Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lincoln's Baptism

Speaking of missing photos, here are a few pictures from Lincoln's baptism, which was a few weeks ago.  Rob and I agreed that we needed to have a baptism earlier next time because Linc was so wild.  He didn't resist being baptized so much, but just wanted to run around the church.
A wild, large boy.

Both kids running around the church.

Bottle was the only thing that got him still.  
Keeping it classy with the bottle during the baptism.

Sawyer was adorable grabbing Linc and making him smile.


Helping Hands

I love how much Lincoln is growing and understanding.  Today after his nap, I had a big pile of diapers to put together, so I put them in the floor and sat down in the middle.  Lincoln loves playing with fabric, and is always commandeering the dishtowels and running around the house waving them like flags.  I knew he'd love the diapers, so I asked him to hand them to me as I put them back together.  This was a game he LOVED, as well as a great way to get diapers together.  He was SO pleased with himself and really loved being a helper.  When Saw woke up, he wanted to join in and, not to be outdone, handed me diapers as well.  Putting them together has never been so easy or so fun.

Easter Photos

I have been busy and weird and forgetful.  Here are some cute photos from Easter weekend I forgot to post!

What a face!  And man, is he looking old.

Tex trying to brush his teeth with Linc's new toothbrush. 
A new book for Linc. 

My boys love to brush their teeth.

If you look closely, you'll see our first child looking sadly at the baskets.  


Sawyer checking out his basket.  Mostly for chocolate.

He got goggles!

Lynn got creative with the gum tree at her house and hung "eggs."

Uncle Peter and Rob lifted Saw to get them.  Blurry, but I love Saw's face. 

Gum is fun. 

It's all fun and games until someone drops the sheet.  Just kidding!  They put him down gently.

The 80s Make the Best Parties

No decade makes for a great party like the 80s.  There was just so much...ugly.  Rob and I went with derby friends to Shocker's birthday party.  There were pop rocks, plastic sunglasses, and a video game with Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, and Donkey Kong.  Rob and I have never looked this attractive.  Even IN the 80s.
Value Village:  these outfits were worth about $5, but really?  They were priceless.
Rob had a short shorts buddy.

Has there ever been such an attractive group of sunglasses-wearers?
Skeletor helps with video games.

Lincoln Was Here

Sometimes it's very hard to get ready when Lincoln is around.

Toilet paper is NOT for eating.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue Guy Returns

Blue Guy's legs: kicking you when you're down since 2011.
Today, I found Blue Guy's legs in the washing machine.  I guess the were in a pocket somewhere, or else they ran there.  I can't be sure.  The funny thing was Sawyer's reaction:  he just picked them up like they were any other toy, said, "Hey, it's Blue Guy's legs,"  and started playing with them.

Blue Guy's legs climbed ladders and chased the Joker and slide down slides.  It totally cracked me up.  I'll have to start taking pictures of where his legs go.

In a related note, I discovered that they sell GI Joe body parts on Ebay.  In case you want your own legs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Texas Sky 365, Day 78

Facing west, 8:07pm.

Daily Disaster

This is an ALMOST.  I woke up very early this morning to Lincoln crying and wondered why I smelled chocolate.

Then I remembered that I lit candles the night before in the boys' bathroom.  Good thing they were the long-burning kind in glass jars.

Moments Like These

Photo of the Day

Thanks, Lauren, for snagging this photo! 

We All Need a Little TP

I haven't posted any good coupon deals lately, because I'm just kind of doing the bare minimum and trying to figure out what to do now that my main store (Kroger) stopped doubling.  But there are still great deals to be had!  Check Deal Seeking Mom for this great deal on toilet paper this week and next week at Walgreens:  Cottonelle 12-packs for $2-3!

Texas Sky 365, Day 77

Facing south, 6:30pm.

Daily Disaster

This is what happens when you take a glass tabletop out of your neighbor's heavy trash toss-out, put it in the trunk of your car, and then drive UP your driveway.  It fell out of the trunk and I spent a lot of time sweeping my driveway.  NOT the best way to start your Tuesday.  More like a leftover Monday gift.


I am so thankful for my husband.  There are a variety of reasons, but this week, the to reminder comes from the fence that he built (in a day!!!) to help me allow our kids to be outside without freaking out that they'll end up in the street.

Let me explain:  we have a pool.  So our backyard is fenced, but a danger to our kids.  We have a back patio area, but the "invisible fence" idea that keeps Sawyer mostly in one area doesn't quite work with Linc.  So the moment I open the back door, Lincoln is running up the driveway.  I always wished we had a gated driveway, or at least a fenced patio.  So I begged and begged and Rob took a day off and created a fence for our little back patio area.  So now I can let the kids have fun outside, but still cook dinner and be able to see them and know they are contained.  Love!

Rob and his handiwork.  He could have been a carpenter.

Lincoln showing his favorite thing about the fence: escape.
Thanks, Rob, for all your hard work!  I am so proud of you and so very grateful.  This little thing makes my life a LOT easier.

Testing the Waters

I am thankful for today, because today was not yesterday.

It's not just about Mondays (I don't think) but Sawyer was so incredibly challenging yesterday that I was thankful both for his school today and his attitude when he was out of school.  Yesterday was the kind of day where he'd kick his toys, I'd ask him not to kick his toys, and then he'd look at me, narrow his eyes, and reach slowly out to kick his toys once more.  THAT kind of day.  From sun-up to sun-down.  It was, in a word, intense.  He's not usually like that, but every now and then he'll have a moment.  Or, a day.

Dealing with that is so tough.  Especially when it's repeated offenses, or intentional disobedience just meant for disobedience's sake.  I mean, why kick the toys again?  Why??  Rob was there for some of the day and said that Saw was just testing me.  Whatever I said, he was trying to thwart.  It's exhausting, and you have to figure out if you are going to let things slide or be firm and discipline.  I am always of the rule that the fewer rules the better (because you can really set yourself up for failure), but there are times where Sawyer simply will disobey WHATEVER few rules there are just because he's having a day.  Maybe he had a case of the Mondays?

All I know is that today was better and I am thankful for Tuesdays sometimes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RIP, Blue Guy

All that remains is one small, blue booty.
Lately, Sawyer has been attaching to different Guys.  That's what he calls his little army men and action figures.  They are Guys.  First there was Uncle Geoff, named after my brother (and which originally belonged to my brother).  He is now, according to Sawyer, lost forever.  There were a few in-between, but then there was Blue Guy.  Another toy of my brother's, Blue Guy was already mostly broken apart at the pelvis, but managed to hang on for like two months, even while being slept with (and on) and carried everywhere.

Saturday, at my derby bout, he finally shattered and I found his booty last night in the wash.  Lord knows where the rest of him is, but we may have to just bury the part we have and lay Blue Guy to rest. Thankfully, Sawyer was sad, but isn't attached to the point where he cares.  He pointed to the booty today and said, "There's blue guy.  He broke."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Texas Sky 365, Day 76

Facing west, 8:05pm.

No, Really--I HATE Pickles

Often, I get asked if I really hate pickles.  The answer is yes.  Resoundingly YES I abhor pickles.

Really it's vinegar that I hate, as cucumbers themselves are a wonderful thing.  I knew before I ever tasted a pickle that I hated them, just from the smell.  One of my strongest kindergarten memories was when we were learning about our senses and our teacher blindfolded us and gave us each something to eat.  We had to identify the food just by taste.  I knew I hated pickles and I KNEW that I was going to get the pickle.  And I did.  I managed to say, "It's a pickle," before running to the bathroom and spitting it into the toilet.

Until last night, I hadn't let another pickle grace my lips.  At the bout after party, someone ordered fried pickles.  I like fried things.  They looked like fried zucchini, which I LOVE.  There was a spicy dipping sauce.  I thought there could be a chance.  Maybe I would have to change the name of my blog to "I Used to Still Hate Pickles, But Now They're Kinda Nice and I'm Not Even Pregnant."  As the following photo documentation will show, I can keep my blog name.
Hopeful with anticipation.
Reliving my Kindergarten experience and almost puking on the table.

Still Life Photos of the Day

Before dinner tonight, I had to take these photos of asparagus. Sometimes vegetables are beautiful.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Texas sky 365, Day 75

Easter night sky edition!
Facing West, 7:45ish.

Kids Are Seasonal

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but it appears that my children (or at least Sawyer is) are seasonal.  The last two winters he slept for something insane (for him) like 12-13 hours and took 2-3 hour naps.  As soon as it got warmer and started getting lighter outside, his sleeping went back to like 9-10 hours and the naps down to an hour and a half.  It's weird.  He also has gotten ear infections about the same time last year and this year.  Lincoln seems to be a little more consistent:  he loves to sleep.  He's on a go to bed at 6pm, get up at 6:30 or 7am schedule, with one nap that's anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours.  Love it.  I guess I have to wait another year to see if he has any seasonal patterns.

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Derby

One reason I've been so slack here in the blogosphere is that I've been so insane in derby-ville.  I'm playing for my home team, the Bayou City Bosses, and also the Knockouts, our B travel team.  I had a bout with the Bosses two weeks ago, then last night I went to Beaumont to play with the Knockouts, and next weekend it's off to San Antonio for another game with the Knockouts.  Whew.

I'm loving the time and ability I have to do something so out of the box and out of the house.  Sawyer actually got to see me play last night, so it was the perfect collision of mommy-hood and my "other" life.  My night life, as it were.  So far, we lost two bouts.  Stink!  I'm sharpening my claws for this upcoming weekend, and last night I really kicked it up a notch with my jamming.  So much of derby is mental, and I took some words from the illustrious Beverly Kills and stopped being afraid and started believing in my speed and ability. When I wasn't spending time in the penalty box (DOH!) I felt more confident on the track.  It was lovely.  Here are a few photos from my recent games.
I didn't score any points as a jammer against the Sirens, but I skated fast?  Not my best game.
I love this look.  You won't catch me!
Here I am starting against The Angie Christ.  
These are a little blurrier because they are not from our HRD photographers, but from my camera, which was having issues with the lighting.  Still, blurry action is fun!

My teammates are helping make a path for me through the pack.

Trying to lap this jammer for an extra point.

You can hardly see her, but I'm taking a hit here. 
Hanging out with my fans.  I mean family. 
My second biggest fan.  (Rob is the first, of course.)

I think he was actually more excited about the toys he got at half-time.
I love this one of me jamming.  I don't have great legs, but my legs have never looked better. Thanks, derby. 
Making my way through the pack.  Though I'm pretty sure I was about to get sandwiched here. 



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