Saturday, October 23, 2010

Budget Decor: Shower Wreath

Cheap and easy coffee filter wreath.

Today we had a baby blessing for my friend Natalie.  She was in my first Bradley class along with Hannah, and I became friends with both through Kelly.  Together, the four of us have had fun playdates, and if you've been following my blog, you've watched our kiddos grow up!  For the shower I made a front-door wreath, and used these great examples of coffee filter wreaths.  I was super happy with the result, and the cost was something like $2.  Check out my steps!

Step 1:  Buy Supplies
I bought coffee filters for $1.28 at Walmart.  I wanted the natural, but since they didn't have them, I bought regular white.  The base for the wreath was $.50 at Katy Christian Ministries.  All the rest of the supplies I already had in my packed supply closet.  Here's the wreath before.
Sorry if you like country stuff.   This looks like cheap country decor threw up on it.
Step 2:  Stain and Strip
I stained the white filters by soaking them in tea.  I used some extra tea (don't ask me why, because I rarely drink it, but I have like 50 boxes of tea) and brewed it fairly strong, dipped the filters in, and dried them on the clothesline.  Then I stripped everything off the wreath.
Still pretty ick.  
Step 3:  Hot Glue Bonanza
Now is the fun part.  Take the coffee filters, plug in your glue gun and go crazy!  I made a little drop of glue and then pressed the middle of the filter to it.  I glued them pretty close together and scrunched them a bit.  The photos in the link show much more flowy, soft wreaths, which I really like, but mine had its own feel, which worked overall.  I think you could really play with the shape and the look of these and make some very different looking wreaths!
Halfway done.  I also cut out those criss-crossing pieces in the middle.
Ta da! I left the back undone so that it would hang well.
Step 4:  Detailing
Here's where my wreath gets specific for the shower.  Natalie is using the Cocalo Moremi bedding for Micah's room, which is kind of a safari theme in muted colors featuring giraffes and some little birds, among other things.  I took pieces of rolled canvas that I have in my scrap pile and drew giraffes and birds from the pictures of the bedding.  Then I cut out two for each animal so I could glue them together later.  I painted the animals, then used twine from my craft stash and attached it to the wreath.  When the animals were dry, I laid the bottom part down, covered it with craft glue, centered the twine, and then pressed the top animal down.  If that sounds confusing, I basically made a sandwich with the twine in the center and the animal on each side, painted side facing out.  As a last moment of inspiration, I tied on two large wooden beads to the twine with the birds.  Here is the final product!  It's hard to say the final cost because I had some supplies on hand, but I have coffee filters left over and used only fractions of paint, twine, and canvas.  So I'd say the total was $2, maybe $3.
Hanging on the door for the shower.

The animals and beads!

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