Monday, November 28, 2011

Mom Immunity

For the past three days, Sawyer has been coughing at close range into my face with his coughing, fevery germs.  He picked up some kind of bug for Thanksgiving--yay!  Today he finally emerged from his TV-coma on the chaise to play with some toys and run around outside.  (He actually helped me hang lights on our trees!)  I am hoping for a fever and cough-free morning tomorrow because Mommy NEEDS him to go to school.  If I ever want to finish this novel, that is.

Here's the thing: I am amazed at my immunity.  (As a result of this blog post, I will immediately and violently become ill.) Sawyer sleeps better with us than in his room when he's sick.  Or maybe we sleep better?  In any case, he wakes up like every hour when he's sick and if he's in our bed I can just shush him or hand him water or give him more medicine and not have to drag myself to his room.  It's not great sleep either way.  And he is coughing germs directly into my face at two-inch range all night long.

I am still feeling well, as of this moment.  Until this post goes up and then I become sick from the sheer audacity to mention NOT getting sick.  

Parents (and teachers):  do you feel being exposed to all the germs makes you less or more sick??

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