Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Sunshine-y Boy

Last night, after my office hours, I had a rough night.  Saw woke up at 12:16 (he wakes up at pretty much that exact time almost every night) and really didn't fall back asleep until 2ish.  He's easier to get back to bed these days, but just sometimes has a hard time falling back asleep.  Then Lincoln was restless and ended up waking me at 5am instead of 6am to eat.  Which means Mommy is TIRED.  I'm very thankful that Rob got up with Sawyer (after getting up at 5am for his boot camp) so I could at least get a little snooze in, and somehow don't feel like death.

When I finally did get up, Lincoln greeted me with a smile that was just about the happiest thing I've ever seen.  He has the biggest grin, and gets so excited when smiling sometimes that he kicks his feet and waves his arms, like the smile is just working its way through his whole body. I LOVE IT.  This isn't the happiest of happy faces, but it's a great grin.  And look how well he's doing with tummy time!!

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