited and ate a little too much at Cafe Express tonight. After nursing him, I was patting his back to burp him and....EWWWW! Poor little guy. Mostly he got it on me, so I didn't have to change him out of pjs. We've been out of the spit-up era for some time now, so this was an unpleasant surprise. But always good for a laugh, right?

Missing Mommy

Have you noticed that I haven't been updating? That's because Mom left, and now I'm back to Sawyer full time, squeezing in my internet fun during naps or unassisted playtime. Mom and I had a great time, and as always, it left me longing for the day when my fam will be closer than a plane ride away! I know Mom and Dad are coming out in June, so it's only six weeks away, but Sawyer changes so quickly! I think that starts to slow down some after the one-year mark, but Dad hasn't gotten to see him since February, which was BW. Before walking. I think Sawyer has so much more personality now that he's walking and showing his independence. Oh, my little man.

So I'm back to the daily life here, though I'm figuring out what that means all over again since I've been out of my house for almost two months! Rob and I are on stage 1.4 of the house work: finishing minor details like painting trim outside and re-painting the mirror in our bathroom. Then pictures galore of all the hard work!

Thanks to my Mom (Sawyer's Gammy Gummy) for all the babysitting and new toys and just the fun time! And thanks to Grandpa Turkey for flying her out. I miss you guys!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Idol

I didn't get to watch Idol tonight because of derby, but Cindy was right in her prediction that Lil and Anoop would go home. Mom babysat last night and tonight, and she said that in an uncharacteristic display, Sawyer watched American Idol with her. She said that he not only watched, but waved to the contestants and clapped when the audience clapped. Hilarious! I love that if I can't watch, Sawyer will watch for me. Just like many parents, I will live vicariously through my child. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Few Cool Products

It's been a long time since I've blogged products, mostly because we're not buying tons of stuff and we have been given tons. Plus, it seems that most of those things you need are for the first few months. Now that Sawyer's walking, we just let him do whatever he wants. We barely have to watch him! (Just kidding.) I found some really cool things that I may want for the next kid around.

The Nap Nanny: This is a little expensive at $129, but I think it could be totally worth it. Designed to keep baby at a 30 degree angle, it helps with reflux, colds, gas, and ear infections. I know that when Saw has been sick, I've often longed for something like this so he could breathe better. A wedge can work, but baby can roll off. I love it. I want one.

The Snuggin Go: I have definitely seen where we could have used this in the car. Babies don't always fit well into car seats, especially in the newborn stages. I've definitely stopped the car to find Sawyer asleep with his head slumped down on his chest. This weirdly-shaped cushion was designed by a mother and nurse to keep baby in the proper position in the car seats.

In Poop News

If you don't want to read about poop, you may want to skip this post.

When Sawyer started solids, cloth diapers became a big pain because the poo was sticky and chunky--too much for the washer, but hard to shake off into the toilet or otherwise wash off ahead of time. We are now at the point where his poops are really poops! I can shake them off and we're all good!

Sometimes they shake off a little too easily, like this morning when I accidentally shook it off into the floor, not the toilet. But overall, I'm glad for the new change!

Big Red Letter Night

And, after my long and late night, Sawyer slept in his bed until 8am. Hoo-ah!

That's the first night that he never transferred into our room. He's been coming in with me if he wakes up around 5-6am, just because at that point I can't take it anymore. Plus, I love waking up looking at his little face. It was nice this morning to wake up with him NOT in our bed. Especially since Rob had gotten up when Saw woke up and took both boys for a little walk. Thanks, hubby! And great job, Sawyer!

Sawyer at Eleven (and a Half) Months

I just realized that I haven't done this monthly update yet! And with Sawyer turning one in a few short weeks, this may be one of the last monthly updates. Sad! I'm using this picture of him in a Bumbo, which is funny because he is way past the stage where he wants to be "put" in anything. But the other day when I got this out to give back to Kelly, he found it amusing to try and get in and out by himself. Which is more evidence that he is just a wild man for his age, at least physically.

Not that he was the earliest walker or totally abnormal, but he's been walking for two full months now, and it does make him sort of seem older. He's experiencing the world in a new way--an upright way. And he LOVES it. He loves the freedom of movement and the exploring of the world. He's beginning to climb now, which is going to make me crazy, and has tried running and going up and down steps walking (instead of crawling) and is mastering walking on different surfaces--like grass or up and down inclines. He seems to like feeling different textures on his feet and will often throw toys down and intentionally walk over them, or will find something like Tex's bed and walk back and forth over it.

I can't say we have a first word yet, though he jabbers quite a lot. I have a feeling that he may be kind of late in this, but then will be a total chatterbox. He definitely thinks a lot about things, and it's great to watch him play and explore, because you can see those wheels turning. He does understand a lot when you talk to him, but his communication is not really happening so much right now. He has been more social the past few weeks, smiling like a little charmer at every stranger he sees when we go places like the grocery store or church. It's hilarious, especially because no one can really resist smiling back at him or coming over to say hi.

He is an eating machine, and I've actually found myself worrying that I'll be one of those Jerry Springer Moms with the 80-pound two-year-old. Not because I'll overfeed him, but because other than getting bored in his high chair, I think he'd eat all day. He nurses now only about three to four times during the waking hours, and probably three at night (including just before bed). His favorite foods right now are Pirate (and Veggie) Booty, beans, and cottage cheese. He also loves meat: chicken, pork, beef, turkey. Not fish though. We tried that once and it did NOT go over well.

During the day he loves to just scoot around and play with toys, climb on things, and explore. The exploring is mostly stuff he shouldn't be into, like computer cords or dog food. Being outside is one of his favorite things, but it's hard because he still eats everything, which means you have to watch like a hawk to make sure he's not swallowing rocks or huge piles of dirt or insects.

As far as size goes, he's really levelled off, and I'd say he's either right where he should be (fitting into 12 or 12-18 month clothes) or maybe a little under the average. Let's be honest, Rob and I are not large people. He's got eight teeth, and I think there's at least another one poking through in there, but it's hard to look without getting chomped.

I've really been enjoying the walking stage, which surprises me, because everyone always makes comments like, "oh no!" or "You're in for it now!" It's actually great and maybe easier. I mean, he's never really wanted to sit still, whether he was in a crawling stage or even just the can't-move-by-himself baby stage. So being able to move independently is great for him AND for me. He does get restless in things like the stroller, which can be hard for outings, but it's fun to set him free and watch where he goes and what he'll do. I think he's happier, and that makes me happier too.

I can't believe the next post like this, he'll be a YEAR old!!

A Packed Day

Today Mom and I had the best time taking Sawyer to the Children's Museum. We were planning to go to the Museum of Natural History and seeing the dinosaur bones and the butterflies, but after learning that it is FIFTEEN DOLLARS a person to get in, we boycotted. The Children's Museum was so much more affordable, and really a lot better for Sawyer. I was hugely impressed with it, and would love to get a membership--it's like $75 for the year and you can go whenever you want with one other adult and your kiddo.

I took waaaaay too many pictures, but it was so much fun to see Sawyer interact. Most of the museum will be better for him when he's older, though he still liked certain parts, like the hypnotizing spinner thingy that he got obsessed with, and the fake HEB with its plastic muffins and lobsters. The area for his age was basically a huge room full of little person climbing and playing stuff. I loved that it was a room with no NOs. (Other than stealing toys from other kids. There was a little of that.) Basically anything he wanted to do, he could do, from climbing to eating to just wandering and touching. His favorite was sitting behind the wheel of the car, and it actually took some work to get him to branch out and explore the room.

It was a great day, except for the part after the museum and our meal in Rice Village where Sawyer had just had way too much and kind of melted down. But hey, he's not even one yet--what do you expect? Here are one billion photos of our fun.

The Problem of Night Nursing

If there is a time stamp on this entry, it will reveal the problem of night nursing: I'm blogging at 3:27am.

Since we've been moving Sawyer slowly but surely out of our bed and into his crib all night, I've had to figure out what to do with his night wakings. He pretty much wakes up about every four hours at night. Sometimes in between four hours, but at least four. Five hours is, I think, his longest stretch. Ever. Yeah, I know. That's not a long time. Rob and I agree that it's good I don't need lots of sleep.

When he was in bed with us, this did not require a lot from me, which is why we started co-sleeping in the first place. When he would wake every four (or less) hours wanting to nurse, I didn't have to actually get up out of bed, which meant my sleep wasn't terribly interrupted. Now I'm startling awake to the sound of him crying on the monitor, getting up to go into the nursery, nursing him sitting up in the glider (comfortable, but nothing like reclining in bed), and then going back to bed. Or...finding myself awake and doing things like placing Mary Kay orders, blogging, or reading a magazine.

The thing that I'm really wondering as Sawyer nears his first birthday, is how often I really NEED to nurse him at night. Some people would say he shouldn't be nursing at all during the night anymore. Four hours is still pretty often for an eleven-month old, I think. And there are times he simply wakes up and has a hard time getting back to sleep, and a little rock and pat gets him right back down. But when he does the regular four-hour wake-up, that's almost always for a meal (or snack). That's when the rock- and-pat does not work and there's the root-and-fuss from him.

Does he really NEED to eat that much at night still? I don't know. He seems to think so. I think if I took a poll, most people would say no. At least, from what I've read and heard, that seems to be the consensus, that babies his age don't need to nurse that much. So what do I do when he wakes every four hours and pitches a fit if I don't nurse him? Is it time to just let him cry it out? Or should I trust that if my kid feels like he needs to eat that often then he really does? (I should note that I can tell the difference between times when he just wants comfort vs. nursing. I'm talking strictly here about the times he wants to eat.)

I do know that I want more sleep. I'd like him to be sleeping longer stretches too. But I'm not sure I feel comfortable at this point NOT nursing him when he wakes every four hours and tells me that's what he wants. I do see positive changes--not long ago he was waking up every two hours, especially in the beginning of the night after being put down. I sort of go back and forth between thinking that he's going to naturally regulate his cycles based on what he needs developmentally, and thinking that I need to help that along by somehow "teaching" him that he does not need to eat at 2am.

One thing is for sure: I should probably go back to sleep instead of finding things to do in the middle of the night...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bah, Humbug

Well, I guess I'm never going to get to see Idol. I've missed so much of the season, it doesn't matter any more! I have too much of a night life now that I'm a Mom. Ha! No, but really, I seem to always have something, and tonight Mommy offered to babysit while Rob and I go on a date. A date? What's that?? I guess I'll see. Meanwhile, leave your Idol thoughts here if you want so I can make judgments based on your judgments. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


So we are back in our house! I promise new photos once all the work is done. Yes, that means the work is not done. I still have things to do as well--I'm painting our bathroom mirror, the front and back doors, shutters, trim, and columns. It's going to be a different house! You can catch some of Rob's amazing tile work in the latest photos. He's so great!

It's great to be home, but it's like starting all over again: getting Sawyer used to sleeping in his crib, not in a pack in play in the room with us at the Oliphants. We had a routine here and a rhythm, but now that it's been six weeks, things have changed with Sawyer and he's in a different place. I wonder though if we'd never left if I would still have this constant feeling of unsettledness. It seems that since birth, just when I get comfortable with where we are, something else changes. Is that just how God keeps me on my toes?? I guess so.

In any case, it's wonderful to be back in our home!

Noah's Second Birthday Playdate

We had a playdate today in honor of Noah's second birthday. Here is a photo of us back last summer, and then one from today. My how the little ones have grown! And is it also true that we have shrunk? I hope so...

The Great Frog Release!

After Noah's 2nd birthday extravaganza, we released the frogs (really, they're toads) into the park near Kelly's house. Fun for all! (Most especially the toads, who were hankering to get out of that plastic tub...)

Can you count how many frogs are in this photo??

Sharing the Wealth

While Sawyer eats, Tex sits and waits to get the remnants from the high chair tray. Sometimes, Sawyer decides he's not quite done and then the two boys fight over the crumbs left in the seat. Tex (obviously) wishes that this were not the case.

Fun at Katy Mills

Mom and I went to Katy Mills with Sawyer the other day and had some mall fun.



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