Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eyeballs Are Underrated

Just before I left, my Mom had a crazy eye thing, which we assumed was pink eye. Her eyes swelled shut, got goopy and red. Not fun! She went to the doctor just after I left, and the doctor said it wasn't pink eye, but was some kind of inflammation or severe irritation. Now I've got it. My mom and I have been poring over what things we have shared (contact solution, mascara), but nothing makes sense because all the products were my products and I used them first, but got the issue second. It really isn't fun, and I'm in pain and can't see well. My friend Shawn said breastmilk will clear it up, so I tried that, and it felt better for a little bit, but now are feeling bad again. I'm sharing my mom's prescriptions for her eyes--both pain and an antibiotic--so we'll see how that goes. Here you can see my awesomeness! I'm like a vampire, but with red whites instead of red irises.


  1. I am not sure if you went to the eye doctor or a regular doctor. If it doesn't clear up soon I would try going to the eye doctor. My husband gets something similar and we found out when he went the eye doctor it is the herpes virus (cold sores) in his eyes. It springs up when when he gets really tired, run down, or stressed. Anyway I hope that is not what it is. But I just thought I would throw that out there just in case. He has finally found a natural cure to help it when it springs up (aloe vera juice).

  2. But there is an antiviral medication they can give you.

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