Friday, December 31, 2010

Photo of the Day

Zoo with 14 Children: We Survived!

Today, Rob and I took our little boys and met up with all the cousins and a lot of fam for a fun day.  I think it's pretty miraculous that we made it out alive and with every child, honestly.  It was such a great time, though I think the people were more fun than the animals.  (Especially the monkeys.  ALWAYS the monkeys.)
Saw with Bryce and Connor in the wagon.
Linc and Braden.
Someone is too large for the wagon.
It's kind of like a clown car...
Climbing.  He discarded his goat-poop-y shoes first thought.
Katelynn, Lynn, Paul and Denise.

My boys!  And proof that the drink spilled on my camera has not gone away.

Lincoln LOVED the carousel.
That's a boat-load of kids!  As Saw would say, COUSINS!

Hey, look! I'm in a ball!

Now Robbie and I are in a ball!  It's romantic.
Carmen Geddit, this photo is for you.
He also wears his sunglasses at night.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ta Da!

Texas Sky 365, Day 24

These are from yesterday, a stormy, cloudy day.  Thanks to Geoff for letting me know that there was a sudden sunburst through the dark.
There is a faint (single) rainbow here all across the sky.
I love this one of the sun bursting through after a storm.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Seasonal Sleeping

It's 4:07 and both of my boys are still sleeping.  It's so nuts, but I really think that their sleeping habits change with the seasons.  Sawyer especially.  He has been taking marathon naps now for like a month, and also sleeping much later during the mornings.  We have also been letting him join us in bed in the middle of the night.  Sometimes nightmares wake him up (like last night, when he dreamed a spider was biting him on the finger) and sometimes I think he just gets cold and wants to snuggle.  Either way, we are letting him because I know he CAN sleep on his own (which makes me not worry about a long-term unhealthy sleeping with parents addiction) and I want to enjoy every moment of his little-boy snuggly-ness.  I know I for sure love having warm bodies near me in winter!

Linc is sleeping funny because he's getting like 4-6 teeth right now.  The two front teeth (because that's all he wanted for Christmas) and then a few more up top and maybe two more on the bottom. Crazy!  He has been very vocal about protesting sleep, so we have been forced to let him cry himself to sleep at least once a day for night or nap.  He is a fighter, my littlest man.  Who knew?  Sometimes he ends up eating in the night and spending from 4am on with us, but often now he sleeps all night in his room.

Overall, it's been a nice sleeping season for my boys.  They can hibernate any time as far as I'm concerned!

Christmas with Two Families

This year marks the first year my parents got to celebrate Christmas in their own home in Texas.  They've owned the home for three years and spent several of the last Christmases here in Houston with us, but this was the first time we actually had them LIVING here.  I'm thankful that Rob and I don't have the issue that many married couples do of having in-laws that don't get along or are super demanding in terms of holiday planning and how that all goes down.  Still, having two families in the same city for holidays means more finagling then having them apart.  Rob's family doesn't always do the Christmas celebration Christmas Day, but this year it was the only day we all could do it, so we did have the challenge of celebrating twice in one day.  And you know what?  We had a GREAT day with twice the celebration!  I feel blessed to have two great families that are understanding and like each other.  I know that many people don't have that luxury!

We started the morning at my parents' house with my Mom, Dad, and brother.  We meant to get up and go right over in our pj's, but when we woke up at my house, it was NINE O'CLOCK.  Please don't ask me how both our boys slept that late (or how we did), but we did.  So we got a little later start, but Rob, Tex, Saw, Linc and I packed up our gifts and drove to my parents where we had my mom's sausage and egg casserole (delicious!) and my homemade cinnamon rolls (if you use THIS recipe, double the butter cinnamon filling part--you'll thank me, but your arteries won't)  and, of course, lots of coffee.  Some with Kahlua.  I loved our low-key time with my fam and the boys.  There were so many presents that I think we actually saved HALF of the things we got for Linc and Saw just because they already had enough!  So now we can spread gifts out over the year.

We went home for naps, and while Rob slept with the boys, I got it in my head to roller skate over to Rob's parents' house.  It was cold and windy and I knew not the best idea, but sometimes I get these crazy ideas and just have to follow through.  I survived, and am still sore after the 10.3 miles it took to get there.  Maybe that worked off some of the mashed potatoes and chocolate I ate?

At Rob's parents, we are getting dangerously close to having the kids outnumber adults, making a mutiny entirely possible.  It was loud, wild, and wonderful.  We had a sit-down dinner and then our gift exchange, which comes each year with a pot of cash and a lot of really cool gifts.  I took fewere photos, but I will blame the chaos of 14 children and 15 adults in one house.

Overall, a fabulous day.  I had a great time and absolutely LOVED having both families here for it.  So did my little boys, who now have the blessing of both sets of grandparents in one city, plus the bonus of getting to see out-of-town aunts, uncles, and cousins.  What a great family day!

Christmas Photo of the Day

This is as close to snow as we got here in Houston.  I know this is a weird choice for favorite Christmas photo, but I love the packing peanuts in the air and the smiles on the faces, even if no one is looking.  

The Goofy Faces of Christmas

Christmas usually comes with pretty photos and classic family shots. But those are boring. Here I have showcased some of the less posed but more fun photos from Christmas Day.

Texas Sky 365, Day 23

This is from the day after Christmas.  A nice sunset near my parents' house.
Facing west, 6ish pm.

Texas Sky 365, Day 22

Here is my Christmas Day photo.  Okay, actually two.  The first is a camera shot on the way home from my parents' house and our morning celebration.  The second, smaller one is from my 10.3 mile skate from my house to Rob's parents' house for the evening celebration.
Facing South, 1pm.
Facing South, 4:25pm.



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