Monday, February 28, 2011

Can I Get a New Job?

I am coming to the end (I hope) of a really long and hard period with the boys.  They've both been pretty sick off and on for the past two weeks which has meant Sawyer missing three out of four days of school, fewer gym times, and just being quarantined to home.  It's also meant pitiful, sick, needy boys and trips to the pediatrician.  Which means super long waits. 

Sawyer is back to normal and Lincoln ate a normal amount for breakfast today--first time in a week.  We are on the mend!  But in the midst of this and despite all the help from Rob and my family, I have really been challenged.  In addition to the sickness and all that comes with it, Sawyer has been going through a rebellious period with his attitude.  We're pretty much back to where we were a year ago: screaming, fighting trantrums and shouting "no! I don't want to!" to about anything I say.  When he ISN'T doing that, he's been fabulous, and the tantrums aren't as bad as they were last year, but they are pretty terrible and require constant management--you just can't let that kind of stuff go.  Unless you want a grown up kid who acts that same way: MY way or else.

I'm just tired.  I've said this before, but there are times where motherhood is a joy.  It's always a challenge and a growing experience, but I really and truly enoy it most days.  Then there are the times like these past few weeks where I think I'd like to go back to work.  This stay-at-home mom thing is for the birds.  Or for better moms.

There is something so all-consuming about motherhood.  You LOVE your kids.  You want to spend time with them and to teach them and play with them and watch them grow.  At the same time, there is such a challenge to being a parent and especially a mom who stays home with the kids. 

The sun is shining today.  My boys are feeling better and I can get to the gym and go out or do whatever because they are better.  I am also tired and still feeling the effects of two weeks of intense, challenging, HARD motherhood.  I do want to stay home.  But I think there will always be periods where I question whether or not I'm up for the challenge of this staying at home, full-time thing.

Lynn Update

Just to let everyone know, we will be finding out (hopefully) some answers tomorrow from the biopsy and tests last week.  Buck and Lynn will be meeting with the doctors in the afternoon to go over the results and let her know if they have anything conclusive yet.  She is still feeling great.  I'm continuing to pray for healing, or answers, or healing through treatment or some combination.  I'm also praying just for something CONCLUSIVE so they can stop poking her with needles.  I'll update you when I have some news and thanks for those of you praying along with us!

Technical Difficulties

I guess I'm the common factor in everything I own breaking.  But I swear I've been treating my things right!  Can I blame poltergeists?

First it was my daily use camera.  Dead.  Inexplicably.  I'm not sure why, but it just worked and then...didn't.  Good thing I just bought a super nice camera, even though I didn't plan on using it for all the daily little things.  I also have been using Rob's work camera for those things when he's home and has it.  So, I'm sad, but we're covered.

My phone also has issues.  For no reason, it "thinks" randomly for long periods and the cursor just spins and it won't let me do anything like, you know, make calls.  Frustrating.  We have an old iPhone that I'll probably get activated to use instead. 

Now I'm in trouble.  My computer died.  I am not sure if it's just the power cord, and it's hard to tell as this is a used 2005 Mac that we bought, so finding a power cord to test if it's just the cord is difficult.  The company has not contacted me regarding the cord I bought from them 6 months ago.  I'm not paying for another cord just to find out that my computer is broken.  And in any case, whether they fix it or replace it or neither, I will be waiting at least a week or something with shipping to find out if the cord or the computer is the issue.

I'm so tired of things breaking that we can't pay to replace!  But they're not NEEDS, so it's not something I can really complain about.  We have food and shelter and happy, healthy kids and so many other things that do work and that we don't need.  We're super spoiled, really.  It's still hard when things you use all the time break.  So unless Rob is home with his computer, be ready for very few blog posts. 

I'll miss you, world.

Sawyer On: A Dead Grasshopper

S: Look, Mommy!
Me: Sawyer, that's a dead grasshopper.
S: It's not! It's not dead!
Me: Yes. It's dead.
S: He's not! He's great!

Katy Rodeo

For Lynn's birthday, some of the family and kiddos got together and went to the Katy Rodeo. Everyone had a blast as you can tell from these photos! I didn't get to go, but seeing the photos got me excited for the Houston Rodeo!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Disaster(s)

Which disaster to choose?  There are so many.

1.  My phone is "thinking" so I can't really use it.

2.  My computer power cord--the one I just paid for like six months ago--died and so I can't use my computer, making my outing to work on my computer pretty useless.  Plus I can't afford another power cord.  So get excited for even less blogging than you've had lately.

3.  Linc has been fussy, fussy, fussy.  I guess the antibiotics haven't kicked in yet and it's hard.  I feel sad for him, but it's also very challenging to deal with for a number of hours in a row.  Sawyer is feeling better but on a streak of really having a horrible attitude towards life and particularly me.  Challenges all around!

4.  This one is probably the biggest, and really more of an almost disaster:  Today during nap-time, Sawyer didn't sleep and managed to get the door open, get out of our house, and played outside by himself for who knows how long.  Including getting into our VW Thing convertible that's parked behind our house.  I only know this because the hazard lights were on.  Where was I? you ask.  I was asleep with Lincoln.  This was all after the boys fell asleep in the car on the way home from the zoo and then fought like crazy to NOT nap.  I thought Saw was asleep, went in to put Linc to sleep, came out after Linc wouldn't go to sleep to find Saw naked in the floor.  This was because he went poo (thankfully in the toilet) and then wanted to play. 

It's been a DAY.  And a WEEK.  But don't misread my tone.  I'm tired but finding humor and joy in the fact that we're all alive still.  And I can be thankful that there was no poop in the floor, only the toilet.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daily Disaster

I cut my finger open opening a bottle of pedialyte for my sick Sawyer.  That stupid safety foil...

We Are Like This

This one has an ear-infection fever. 

The other one has a stomach bug.
I have washed every sheet and blanket in our house (and the cover to that chair) because they have all been thrown up on.  We're waiting to see if he's okay with fluids, but he's throwing up even water right now.  Got pedialyte on standby for when he wakes up.  And poor Linc just wants to be held and sleep.  My household is like a quarantine right now.  My tummy is feeling rumbly, so hopefully tomorrow we won't wake up for more of the same.

Daily Disaster

Oh, and add to the below list that I have fleas.  Not my dog.  Me.

There is a much longer story here, but I'm tired.  Short story:  fleas and mosquitos love me.  I apparently picked up a flea or fleas from someone else's pet and while in my clothes, they had a wild rave.  I am itching like a mad woman.  This is the second time in a few weeks that I've had an outbreak, both times after spending a long-ish time in someone else's home with a pet.

And, I know what you are thinking.  No, it's not:

-that my dog just has fleas.  This would be simpler. I keep checking him.  He's perfect.  Not a flea to be found.  I wish that were all. I could bath him, give him a pill, and vacuum like mad to end this.
-that we have bed bugs.  I have considered and read about this.  Nope.
-that I am crazy.  I would post a picture of my thighs or calves, but it's just gross.

Daily Disaster(s)

If you think I haven't been having disasters, you're wrong. I have just been too busy managing them to blog about them.  In addition to my kiddos being sick, here are the things that have disastrously happened:

-I almost cut off the tip of my thumb reaching into a drawer (note: do NOT keep food processor attachments in drawers)
-we have a raccoon who hangs out on the back patio
-we caught a rat ALIVE in a trap in our attic, who then escaped outside when Rob got him down
-I killed what I think was a brown recluse in Sawyer's closet

Honestly, at the end of the week, we're just lucky to be alive. :)

In Which My Kids Tag Team Their Sickness

I was really afraid this would happen.  While Saw just had an ear infection, ear infections generally come from colds.  Ear infections=not contagious.  Colds=contagious.  Since no one else got a fever last week, I thought ear infection for Saw and was right.  But I did worry that this week, we'd get slammed.  I felt like trash Sunday and still have a cough that makes people think I'm dying.  It does, however, FEEL a lot better, though it sounds like I really might die.  Don't worry, though--I'm okay.

Lincoln, on the other hand, has been acting a bit weird the past few days: eating less, pulling at his ears, being a little crankier.  I tried to make a doctor's appointment yesterday and the phones were all tied up.  Then, in a moment of fabulous mothering, I forgot.  So today after an afternoon at Gammy and Turkey's, he woke up from nap with a fever.  Sigh.

Tomorrow, my Mom is being kind enough to take Saw to the Bible study that I will now miss for the second week in a row while I spend another probably long wait in the doctor's office.  My guess is ear infection.  Rob and his mom and I all noticed the ear pulling.  And with a cold that he caught from Saw, who then got an infection, I'm pretty sure that's what he's got.

The upside is that my crazy, wild, active boy took an hour-long snuggle nap on my chest today while I dozed and Sawyer watched Super Mario Brothers on TV.  He's sleeping well also, but that probably means I should go sleep in case he stops.  As much as I would rather have had them both sick in a week, we're doing fine and I think with a little medicine, he'll be on the mend just like Saw.  And in the meantime, I'll enjoy the snuggling.

Operation: Get Rid of Stuff

I'm trying (still) to organize and clean and de-clutter my house in the new year.  I had a great start, but clutter creeps up.  I have decided this is genetic.  Some people's homes are always spotless, with everything in place.  When I go there, I feel intensely confused.  Where are the oompa loompas?  Where are the elves?  Who is putting all the toys/dirty dishes/laundry away?  Then I realize:  it's that very normal looking person right there, whose circumstances are very much like mine.  And yet my home looks NOTHING like that home.  Ever.  Even when I really get things together, I'm still not to that together level.  But I am working! I am doing my best!  I have peace with that.  (Especially when I blame genetics.)

Today Mom came over and we went through toys.  I feel confused as to where all these toys came from.  We decided before having kids not to have lots of toys.  "Our kids will play with cardboard boxes and wooden blocks," we said.  And they do.  But we also have enough toys that we filled more than two boxes for donation, a box for trash (mostly broken things) and a box for Mom's house.  What in the world! I know lots are gifts, and that Rob and I have bought some toys, mostly used from consignment or on clearance.  It felt great to get rid of so many, especially knowing that some of the ones we are donating will be enjoyed by other kids just as they were by Saw and Lincoln.

I'm trying to figure out how to keep toys "new" but also not pile up with too many.  I know that trick of putting some away for a while, and that DOES a degree.  Saw can play with just a few things for weeks, but then when taken away, they are only interesting for a day or so.  The length of fun decreases exponentially.  So I guess I can maybe save and store some, get rid of some, and find new toys via consignment in a constant rotation?  I'm not sure.  I still don't want to buy a lot.  But I have also seen how two new guys will keep him playing happily by himself for a week.

Moms who have been moms longer or who have many more kids or little money--how do you handle this toy problem?  Both the keeping kids interested and keeping the clutter down. Discuss.

Food As Fashion

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Texas Sky 365, Day 61

The clouds today were doing something inSANE.  The pictures don't do it justice.  But check out how they are like weird little whale humps.  (Not to be confused with lady lumps.)  Down by the horizon.  See?  It's nuts.  I wish I had been able to get the whole sky in because it was really weird and great.

Prayer for Lynn

I haven't done many updates on Lynn, mostly because we still know little and I find it beyond frustrating.  In our Bible study recently we talked about how sometimes in the big things we have peace and are able to hand those over to God, knowing they are so big there's no WAY we could handle them.  Then in the small things, the ones that are more trivial and that maybe we sense somehow we could control, we really struggle to have peace because we don't hand it over to God.  That's how I have been:  I hate that she has cancer, and yet I feel secure in trusting God with how I feel and with the watching over of her.  Yet I get endlessly ticked off that things are so slow and that there are so many things that seem from my perspective to have been screwed up by the doctors.

Example:  A week or so ago, the doctors found that Lynn has healing fractures (as in: multiple) in her ribs. Despite the fact that she had x-rays galore for the past number of weeks and months, they did not identify this.  They are now healing, which explains why she WAS in so much pain and now is not.  How do you miss fractured ribs in x-rays?? Especially since that is one of the guesses she and Buck had back in the beginning when she first started going to the doctor in pain.

Anyway, I struggle with that kind of stuff, and just haven't wanted to keep writing that we know nothing, lest it's super obvious how much that ticks me off.  I guess it's pretty obvious now.  And I'm praying about that--to give over and trust in the little things too.

The doctors think they really know what is going on now, and that it's cancer of the blood or plasma.  So today they are doing a biopsy of her marrow, which I've heard is much more painful and invasive than the last biopsy she did.  So please pray with me for her, especially today, and here is what I would ask for (the first three from Buck):

-full healing from the cancer
-God to be glorified in whatever outcome
-Buck and Lynn to have the grace to get through this
-for Lynn not to have pain or discomfort today
-for these tests this week to either finally give a diagnosis and treatment plan OR show there is NO cancer
-for God to be Lord over the little and large things alike

That last one is really just for me.  But maybe you're like me--you trust God to take care of your family and be sovereign over your large struggles, but shoot the bird to that jerk cutting you off in traffic.  The good thing about praying for that is that it's already true.  God IS Lord and sovereign over the large and small.  We just need to recognize and claim that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Lately

Here are a few shots from the last couple of days with various family members.  We've had some great times with my parents and also with Buck and Lynn and cousins.
I think Sawyer was saying, "Mommy, you don't check on me."

Climbing.  At least this is MEANT to be climbed.  Even if not by a wee one.

This is the point where I stop taking pictures and start being his spotter.

Eating (his fave) in a big boy chair with cousin Ila.
Lincoln getting to know his Aunt Sandi.  Anyone passing out Pirate Booty is to be trusted.

It's Official: He's Toddling

In the past week, Lincoln has gone from the occasional walk to now walking to get places.  Today I only saw him crawl a few times.  When he wants something, he walks.  If he REALLY wants something, he walks really fast and falls.  And gets up and walks again.  Last week, if he fell, he'd crawl.  This week, he's a biped.

And the climbing!  At the playground today he climbed up every set of stairs (I think they hold a special fascination since we have none) and even the slides.  He climbs in chairs, he tries to climb our fireplace hearth, he tries to climb on tables and on the couch.  Basically everywhere.  He is a wild man.

I need to get a walking video up soon before he loses the Frankenstein.  In derby, we talk about new skaters who are stiff and can't cross over on the turns as Frankensteining.  It's totally also what babies do when they start walking.  That will be my goal for tomorrow:  Lincoln Frankensteining.

Sawyer On: The Blessing and The Bachelor

Tonight while the Bachelor was on ("No, we cannot watch Mario Brothers.  It's almost bedtime and it's MOMMY time now..."), Sawyer played with his guys in the floor until his bedtime.  He looked up during one of the meals and had this to say.

S:  Mommy?
Me:  Yes.
S:  They didn't pray.

He was very concerned about this, and it comforted me to know that in spite of our few and far between family meals, my kid knows that there should be a blessing.

Ah, Play Group.

Today we met up with most of our play group (hope you feel better, Natalie!!) and hung out at Hannah's house and then at the park.  Our kids had a blast and it sure was nice to get out after being quarantined last week...
Lincoln loved this motorized riding 4-wheeler almost as much as Saw.  Except he couldn't steer.

Riding a 4-wheeler with a Barbie.  You know--like any other day.

These things always remind me of Spiderman.

Linc scaling the slide.  He could climb up every slide and then always tried to go down head first.

My cute little guy looking so big!

The best we could do for a group shot. 

Rock climbing is intense.

And here you see Linc powering this little 4-wheeler by himself.  Classic.

Photo of the Day

Not even a lollipop could keep him awake in the car...

Texas Sky 365, Day 60

Facing east, 12pm.

Texas Sky 365, Day 59

Yesterday's sky!
Facing north, 3:30pm.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Katy Birth Center!

Here is a great article about the new Katy Birth Center started by my midwife and it's first birth--my friend Beth's baby Henry!  Click HERE to read.

Small Successes

I should throw myself a party--I ran for 25 minutes straight today!  And did not die!

I don't think I've run that long since college and am really proud of myself.  I hate running.  Every fiber of my being detests it, and my inner self yells at me while doing it:  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? STOP NOW!  I MEAN IT!  STOP WITH THE RUNNING!

I love how I feel after, but I really do have to convince myself with every passing minute to stay on for one more minute.  Not even E! News could distract me and shut down that voice in my head telling me to stop. I made an iPod playlist (which I'll share later) that really helped.  25 minutes is not that many songs, so I'd tell myself just to run through the next song...and the next.

I'm not sure that I have a goal in running, but I'm just happy to know that I can run that long.  Slowly, but that's okay.  As I said:  small successes.

Texas Sky, Day 58

Here is yesterday's photo!  I'm catching up...
Facing south, 11am.

Lincoln Goes Wild

Lincoln is evolving into a real boy.  And by that I mean he is climbing all over everything, falling off and getting back up to do it again, and running all around everywhere.  He is wild.  He is rough.  He is tough.  He is so different than the boy I imagined he'd be a few months ago when he was just content to hang out.  That boy got swallowed by the wild child.  Soon I should have a video, but here are a few photos of him walking around.
Feats of strength:  Linc likes to rearrange the furniture.

A little Frankenstein.

Look who's on the table.
And trying to escape.

Texas Sky 365, Day 57

Here is my shot from Wednesday!
Facing west, 6:45pm. 

My Not-So Finer Moments

This has been a rough week.  Can you tell?  Because I haven't been here.  That's always a good indication that I don't have a spare moment to myself.  Thanks to yesterday, we now know that the strange coming-and-going fever plus cough is due to a double ear infection for Saw.  It's been so long since he's had one that I forgot he doesn't show any of the normal symptoms:  no pulling at the ears, no talking about ear pain.  Just a fever and acting abnormal.  I started to wonder when no one else in the family caught it, especially after Lincoln is constantly finding Sawyer's sippy cups and drinking after him.  I would truthfully always prefer an ear infection simply because they heal quickly once on an antibiotic and no one else gets it.

Still--one small sick kid goes a loooong way.

He didn't even feel so bad and had moments without fever of wanting to go to playgrounds and running around like normal.  (Which is why we didn't hit the doctor earlier--I kept thinking he got better.)  But the majority of the time, he was lethargic, mopey, and NEEEEEDY.  Add in a wild almost-year-old who constantly is finding his way on top of tables and Mommy is in high gear just to keep up.  Saw didn't go to school either day, so I didn't get my normal breaks there.  Plus no Wednesday Bible study and no gym time.  My parents helped a lot, which kept me sane, and I had derby at night, which was a great way to expend some energy.

My low point was probably Wednesday, when I actually put on earphones, turned my iPod up intensely loud and ignored anything either of my kids said to me for about an hour.  Yeah, it was kinda bad.  I was there and I was with them, but I was not THERE or WITH them.  I'm not super proud of this and it's not something I plan to do often, but it was a moment of survival in the midst of a challenging and high-maintenance week.

I am tired.  I feel for my kids when they are sick and not themselves, but after a few days, it's also hard to  deal from a selfish perspective.  Things are a little better now that Saw is on the mend and I was able to catch up on my 4-hour night of sleep with a huge nap.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad for watching Lincoln so I could do it!)  Rob has the boys on a walk right now and I'm planning to have a few quiet moments of Bible reading before hitting the gym later.

Parenting is always a challenge and overall a joy.  No matter what else it does, it confronts you with the most small and selfish parts of yourself.  Hopefully, through time (and prayer), my small parts will become (for lack of a better word) smaller and smaller.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Night/Day/Week in Numbers

Number of...

Beds thrown up in last night: 2
Unbalanced washing machines filled with sheets: 1
Kids with fevers: 1
Days of school missed: 2
Gym days missed: 3
Bible studies missed: 1
Hours of sleep (for me) last night: 4
Noises I hear in the attic: lots
Cups of coffee I plan to drink today: 50
Bruises incurred from derby: >3
Baths taken before 6am: 1
Rooms that stink like puke: 1

Yawn.  It's been quite a Week.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sawyer On: Cultural Diversity in Cuisine

S:  Mommy? I want lunch.
Me:  What would you like for lunch?
S: Chinese food.

Caption This

"Yes, I'll hold for the President."

Mr. Pitiful

We have had a sick boy since Saturday.  I keep thinking that his fever is going away--well, it DOES--but then it comes back. He hasn't been terribly sick, just  a fever and kind of pitiful.  He'll cry and say, "Mommy, I'm sick and I'm SAD."  My poor, sweet boy.  Somehow we've all avoided it (knock on wood) though he's coughing in all our face and Lincoln drank one of his sippy cups he found on the floor.  We're getting a little stir crazy around here, but his fever is down right now so hopefully it's down for good and we can get out.  It's definitely been a few high maintenance days around here, but it for sure could be worse, so I am not complaining!  I told Sawyer last night that I was thankful for his sickness not because I wanted him to be sick, but because we got to snuggle more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Disaster

I'm going to start a new feature called "Daily Disaster," since I seem to have some kind of catastrophe on a small scale almost daily.  I really don't think of them as disasters--they just make me laugh.  Whether it's a kitchen fire, an exploding 2-liter of soda, or something having to do with poop.  Here is my first installment, a Valentines edition.
There she blows!  Valentines Day dinner disaster. Thankfully none of this was part of the dinner.  It was just part of the mess we had to clean to eat dinner. 
"Really, Kiki?"
 To get to the fondue pot and accessories in the cabinets high above the fridge, I had to move everything on top of the fridge forward a bit.  I forgot to move it back, and the next time Rob opened the fridge, everything up there fell in the floor.  And on Rob.  Whoops.   It did NOT ruin our very lovely at-home dinner, but made a giant mess that I'm still trying to get up.  I have sugar granules stuck to the bottoms of my feet.  Still.

But the fondue?  Killer. goodness...

It definitely wasn't the prettiest meal, and we kind of ate standing up, but when it's a meal consisting of fried calamari and fondue, you have to grab it while it's hot.  I also learned that making calamari at home means your house smells like a fish market the next morning, even if you took out the trash.
I loved our dinner.  Very low-key, very fun.  And Rob even enjoyed my Crooners playlist (he usually hates my music) and we did some really awkward dancing to Otis and Harry Connick and Glenn Miller. It was fabulous.  The last time we went to the Melting Pot, we felt that the experience and amount of food did NOT live up to the price, though we had always enjoyed a romantic date there.  Luckily I pay attention when they are making their swiss fondue (our fave) and so I made my own at home.  I left out a few things, like the cherry brandy and the lemon juice, but I honestly think (and Rob agrees) that what we ate last night trumped the Melting Pot.  Here is the recipe!  You can do it on the stovetop if you have no fondue put, but you may want to try a double broiler so as not to burn the cheese.

Kiki's Melting Pot Swiss Fondue
1 block normal swiss (I used store brand)
1 block Gruyere or other fancier swiss (I got a cheap, fancy swiss from Phoenicia Imports)
2-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 c white wine (I used pinot grigio)
Nutmeg, salt, and pepper to taste (I was generous, and used freshly ground salt and pepper)

(Optional Melting Pot adds:  squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a bit of cherry brandy)

Add all to the pot and let it melt, stirring to keep from burning.  My biggest issue is consistency and keeping the heat even on the fondue pot, where the stove might be better.  My wine separated a bit from the cheese when it started cooling, but the sterno made the heat too high if we left it on.  Dip whatever you want in it:  we like pumpernickel and french bread and granny smith apples.  Enjoy!

iPod Playlists I Need to Make

I love my iPod.  I love playlists.  And I need some new ones that I am going to try and make today.  For my iPod, all playlists must have a fun name.

Rise and Shine (a morning mix)
Speed Racer (for driving on I-10. Just kidding! for running)
Let's Get (Dinner) On (a dinner-making mix)
Down and Derby (a mix for skating)

What's on your iPod?

Governor's Cup 2011

I still feel like I'm recovering from this amazing weekend of derby.  Which is probably bad, since I just looked at the clock and it's after midnight.  Yikes!  I wanted to post a few photos and talk a little bit about this weekend.

Governor's Cup is a WFTDA-sanctioned tournament that featured seven leagues--six from Texas and one from New Orleans.  It was two days of insane derby action that ended in a win by the Texecutioners from Austin.  Houston came in second place after some hard-fought games.  I got the privilege of calling our lineups, which is probably the closest I'll ever come to being a part of our travel team.  And I am SO proud to be a part of our league, and to have been able to be a part of the team in that way.  Houston co-hosted the tournament with Beaumont's Spindletop Rollergirls, and I feel that in everything from the small details behind-the-scenes to the hard work on the track, Houston gave a classy, professional, amazing showing.  I love that our league strives to be a nationally ranked team, but can also have fun.

In fact, that's one of the things I love about derby in general.  It IS a serious sport, and yet there is so much fun to be had, from the names to the details in the uniforms to the personal way that skaters interact with fans.  It truly is a unique sport.  I know I'm always saying this, but if you haven't been to a bout, PLEASE find the nearest league to you and get to a game!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend.
One of the Dallas Derby Devils goes down hard.
Brand-aid warming up before a game...

so she can fly through the pack!

Mistilla taking a hard hit from a Texecutioner.

Beverly Kills hoping to fly through this pack of black.

Impromptu timeout dancing by Beverly Kills.

And Austin's Belle  Starr.

Kills wins in flexibility!

Mistilla tha Killah closed down three of the bouts as lead jammer.  Too bad we weren't close enough to go for the win against TXRG.  It was a great bout, though!

Me with the ever-important clipboard. Bench coach extraordinaire Chicken keeps an eye on the helmet covers.



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