Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolute This

On a lovely outdoor skate yesterday (to a bar, no less) with my teammate Beverly Kills, we started talking resolutions and I had to face the fact that I kind of hate and love them.   Here's a little breakdown of what I mean.

-Everyone's doing it and I hate doing what everyone's doing
-Setting such high expectations can lead to failure and then wallowing in it, leaving you worse off than before
-I like to change my mind and resolutions make me feel trapped

-Starting fresh
-Having something to work towards
-Feeling accomplished
-Finally making myself do things I needed to do for months
-Getting over that Christmas holiday hump of overindulging in EVERYTHING

I think what it boils down to is that at New Years, I feel like people go way overboard with resolutions and put so much pressure on themselves, setting goals that may be too expansive and too intimidating and too out of reach.  Thinking about a whole YEAR is pretty intense, even if you are being specific, measurable, and realistic (a few wise criteria from Rob's Dad) with your goals.

I like fresh starts, whether that's the start of a day, week, month, or year.  I also love being flexible, which does NOT translate to letting myself off the hook.  More like allowing the freedom to shift and change, add and take away things as I accomplish them or the need arises.   Here are some of the things that I know I want to work on this week, month, and year:

-taking down Christmas decor
-cleaning and reclaiming my house from the two weeks of being a hotel
-organizing the house and hanging things in the Man Room and Saw's room
-losing the rest of this dang baby weight FINALLY
-learning to make more things at home:  shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion, bread, pasta
-start writing again on a weekly or daily basis
-start painting again on a weekly or monthly basis
-memorize verses with Sawyer
-be totally on top of our grocery (and other) budget
-become totally awesome as a blocker three and jammer for derby
-be better about meal planning and taking care of Rob's food needs
-have family sit-down dinners at least once a week (I know to some of you this is small, but for me it's HUGE)
-waste less time online

That's an intimidating list right there, isn't it?  There are a lot of things I want to work on, but leaving many of them open-ended leaves room for me to accomplish them on my time and without feeling like a total failure.  The first few are ones that I plan to do this week or today or this month.  Many of them are kind of full-year goals and aren't so measurable (like becoming awesome at two positions in derby) but having them in mind helps me to move towards them, and I will feel accomplished seeing improvement.

Are YOU into New Year's resolutions?  What's your best way of planning them to make sure you accomplish your goals?

****Thanks to Jenna for pointing out that "taking care of Rob's food needs" is a little ambiguous.  I have a hard time buying stuff Rob likes or making him lunches because his schedule is weird and always changing, so I kind of gave up.  I want to be wifely and make him sandwiches again.


  1. RE: -learning to make more things at home: shampoo, laundry detergent, lotion, bread, pasta

    I've recently started to make my own shampoo (baking soda) and conditioner (apple cider vinegar), bread and lotion (coconut oil).

    Been doing this since July and have documented it on my blog! Enjoy.

  2. I can't ever remember a time when I ever set a resolution for myself during the New Year. I couldn't even tell you why - I think the best explanation is ambivalence.

    However, that doesn't stop me from going full-tilt during Lent. Maybe that's the key: setting a resolution for 40 days that will hopefully keep going after Lent's up, rather than setting up an entire year of resolutions to keep.

  3. How are you not already totally awesome at those derby positions? You just happen to be one of the more talented recruits I've seen over the past couple of years. I think you need to reword that one too. :)


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