Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sleeping These Days

I mentioned in my post about Lincoln that he's sleeping wonderfully, which is mostly true.  Every now and then we have a night like tonight, where he seemed to be very uncomfortable (maybe gas??) and was kicking and really fighting sleep even though you could tell he was exhausted.  Unlike Sawyer, who would scream and pitch a total fit even at four months, I let Linc fuss it out with occasional pats and he conked out finally.  He never even cried really, just kind of eh-eh-eh-ed.  I did give him a bit of a top off when he woke up at 9pm, since I think he's in a growth spurt time based on his hibernation during the day today.

Sawyer has been interesting.  (And let me say for the record that I think his sleep will always be.)  Last week he started freaking out at bedtime, even moreso than he had in the past year, for no discernible reason.  Crying, getting out of bed, just going nuts.  Which was hard since my parents just got here and were looking forward to doing the normal, pleasant reading and getting him to bed routine that we'd had for the past two months or so.  This week, he's been AMAZING at going to sleep and has basically just stayed in bed and gone to sleep after I read Jesus (which is what he calls our nightly Bible time) to him.  It's great!

But.  I mentioned a while ago that I wondered again about some kind of night disturbance, and I'm thinking he's either prone to night terrors or sleep walking.  (Jenna--you may have to give me advice about the sleep walking!!)  He often still wakes up once a night around midnight, but will go right back to sleep.  But for several nights he's had these crazy episodes of either screaming loudly or talking or shouting in his room while asleep (and I know he's asleep because he doesn't come out of his room or call for us) or getting up out of bed when he's obviously asleep.

The first weird incident was last week, and I heard him talking and thought I'd head him off before he came out of his room, so I just went in and patted him and said, "Shhh.  Mommy's here.  You're alright."  He FLIPPED OUT.  Started trying to climb up his bunk bed from the inside and was screaming, totally hysterical.  It got to the point where I bought him out and let him sit with me for like twenty minutes on the couch until he stopped hyperventilating. I realized with what I've read about night terrors that he wasn't actually awake when I went in, and that my waking him actually disturbed him.

So this week when I hear him screaming or talking or doing anything, I leave him alone.  A few times he's actually come out of his room or gotten out of bed and obviously still been asleep. Two nights ago he opened his door and when I went to put him back to bed, he was behind it, hiding in his blanket like it was a fort.  Definitely not awake.  He let me lead him back to bed and just went to sleep.  Tonight he came out crying, and definitely wasn't awake either. I don't know how to tell you that I know he's not, but with as much as we've dealt with night waking and know our kid, I can tell you that he was pretty much asleep.  He went right back to sleep no problem.

He's already not the greatest sleeper, so I don't know what the heck adding in something like sleep-walking or night terrors might do.  So far, it hasn't been horrible, but has just been something I've noticed and plan to keep an eye on.  My poor little man!  I am thankful that he's at least going to bed earlier, especially after last week's craziness. I'm also thankful for my parents being here and getting up with him at the 6 o'clock hour so I can stay in bed.  Thanks, Gammy and Turkey!


  1. yikes! at least you';re getting him to settle without much incident. and yay for a sleeping baby:)

  2. Kirsten,
    Kennedy also had night terrors but for the most part they have disappeared now. It is scary but I usually would just sit with her and keep saying things like "you are in your room" and "mommy is here". Don't try to pick him up or even touch him until you think he is coming out of it.


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