Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh, and Also This.

Krogers in Houston will stop doubling and tripling coupons in the next two weeks.  You can hit up Katy Couponers for more info.  I am betting this is the start of a nationwide thing, and probably will not just be Kroger.  Keep those eyes and ears peeled and hit up Kroger with those 35 cent coupons while they still equal a $1.05!

Update on Me, Or, Blogging Hiatus

If you've been reading lately, you may have noticed a recurring phrase:  hard time.  I have been having a hard time for a few months now with everything.  I feel overwhelmed, constantly behind.  I feel like I'm failing at most things I'm trying to do, from keeping house to being a parent to being a good friend to a good wife to just acomplishing things I just kind of want to do for me.  I keep thinking there is an end in sight, and then another wave of toughness crashes over me and I'm still down there.

I am learning lots about contentment with what God gives you, and also about relying on Him.  I'm learning how much of a sinner I am, and how great He is.  I'm learning that I can't be proud and think that I can push through with my best effort and make it through life.  I need the people he has put in my life (so thanks so much to those of you who have been helping me and supporting me lately!) and I need HIM. 

With that in mind, tonight is probably the last time I'll blog for a bit.  I am a blog addict, so I don't know that I can stay gone long, but I need to give myself a mental break from as many things as possible right now, and this is one of them.  I'm taking a relaxing kid-free weekend with my great friend Jenna this weekend in Austin and it could NOT come at a better time.  So look forward to lots of photos maybe next week sometime, and maybe I'll even get a weigh in from Rob about what it's like to be a stay-at-home dad for a weekend.

Thanks for reading and for being here.  I will come back because I like blogging, but why I really like blogging is because I know YOU are out there reading.  :)  

New Giveaway!

I am hosting a giveaway over at my Review Blog:  six copies of What to Expect When You're Expecting!  Run over there to check it out and enter in one of several super easy ways.  All you pregos out there (or wannabe pregos), go leave a comment and win a book, okay?  Okay.

Also, you can check out their site HERE for free resources.

Lynn Update

I just got off the phone with a way-too-chipper Lynn who is headed home from the hospital after Day 1 of Round 1 of chemo.  She said that she feels no different yet and that the worst part was just before starting when she saw just how many bags of stuff they were about to put in her via IV.  She and Buck prayed and she said that she felt God really sustaining her.  A friend dropped in for company, so she said it wasn't a bad day--just long.

If you want more details, check for the link at the top of this column to her Caring Bridge site where you can read Buck's thoughts and observations about how things are going.  Please keep them in your prayers if you are a praying person.  Thank you!

Photo(s) of the Day

Here are some lovely photos from today of my crazy, wild, fun boys.
Orange smile. 

Sweet face. :)

Lincoln is starting to have a little hammy face.

Speaking of face: here is his version of The Face. 

This is the face after trying couscous. 

Shy, happy smile.  And EYELASHES.  Those come from Rob. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lincoln's First Word?

Lincoln has been really loud for a while.  Lots of sounds (and screaming if he doesn't get his way) all the time.  I've been waiting (hoping?) for a word.  I do think he says "hi," and only because he waves while he says it.  But it's such a nondescript word that it's hard to say if it's real.  Today he apparently said something more.

My dad has been working with him on "nose."  Like, where is your nose?  Where is my nose?  Today my lovely parents watched the boys so I could have a break since Rob has been gone.  When I got back, my Dad said that Lincoln spoke.  Twice.

When my Dad was holding him and asked, "Where is my nose?' he said Lincoln said, "Right there."  Which is a little insane.  So he asked him again, "Where is my nose?" and Linc said, "There."

I tried this like 50 times when I got back and it didn't work.  Boo!  Lincoln was more interested in dinner, bottle, bed.  We'll see if we hear more from him in the coming days, but for sure he is branching out as a person.  If the back door opens, he's up the street before I can even catch him.  He climbs on top of anything.  When I drop him off at the gym, the kids' club workers (whom Sawyer calls teachers) are like, "Okay, better get ready."  Apparently, he's everywhere.   So I am guessing that in short time, if Lincoln has speech, I'll be hearing it too.  Unless it's secret-speak for Turkey.

Sawyer On: So Un-Pretty

While on a walk today.

Me:  Look at the pretty flowers!
S: They're not pretty.
Me:  Yes, they are.  Look!
S:  The flowers are pretty.  I am pretty.
Me:  Yes, you are.
S:  Ants aren't pretty.
Me:  No, they're not. What about me? Am I pretty?
S:  Yes, you're pretty.
Me:  Thank you.
S:  The squirrel is not pretty.
Me: What about Lincoln?
S:  Lincoln is not pretty.
Me:  What about Daddy?
S:  Daddy is not pretty.  Tex is pretty.

All the Small Things

The last two months or so have been one long challenge.  I keep thinking we're moving to the other side, but it seems to be a season full of challenges.  And yet, as I often say, every day is filled with moments of joy, moments I want to remember.


-The way that Linc, as he's getting tired, likes to run his hand lightly over my arm until he falls asleep.

-How Sawyer, when especially excited or happy, smiles with his lips tightly sealed, as though trying to hold it in.

-The sound of laughter from all three boys when Rob plays with Sawyer and Lincoln.

-Sawyer telling me today just before his nap that I am beautiful.

-The look of joy on Linoln's face when he sees someone he loves and how he reaches up to be held.

I've heard from many women that this stage of parenting is one of the hardest--when kids are so young and so needy.  There are many challenging moments and sometimes the rewards seem few.  Still, I don't have to look hard to see greatness in the small things.  And it's the small things I never want to forget.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bluebonnets: FAIL

Today we took bluebonnet pictures. My derby friend Shank and I met up with our kids and Saw's cousins and uncles and aunt and Mimi and we romped and maybe ate a few blue bonnets and didn't get run over by bikers (mostly).  That's about all I can say. It was hot and my kids sat still for like five seconds and the kites didn't fly. It was really fun, though, and Lincoln crawled through a culvert. But no one died, and I have these pictures to prove it!
Shank and Beatrice getting a kite up for a few seconds.
I love this one.
Linc in the bluebonnets.  This is after he ate one.
Can you spot the kid here?
Trying to escape the bluebonnets is like trying to escape Alcatraz.
This is really the best photo of the two of them. They are at least looking at the camera?

No one's looking, but this one is sweeter.

Saw decided he had enough.

Shank and her kids, who also had enough. 

Time to go home when the kids are climbing the walls. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Last and the First

I've started a few new routines as I end and start my days.  As I'm just now ending mine (and a little early compared to the rest of this week--yawn), I thought I would share.  I hope these are both keepers.

The End:  Just before I go to bed, I make coffee.  This may be old hat to you, but I have never really been a program-coffee type of girl.  I usually never had a pot with a clock or never set it if so.  It blinked 12 all the time.  I have now set it (and re-set it after the whole springing forward fiasco) and get my pot ready to go so I wake up to the smell off coffee and the sound of children crying somewhere.  (The smell of coffee remarkably offsets the sound of crying.)  I make 8 cups, which is an insane amount since it's just me, but often I will drink whatever's still left in the pot later in the day.  Because I'm awesome like that.   I cannot tell you how wonderful it is not to try and make coffee first thing in the morning when you have ankle-huggers wanting milk/sausage/a movie/to play outside/Mommy.  The only downside?  When I press START instead of PROGRAM at midnight. Doh.

The Beginning:  The last thing I do after making coffee sets me up for my new first thing.  I close my computer.  And then I put my Bible on top of it.   My natural tendency is to sit down with that first cup of coffee and check my email, delete the junk, see what's happening on Facebook, maybe crank out a blog post.  But I have lost the art of time with the Lord.  I can no longer refer to this as Quiet Time, since this is almost never quiet any more, but in the midst of the chaos, I will read the Bible.  This morning, Linc was in the high chair, so I was throwing Pirate Booty at him, and Sawyer was at my table so I was shredding cheese for him while reading Deuteronomy 6 out loud.  It was chaotic.  It was lovely.  It's a far cry from what my time with God used to look like, pre-marriage, pre-kids.  Maybe I'll write more on that later.  But for now, I'm loving my new routines.

Any great morning or night routines going on around your casa?  Do share.  I love the sharing.  Your things you hear around the house really cracked me up this week, so thanks!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sawyer On: Being an Early Twi-Hard

My mom, who has a Masters in Biology has discovered that Sawyer loves reading this book on insects and creepy crawly creatures.  Sawyer can now identify a tsetse fly, which kind of frightens me.  He also learned that there are different types of cockroaches ("They make Mommy scream") and that bats might eat bugs, fruit, or blood.  This conversation took place after reading the book.  The "G" is for Gammy.  "M" is for Me.   And "C" is for cookie.

G:  Sawyer, what kind of animal would you like to be?
S:  Mmm.  A bat.
M:  What kind of bat?
S:  The bloodsucker.
G:  What?

He proceeded to try and suck blood from my mom's leg.  I won't worry too much.  Yet.  When he requests Twilight from the Red Box, THEN I'll worry.

Weird Things Moms Say

Yesterday, I noticed that I am saying things daily that are random, if not utterly bizarre.  Here are a few things I have said in the past few days.

"Why are you licking me?"

"Don't kill your brother."

"Please do NOT put your finger in your bottom."

"Stop licking my foot.  Please."

"Why do you keep eating dog food?"

"Did you just wipe your NOSE on him?  Do NOT wipe your nose on people."  (Sawyer's response: "Can I wipe some more on Lincoln?")

"Bath water is not for drinking."

"I swear if you do that again..."

I say a lot of other things, but these are the things that, while they are coming out of my mouth, I think:  really?  REALLY?

Parents (and also, I bet, teachers):  want to add your weird statements in the comments?  Please add them.  Don't make me come over there.

Photo of the Day

Weird Sleepers

Sleeping is weird around here.  I am sleeping about the same--I go to bed between midnight and 1 and get up whenever the kids do.  Rob goes to bed somewhere between 10-12 usually and gets up three mornings a week at like 5am.  Eek!  Sawyer is moving back to sleeping in his room full-time and for whatever reason, seems to want to sleep in the floor.  But he's sleeping all night there, so okay.  We'll see how long this lasts.

Lincoln has been sleeping all night for months, but tonight he woke up screaming and then didn't want to go back to sleep for my parents, or me.  I finally got him back to sleep but he was talking in his sleep and kept trying to lick my hands when I tucked him in and was rolling all over the place.  New teeth?  He's been so much better at sleeping that I forget how many things interrupt the first couple of years.  I hope this is a one-time thing, but it brought back memories of the last year and reminded me of Lincoln being younger.  He is really getting old, that boy!

In any case, I should be sleeping.  But I'm not.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can Moms Get Raises?

This is what I was thinking while cleaning up nail polish from the grout in my bathroom.  And from the inside of the toilet.  Ugh.  My whole house smells like the nail salon in a Walmart.

I actually had a really nice kind of half-Mom day.  Sawyer went to school and I asked my mom to go with me and Linc to play, which morphed into Linc spending his nap time there and me getting to go to a movie by myself (!!!!) before getting Sawyer from school.

But still, it seems like everything is somehow ten times harder when Rob goes out of town or is just not at home.  Maybe it's the mental aspect of knowing that you can't possibly get help from someone else in that crazy moment.  Or maybe that Murphy really DID make a law.  I'm not sure.  But I stink like nail polish remover, which is giving me killer sneezes, and I have a crying, clinging baby and another child who is totally naked watching TV.

So...can I get a raise?

I almost hit publish and then realized how awful this sounded left by itself.  Things like a sense of humor don't often translate over blog posts, and while things are crazier without Rob here and I DO think Moms should get some kind of special stipend (like my movie ticket, paid for by a gift card from my wonderful husband on Mother's Day), I'm enjoying my boys and my life at the moment.  I am not a fan of cleaning up nail polish, but the first thing I thought of was how to tell Rob (via text, using a quote from Arrested Development:  "It was utterly macabre") and that I had something funny to blog about.

Right now my boys are screaming and laughing and playing together and I am drinking coffee from this morning's pot and life is good.   Just messy.  

And smelly.

Daily Disaster, Part 2

I should realize when I post very early about a disaster that it leaves room for another.  When Sawyer says, "Look, Mommy, I found bubbles," I will now know that this means he has found nail polish and emptied it into our floor.  The bathroom is now gray and pink.  I'll have to be creative in working this new color scheme in...

Daily Disaster

My breakfast.  Left on high broil for just a little too long. And oh, yes--I ate it anyway.

Photo of the (Yester)Day

Lincoln likes trampolines.  And their netting.

I WOULD Have a Monkey-Child

Lincoln has turned into quite the climber.  He's been climbing on tables and chairs forever now, but recently has figured out when we go to play places that he can use the slide (or stairs or whatever) to get to the very top.  Which means a lot of Mommy or Daddy scrambling up inside of a play place to keep him safe.  Lynn described him as a little billy goat, and that's a perfect description for him!  (And better than calling him a monkey.)  I don't remember Sawyer doing this much climbing and it's definitely keeping us on our toes.
You can't see him here, but Linc is at the very top inside that bubble.  He climbed the slide and I couldn't even get up there after him.

Look closely and you can see his little face peeking out. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sawyer On: Comfort

Rob's going out of town a bunch this week and he was feeling sad about it yesterday.

S:  Is Daddy sad?
Me:  Yes.  Let's make Daddy happy.  What should we say to help Daddy be happy?
S: [singing] Jesus loves you...

This was simply PRECIOUS.  And did make Daddy happy.

Anniversary Quote

I got a taser for our anniversary. Rob says it's not for my anniversary, but I want it and it arrived near our anniversary, so there we go. Here's my favorite quote of the day.

Me: Now put that away somewhere high and DON'T TAZE THE DOG.

Finally: Lynn's Diagnosis

Buck and Lynn had another meeting with doctors today to receive the biopsy results.  In short, she has an extremely rare mixture two types of rare blood cancers, myeloma and Waldenstrom.  She will have five weeks of chemo, starting next Tuesday.  The doctors say that this is treatable, but not curable.

I feel very odd.  This hasn't really hit me yet.  Hearing about the cancer originally was really intense and difficult, especially as Lynn was feeling so poorly.  Then she went on the upswing and we were so happy to see her back.  It was easy to let life be normal.  Not that we forgot...just that there was nothing definitive and Lynn seemed to get better and not worse.  Was she healed?  Was the original diagnosis wrong?

I don't know what to expect from here out, but we will continue to pray for healing and also for the process of chemo and all that goes along with it.  If you want to read more from Buck, you can click HERE.

Eight Year Anniversary! (And a Haircut.)

Today is our eight-year anniversary.  We passed the seven-year itch and now move onto...um...I'm not sure what.  Happy bliss?  Sounds great.  I'll take a double portion.  We had dinner at Taste of Texas, which was (as always) fabulous.  That salad bar:  to die for.  And as I told Rob tonight, give me a good filet mignon, and I need NO seasonings.  If you know what a salt fiend I am, you'd understand the enormity of this statement.  We also both enjoyed lump crabmeat on top...need I say more?

Look closely and you might see my new haircut.

I mostly look the same as I did on our wedding day.  Rob?  Not so much.

Photo of the Day

Lincoln discovers the fun of trampolines.  And the mesh surrounding them.

Texas Sky 365, Day 66

This is from yesterday.  My goal is to start posting these ON the day.  We'll see how I do. :)
Facing west, 7:15pm.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Disaster(s)

These are both Rob's today, not mine.

The funny:  a broken bottle of some super cheap cologne in our bathroom.  Now the whole house smells like a 7th grade boy.

The not-so-funny:  he lost his wedding band ice sledding.  Just in time for our 8-year anniversary tomorrow.  Now neither of us have rings.  Mine are too small and we're too cheap to have them resized.  Ach.

Sawyer On: Overeating

S:  Mommy, I ate too much crackers.  My tummy hurts.
Me:  You ate too many crackers?
S:  Yeah.  Now I'm sick.
Me:  Well, crackers are good for your tummy.  They don't usually make it sick.
S:  It hurts me.  It hurts my feelings.  Mommy will you put medicine on it?
Me:  On what?
S:  On my heart.

Sawyer Sledding

Here you can see Rob and Sawyer executing a much better sled run than I did.

Ice Sledding: Houston Pastime

Ice sledding, if you're not from Houston, is an odd activity wherein you get a block of ice and use it to sled down a hill.  First you have to find a block of ice and then you have to find a hill, so those can both be challenges.  Rob did this with his youth group yesterday and I tagged along with the boys.  The funny thing is that in the past I would have been right there along with everyone, sliding down and wiping out. But until Rob asked if I was going to go, I had not even THOUGHT about the fact that I might be able to.  Even though I just wrote about being selfish, there are times where I don't think about myself, and this was one of them. Of course when Rob suggested it, I HAD to do it.  And of course when I did it, I wiped out.  Here are some photos of the event and the video of me falling off the back of the ice block.  Keep it classy, Kiki.

Linc sliding down a hill by himself. 

Checking out the ice blocks. 

Trying for a double!

Almost to the bottom.  Think they'll make it?
Nope. :)

Rob prepping some ice.
Uncle Peter helped watch the boys while I too my turn. 
Hanging out up high. 
Ice sledding was too dangerous, but Linc got to try the other Houston pastime: cardboard sledding.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sawyer On: Vanity

Immediately after using my eyebrow brush.

S:  Mommy, am I pretty?

Daily Disaster

This one's not so bad.  But when you have a limited time after church why the boys are (supposedly) napping (which, according to Rob, was another disaster), it's never good when you forget a shirt and bring one of your socks and one child's sock that does not belong to your child.

I tried to cut the sock to fit, but ended up with a too-tight, ripped up sock and went without.  As for a shirt, I was forced to wear my nice church shirt.  Which went well with the shorts I borrowed from Rob's closet...

Still got my workout in, no matter how stellar I looked.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Heart Me

This is my favorite coffee mug.  I like the Smurfs.  I like the fact that it was $1.  But what makes this my favorite is that it's a great reminder of reality.

Nothing reveals your own selfishness like having children.  You will come face-to-face with how much you love yourself on a moment-to-moment basis as a parent.  For women, this begins in pregnancy, when suddenly your body is not even your own.  Morning sickness; restrictions on things you can do, eat, or drink; the loss of your hot body.  (Or, at least, your previous body.)  Earlier this week I read a post from a girl named Mari who had to make the hard choice to leave her home, ministry, and husband in Japan because of concerns about radiation and her pregnancy.  (Click HERE if you want to read the post or see her fabulous blog, Passport Diaries.)  Pregnancy gives you that first taste of what you are getting yourself into.

I went into motherhood fully aware of the fact that it would make me sacrifice.  I knew it would be hard.  I also knew I wanted to do it.  There are joyous, hilarious, and wonderful moments in every single day.  My boys are unique and precious and I love the time I have with them.  And yet, at the very same time, I can also say there are (in almost every day) moments where I wonder if I'm cut out to be a full-time mom.  I look for relief and time away from my kids.  I find myself staying up to the wee hours of the night just for a moment alone, when I'm taking care of just me.  I often get frustrated or discouraged when my dreams have to be set aside or die altogether, whether that's staying with Lincoln this week instead of going caving (one of my favorite things to do) or not having time to work on my novel.

Life is all about seasons, some easy and some challenging.  Some both.  No matter what the situation, the key is your response to it.  The best moments are, for me, the ones where I accept and rejoice in whatever God gives me, whether that's an easy or hard situation.  The worst times are the ones where I resist.  At the moment, I find myself kicking against the goads.

I'm stealing that term from a sermon that David Dwight of Hope Church in Richmond, VA preached when I was probably in college.  He stole it from Acts 26:14 where Paul recounts God saying to him:  "It is hard for you to kick against the goads."  Goads were a sort of spike used when driving a team of oxen.  If the ox refused the command, the goad would prick its heel to move it along.  If the ox refused and kicked back, the goad would prick deeper.  The more struggle, the more pain.  The only relief came by giving up the fight.  In my life right now, I find myself running into my desires for me, me, me all the time.  Rather than being content or being grateful for the things I do have, or at least thankful that God is growing me through the challenge, right now I am struggling.  Just like with the ox kicking against the goad, the more I struggle with daily contentment, the more painful and challenging it is.

My friend Nicole Unice over at the Stubborn Servant had a post this week that was so brave and honest about the struggles of motherhood, and I'm glad I saw it before I had a chance to jot down this post.  It's entitled "The Confession No Woman Wants to Make."  Please go and read it HERE.  I think that often moms feel the pressure to be perfect, or at least to LOOK perfect to the watching world.  We need to love being moms.  We need to love our kids.  We need to love our husbands.  We need to juggle perfectly the art of keeping house or working a fabulous job while having well-behaved kids and looking great.

I'm more than aware that I'm not perfect, from the crumbs all over the just-vacuumed floor to the fact that I have forgotten to brush either of my kids' teeth today.  In fact, I think most of the time I embrace this imperfection, and lay it out here in my Daily Disasters for you all to see.  I'm a Chill Mom, see?  Poop on my pants is just something to laugh about.  Poop washes off.  It doesn't bother me.  But giving up my quiet daily moments does.  Often.

So I find myself here, kicking against the goads, realizing just how much I love myself when faced with the struggle of motherhood.  The Christian life is all about dying to self, and it's a life-long process.  Jesus said that when we cling to our lives and try to save them, we'll lose them.  And if we lose our lives for Him, we'll save them.  Such is the mystery and the gritty battle of the Christian life.

As I write this, though, I am coming to a newfound appreciation for this struggle that I've had in the recent weeks.  I DO love myself.  Way more than I can really admit and way more than I'd share here with you.  I'm not willing to give up that self-love, or motherhood would be a cinch.  But my self-love IS ugly, and I DO want to stop kicking against the goad.  And without motherhood, I would not realize all the places still left in me that are fighting to go their own way, just like a dumb ox.

It may not make my circumstances easier in this season of my life, but if I can keep coming back to an appreciation for the work God does on my heart through my children, then it's all worth it.

Great Houston Groupon Deal Today!

If you're not signed up for Groupon, sign up HERE and grab today's deal: three sessions to Pump It Up, an inflatable place for kids with five Houston locations.  You pay $10 for what would normally be $24. I'm super excited about this one, as both my boys LOVE active stuff like this.  And with Houston heat...this is going to be a great summer activity.

Maybe Not Having a DSLR Was a Good Thing...

Because you'd never have to see extreme close-up photos of slugs.

Photo of the Day

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bout Rescheduled. Insert Sad Face.

I am really disappointed that I will not be skating in my first home game of the season with Houston Roller Derby tomorrow.  There were issues with our new venue and permits, so our season opener will be April 16. For the official statement and more details on our Fan Appreciation tomorrow, click HERE to get our website.

Aaaah...I'm Back.

I am so so SO thankful to be typing on my computer.  Yay!  The funny thing is that the problem was my power jack, which means that the wires got all loose on the inside where the cable plugs it into the wall.  I bought a new cord like six months ago and it turns out that I didn't need to--the computer itself was the problem the whole time.  Too bad I threw out the old cord...doh!  In any case, I am fixed, and thankful to Impress Computers in Katy for working with me!  You can click HERE for a $25 off coupon to use through July 31. Happy to be back.  I promise to get back on track with blogging and posting the sky.  I miss the sky.

I Am Butt Lady; Hear Me Roar!

Yesterday, I had one of those moments that was hilarious, but as a parent, you know you're not supposed to find it funny.  I was standing in the kitchen when Sawyer yells, "Hey!  Butt Lady!"

I turned around and said, "Whaaat?  What did you call me?"

"Butt Lady," he said.

Now when Saw says random stuff, often I can trace it pretty accurately and guess where it's coming from.  If I'm wrong, he'll say no or just look at me and not answer.  If I'm correct, he'll agree.  I thought for a moment about this.  I have always been generously proportioned in the derrier, so what he said kind of made sense, and yet, I feel like my own kids don't really SEE their parents body at this age.  Like:  when I was vastly, vastly pregnant and would ask Sawyer about my giant belly, it was all blank stare.  I think it has to do with that whole parents not being people thing, and also his age.  So where did Butt Lady come from?

I had a guess.  "Is that...my superhero name?"


Maybe it was a little wishful thinking on my part, or maybe just a good cover-up on his.  But from here on out, my superhero name will forever be Butt Lady. Now I just need to think of a power. Maybe great hip hits?  This could help me in derby, for sure.

Falling Waters: Random Spring Shots Edition

Here are some photos I took of things outside.  It's so fun to have a camera that allows me to take these kinds of shots.  I look forward to getting better and better at using it!  I'm also linking this post into my friend MaryBeth's blog, so a roundup of spring photos!  There are definitely some spring flowers peeking through bare branches.

I got a little obsessed with the light on the rocks.  Don't ask me why.

This is a spiderweb that was along the ground, soaked in dew.  Pretty amazing!



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