Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Calling All Graphic Designers

So, I've been noticing every time that I publish a photo that I have just over 10% left of the space blogger allows me on this blog. That's bad. I do have a whole other blog, which I have not updated in a year, but am loathe to delete, since it chronicles the two years we lived in G'boro. I'm coming to a crossroads, people. I think I'm going to have to import my blog to something like wordpress.

Not a bad thing necessarily--I almost did that a year or so ago. The problem I found was that I'm really kind of attached to the color scheme of my layout. Also, once when on crack (or just tired from nursing a wee Sawyer), I somehow pretended to know html code enough to make my layout work in three columns, which I really like. There's no way I could figure that out again.

While making the switch, I'd really like to find a person who can customize my blog for me, so I can take all the things I want with me when I switch hosts. Since this blog is not what I would consider a cash cow, I am hereby asking for help. What I want is basic--a three columned layout with colors similar to the ones I'm using now, particularly the pale yellow background and vibrant green title. If you come up with a fun header, that's great too. What I offer in return: a permanently advertised home and a lot of fawning over you in subsequent posts.

If you're not a graphic designer (is that even the right term? web designer?), but know one, please pass along this offer. I'll probably bring this up once a week while I bite my nails and use up my last 10%.

Bad Idea? Good Idea?

Normally, it's a bad idea to decide to cut long bangs for yourself at 11pm when you're pregnant. But hey, I think this is kind of okay.

Communing with the Goats

Here are a few photos from our day at the zoo. The best part, as you will see, is when Sawyer plopped down in front of the goat like they were best friends. I coudln't get a picture, but there was a second goat he sat next to and leaned on like he does with Tex and it was really hilarious and cute. A woman remarked, "He acts like he has goats at home." Well, he does have Tex.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pregnancy Pick-Up Lines

So, tonight, I went to get take-out from Los Cucos for my Mom and me. Because I didn't have the number for the restaurant, I went in and ordered at the bar--a little awkward being a pregnant lady in a roller derby uniform (long story) drinking water at a crowded bar. A guy came and sat down next to me and started talking to me about my derby uniform. He wasn't being overtly tacky, but was definitely trying to pick me up. That is, until this part of the conversation:

Guy- So I guess you're in training [for derby] and that's why you're not having a margarita?
Me- Uh, actually I'm pregnant, and that's why I'm not drinking a margarita.

Then we spent a few awkward minutes talking. It was kind of hard for him to duck out at that point without looking like a jerk. Overall, I was pretty amused by the whole thing. Think he'll tell his friends that he tried to pick up a pregnant lady? Or maybe that would be embarrassing. In any case, take that, Kroger checkout lady who thought I was having twins--dude in the bar didn't even notice! It's odd when you're married and get hit on, but it's doubly odd (pun intended) to get hit on when you're pregnant.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thinking about Birth...and then Forgetting about It

I've been reading vast amounts lately, not just about birth, but I am also reading a few birth books. Today, I was reminded of a scene from Waiting for Guffman (a veritable classic). I can't describe the awesomeness of this movie, but in the scene I was thinking about, Lloyd the music teacher is arguing with the play director, Corky St. Clair. Lloyd thinks the actors need to learn the music so well that they can forget about it. Corky thinks that if they're just going to forget about it, they might as well never learn it. (Go watch this scene. Does not translate into humor through my words. I think I actually sucked all the humor out of it.)

In any case, while reading Wise Birth, the first chapter said in essence that the best way to give birth is to let go of your thoughts and controlling instincts and to let your body do its thing through the hormonal and other processes. I thought this was funny because I like to advocate education about birth so you can make the best decision, and home birthers tend to really research things a lot more than the norm. And yet, the best way to give birth is to let birth happen.

So should you just not read anything about birth since the best thing you can do during birth is to stop thinking and let your body work? No way. I feel like all this prep is great for preparing my mind to let my body do its thing. Knowing the things that can happen in birth and knowing about how my body will work will help me to relax and let go. I think it reassures me in what my choices are as well, and will come back to me when I need it. It will all be filed away there in my brain so that I won't need to be thinking consciously about it as it happens. But it's there. So even though Corky shares my maiden name, I guess I'm with Lloyd on this one.


Here's what Saw has been doing lately. I love this. I don't know what inspired the sudden cuddling, but he's been hugging and kissing and coming up when I'm sitting on the floor and laying on my leg. My Mom says that while in many ways Sawyer is like me as a kid (in the go, go, go aspect in particular), she says that I never really slowed down enough to cuddle, and I'm happy that Saw does. I love his go-go-go (one of his favorite phrases now, by the way), but these little moments are pretty cute.

Meanwhile, with as much as Olive/Fetus/#2 is moving and kicking in there, I'm going to really be in trouble when s/he gets to be bigger. Seriously.

He's No Hugh Hefner

I don't know why, but Sawyer REALLY wanted to take a bath today. He kept running into the kitchen near the sink and going, "Ba? Ba? Ba?" and when we said, "Uh huh. Bath. We'll take a bath later," he then started going, "BA! BA! BA!" Finally after dinner we gave him a bath, and then decided to dry him off with a bathrobe Mom got for him before he was born that we somehow never used. For whatever reason, he HATED this robe. The picture says it all. I'm not putting up the photos of a few minutes later when we took the robe off and he ran around the room with it on his head or around his shoulders like a cape, and then peed in the floor and tried to use the robe to wipe it up. But that was pretty funny too. :)

Park Day

Here are some photos from the park today with Sauce and Mom!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This One's for You, Aunt Jo!

Here is a recent photo of Sawyer in the bouncy seat my Aunt Jo gave us. We used it a lot when he was a wee baby, and then Denise borrowed it for Braden. Sawyer has a thing about sitting in different kinds of chairs, so when we got it back, he started using it again. What a great gift! And how funny that he's still liking it--click here to see some old posts of him in the same chair. Thanks, Aunt Jo! Wish you were here to see him in person!

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

That's what Sawyer likes to say all the time. Rob is out of town for a few days, but before he left, he got some great Sawyer time in. Here are a few cute photos of my boys.
This one is blurry, but I love it.

File Under: Things Not to Eat


I've heard stories of kids getting into their diapers and smearing poop on the walls or worse. But I somehow didn't see this coming. Tonight, we'd just finished dinner and Sawyer had been crouching under the table in the prominent pooping position. The next thing I know, my Mom says, "What are you eating? Spit that out! That's poop!"

I, being calm and level-headed and having way too high of expectations of my child, said, "I'm sure that's not poop." I proceeded to dig the rest of the unidentified object out of his mouth. It could have been anything--a smushed up piece of dog food or old food or dirt or...poop. I checked his diaper (after washing my hands) and see something in his diaper. Something that happens to look just like what was just in his mouth.

I'm still not sure how he got the poop, but my guess is that somehow it fell out of his diaper, since we didn't see him digging around in there. But I'm disturbed that he not only put poop in his mouth, but also did not dislike it enough to spit it out when asked. Ew. Ew ew ew ew!

I guess most parents deal with something like this at some point. I hope this is the only one. Did I mention ew? Also, Mom wanted me to say that she told me so.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Playdate Number Ten Thousand

Today we had our umpteenth playdate today. Somehow I missed getting a picture of Paul, who came for the first time with his daughter Ella. It was a good day, but our babies are now LOUD.

I love this one.

Let Us Commence with the Rude Comments

The scene: my neighborhood Kroger, checkout line. My mood: a little impatient with my checker, who is being ridiculously slow.

Checker: How much longer do you have?
Me: I'm only four months.
Checker: You have FOUR MONTHS LEFT?
Me: No. I have FIVE months left.
Checker: Oh my gosh! Are you having twins?
Me: No, but thanks for asking. [I promise I said this. Sarcasm and all. Not a shining moment for me, obviously.]
Checker: That's going to be a HUGE baby.
Me: ...........

Is it already time for people to start saying this kind of thing to me? I told Rob that it's a little early for me to stop leaving the house, but if it gets to that, I will. I cannot get over how ridiculous and rude people are. This woman made it very clear that she thought I was due like any day now. Really??

And then we had this lovely moment, which almost halfway made up for that one.

The scene: Tan's Hunan. The mood: excited, because we're getting Chinese takeout, a Friday St. Clair tradition.

Waitress: Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes!! I am!
Waitress: Congratulations! That means you get to eat for two?
Me: Yes, and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

That's more like it. I'll take a few dozen more of those, please.

New Play

Something huge has changed with Sawyer in the last week: how he plays. He now has a longer attention span, and will actually take things like a toy house or toy car and imaginatively play with them. Right now he is driving cars in and out of a garage on a play house (that was mine when I was a kid) and opening and shutting the garage doors. Then he'll walk the people in and out of the open doors of the house. He gets really frustrated when things don't work the way he wants them to, and this shows even more that he has a definitely plan of what he wants toys to do.

This is a huge step and change, which I guess just shows that his brain is developing and changing. Definitely a step up from just exploring and looking at toys--now we're into creating and inventing. It's pretty neat.

What the Doot is Doot?

Doot is Sawyer's favorite word right now, and so far we have not been able to figure out if it's an actual word that he's repeating (like "that"), or if it's just his favorite made up word. He doesn't use it consistently for one thing--just points to a number of things and says, "Doot?" I think it's a funny word, so Rob and I and my mom have all beein dooting this week.

As for other words, he has the same few words he uses all the time, and then randomly will repeat one of our words perfectly, and then never say it again. The other morning he said "coffee" clear as day as mom and I were drinking ours. Then when I told him a truck was loud, he said "loud." But most of the day, it's just DOOT.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hill-Country Hitched

This weekend I got to have my own personal day trip when I went to see Erin (an old youth grouper from when Rob and I were dating) get hitched near Austin. It was such a neat place, and a great wedding! I loved getting to see old youth, all grown up and adult-like, and even find out one of them reads my blog (shout out to you, Summer!). My only regret is not stopping to have my photo taken riding on a real longhorn cow. They had a stand set up by the side of the road in some small town I passed through. I was already in my dress for the wedding, plus prego, so it would have been the best photo ever. Next time, next time...

The location (Kali-Kate Equestrian) was so neat and beautiful! The smile of the newly married...
A photo of me and Sarah. How did I not get more pics with old friends? Ach! We have plans to make a gnome cake in January. :)

Free Thursday

Tomorrow, if you donate to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in Cold Stone Creamery from 5-8pm, you will receive a free 3-oz creation. Yum! Also, Houston Chik-Fil-A's are having free chicken sandwiches from 5-6pm. (Be aware that Chik-Fil-A WILL be mobbed. I went last week and left when there was a line out the door.)

Bathtime Photos Lead to Bad Times and Law Suits

This post just made me feel more certain that we're in an age that's doing too much and too little. Too little as in not keeping actual pedophiles behind bars permanently. And too much as in getting parents on a sex offender list for family bathtime photos. Seriously.

Duck! They're Hungry...

Mom and I took Sauce to a nearby park where they have a playground and ducks (behind a fence?). Saw got a kick out of the ducks eating out of his hand--and biting him.

Then he pushed the stroller around, which is much more fun than being pushed in it.
He kept trying to climb up the slide when it had started raining. Aw...

Sawyer Face-Off

Saw was (as usual) being a goof during dinner. Love it!



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