Monday, November 21, 2011

Linc These Days

Lincoln is doing that thing where he grows up way too fast.

I have mentioned that people keep asking if the boys are twins.  Linc is almost as tall as Saw, but if you spend a few minutes with them, you can tell there is a marked age gap.  It's closing, as time tends to do for gaps.  Lincoln talks more now, but it's Lincolnspeak: very little of it's clear, unless you are around him enough and then you GET IT.  His favorite things to say are: uh huh (yes), mine, bye-bye Daddy, hi birdies, Sawyer (which sounds like La-ya), baby (no, we're not having one!), peas please, more please, I wanna.  He is a talker.  Babbling if he can't find the words.  Screaming if he's in the mood.  Telling knock knock jokes, which sound like this:  "NA-na.  Ah ha ha ha!"

He is still sleeping really well and taking great naps.  Yay!  For whatever reason, he has never thought about climbing out of his crib.  This astounds me. I know he could.  Sawyer figured this out when he was like a year old, maybe?  I'll have to look back at my blog to know for sure.  I'm not sad about this!  He wakes us up in the morning by banging on his wall.  I find this endearing.  Rob says we should move the crib to another wall.

He loves to sit and play with toys like a big boy, and since Colorado, really wants someone to sit with him.  I don't know if this is a phase brought on by separation anxiety (though he really just seemed to have a blast without us) or something else, but he keeps dragging me around the house and screaming if I don't come with him because I'm making breakfast or something.  We are teaching him not to scream if he wants something, but to ask please.  He's pretty teachable and will generally stop crying and do that.

Cleaning or helping is a favorite thing of his.  He'll throw things in the trash for me, put dirty laundry in the dirty clothes pile, or generally pick up or bring whatever I ask him.  He's still great with sharing if you ask, but if Sawyer just tries to take something from him, he'll pitch a fit.  Use the word "share" and he gives in immediately.  I like this pliability.

His personality is coming out more and more and he is very sunny. Hilarious and goofy. He dances with wild abandon, loves to laugh and jump around. He and Saw wrestle and chase each other and have a grand old time.  Most of the love goes one way: from Lincoln to Sawyer, but Sawyer said recently that he'll love Lincoln more when he grows up.

We are loving our not-so-little guy and enjoying the light he brings to a room.  20 months and counting!

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