Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I've Failed This Year (So Far)

-posting daily TX sky photos
-hanging all the pictures on the walls in my house
-calling someone to figure out why we never got our kids' birth certificates
-getting the dishwasher people to come fix our recalled dishwasher so it doesn't burn my house down
-finishing at least 6 paintings
-writing that novel

I'm sure there are a few others that I've forgotten, but that's the main list so far.  I'm fairly good at forgetting to finish things. I'm great with the start...not so much with the completion.  Also not so great at calling people on the phone, hence the dishwasher and lack of birth certificates.  I'm not feeling particularly down or anything, but just realized (in a joking thread with Sunnie about her birthday and a paper I promised to write today on the pros or cons of birthdays) that I have a lot of failures.  Then again, I have lots of successes.

Things I Have Done This Year (So Far)

-started and kept alive a garden (again--so far)
-kept my kids alive and maybe even taught them stuff (maybe)
-run five miles!
-found contentment in motherhood even if I'm not getting to do other things I love
-lost 10+ pounds (and in the past year, something like 50)

Things I Have Improved This Year (So Far) 

-keeping my car clean
-keeping my house clean
-recovering (and improving upon) my derby skills
-daily prayer and reading the Bible

So, okay.  We're doing fine.  I have been growing in areas despite my failure in some.  Running five miles has been a life goal and I finally did it--that's HUGE!  Losing 50 pounds, even if it's baby weight and have more to lose (and I shouldn't have gained that much to begin with), is a LOT.  Cleaning my house and car--again, kind of momentous, especially if you knew me freshman year in college.  Really, it was BAD.  Like, almost got a fine for my room SMELLING bad. Yeah.

Just thought you'd want to know.  Any great failures, successes or improvements this year?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lynn: Second Round?

I haven't been updating about Lynn, mostly because there has not been much to update.  She finished the first round of chemo like a champ, with few symptoms other than some fatigue and insomnia--a mismatched pair.  She has been feeling great lately, not sick at all.  She and Buck enjoyed a trip to Costa Rica where they got to spend time with Sandi (their oldest child and only daughter) and her family.

Wednesday she and Buck head back to MD Anderson where they will (I believe) look to see how things are going and talk about doing a second round of chemo.  As before, we are praying for a complete healing.  I fully believe that God can do that if he chooses.  We are also praying for wisdom for the doctors and for the next steps in her treatment, if treatment is needed.  God has been really gracious in how she has felt during this ordeal, and while I'd love to believe that means he has healed her through the treatment or miraculously by his power, her upbeat spirit and lack of side effects may simply be a gift of feeling well despite the war within her cells.

Pray with us and we will post an update as we have one.

NoiseTrade? Yes, I Will.

I discovered NoiseTrade this morning.  Have you?  It's a fabulous site for musicians and appreciators of musicians where you can download music totally for free!

Don't go looking for "Single Ladies" on there--this is more alternative, independent, often grass-rootsy artists.  I've downloaded several albums this morning, both new artists (to me) and some of my favorites like The Civil Wars.  I am currently digging The Vespers.  Oh, man!  How I love music and especially free music!

If you are wondering how this is free and legal and why artists are actually behind the site, it's because NoiseTrade offers them the ability to connect with their fans and get their music out there.  To download something for free, you give your email address and your zip code.  This can help them figure out who is listening to their music and where.  When planning tour dates, zip codes of fans could be a real asset, no?  Fans can leave donations and promote the site and the artist virally, just like I'm doing now!

Go snag some free music and support some fabulous artists!

Turning a Black Thumb Green

Recently I have discovered that I can, in fact and contrary to popular belief, keep plants alive.  I can even rehab them!!  I wish I had a photo of these Knockout Roses before, but you can see the orange Kroger clearance sticker on the pots.  They were each a dollar.  Because they each had like 3 leaves on them.  And now:  beauty!!  I haven't planted them yet as I wanted to make sure they would live and now I'm not sure where to put them.  I kind of love seeing them on the back patio every time I walk out there.

What is the secret to my turnaround?  It's 99% water.

Pretty easy secret, really.  I don't whisper to the plants or tell them stories (though I'm not above that), but I simply try and remember to water them each day.  Who knew growing plants was so easy? Coming from a person who was even able to kill a cactus, realize that even YOU can grow plants.  

I have two things going on right now:  a patio garden and a small vegetable garden.  
Here is the basil on my patio garden.  PS--Anyone know how I can find what's eating my basil and stop it??
Mandevilla, another clearance Kroger find!
Zucchini from the vegetable garden.  Time to spread these suckers out!
My mini vegetable garden.  Made beautiful by paving stones someone was tossing out on heavy trash day.  I love heavy trash day. 
Next year I plan to expand my small vegetable garden if I can keep it alive.  Well, maybe not expand, as I really only have a tiny space.  But I want to branch out and see what I can grow all year long, and especially those things that I eat.  Saving money on produce by growing my own sounds fabulous.  And with cilantro and basil growing on the back porch, caprese and homemade salsa is a few steps away.
Any garden secrets from you pros out there?  I'll take any help I can get now that I'm on the right track.

I Made Pasta!

Shiny and new!  And now dusted with flour.  Less than $30 to boot.
I actually forgot that a few months ago I got a pasta machine from CSN.  I have a small kitchen with small storage to boot, so I didn't even open the box, but put it away in a dresser in my dining room that stores things like decorative glass and other things that have no other place.  Saturday night we were having friends for dinner but being the end of the week, the pantry was bare bones.  I went a little over last month with groceries (mostly because of special meals like Mother's Day) and so wanted to get the most out of what we had on hand.

I found two containers of ricotta this week on clearance, so I thought of lasagna.  And then remembered my pasta machine!  A perfect time to try my hand at making pasta.

I've made pasta before at cooking classes with our friends Kandy and Gary, but didn't have a machine, so didn't try it at home.  I know you can make it by rolling with a pin, but I just kind of had it in my head that you make it with a machine because that's how I'd done it.  I've been eating mostly whole grains, so I wanted to do whole wheat pasta and the recipe from Kandy was white flour, so I sort of did a mix of using their instructions with this recipe I found at SugarLaws.

The thing about mixing up recipes is that you just kind of shouldn't.  The recipe was fine, but as it's intended to NOT use a machine, it worked better when I DIDN'T use my machine.  Whole wheat flour is harder to work with as it's less elastic, so it just kind of got dry and broke apart a bit in the machine.  Plus I hadn't used the machine yet, so getting my coordination down was tricky at first.  Once I switched to the rolling pin, things went really well!

The end result, though, was that I had some thicker, really yummy noodles in my lasagna.  I tend to make a kind of two-layer lasagna as I really like to have a lot of sauce and a lot of ricotta in each layer, so having a hearty noodle worked really well.  I found out that one of our guests did not actually LIKE lasagna--but he told me this as he was going back for seconds.  What made him want seconds? The NOODLES.

All in all, I'm excited to have made noodles for the first time, and will look forward to trying the shiny, beautiful machine another time.  In other ironic news, I have 24 boxes of whole wheat pasta in my pantry that I got free with coupons last month, just no lasagna noodles.  Wait--is that irony?  Alanis Morrissette has ruined me.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Also Still Like Giant Shoes.

Aunt Jo, these made me think of you!  I am now learning what it's like to be 5'8 or something.  It's nice up here.  I will commit to wearing my derby pads in case I fall off these shoes.

Blue Hair after the Age of 30

After I cut my hair about six weeks ago, Rob and I had this conversation.

R:  Your new hair would look really great with highlights.
Me:  Really? What color would look good?
R:  I don't know.
Me:  How about blue?
R:  I think that would look nice.

I left out the part where we decided that neither of us really wanted to PAY for me to have highlights, and then the part at the end where I said, "Who are you and what have you done with my straight-laced husband??"

When Rob and I first met, I was in a phase of dyeing my hair blue-black.  It's already dark, but I just kind of liked the way it looked even darker.  It took him about a year or more to let me know (very subtly) that he would love seeing me with my natural hair color.  Then it took me prying it out of him to discover he really didn't like the blue-black all that much.  I didn't mind going back to normal, and hadn't dyed my hair since.

But BLUE?!?  some of you are saying.  You may just be chalking it up to the influence of derby.  Nope! My like for odd-colored hair goes all the way back to 9th grade and my secret crush on a guy who wore pants baggy enough to fit 100 more pounds of him and who had a rainbow of neon hair colors that changed week to week.  I loved showing up to school on a Monday, wondering what it would be this week.  In college I tried various colors: pink and purple, mostly.  My hair is too dark to really dye, and I didn't have so much luck with bleach, so my purple streaks faded to a garish orange within a month or so.  That's the last time I dyed my hair a color, actually, when I was 20.  I really hadn't ever thought of doing it again, but I never stopped liking bold, bright colors on hair.

So whenever Rob mentioned highlights and then that blue might look nice, I got excited.  Once again, I've discovered that my hair is really hard to dye.  The dark blue I loved didn't show up at all, so I opted for this turquoise and I suspect the color is already trying to fade into the orange-y color underneath. I can't keep it up for long--it's too much work.  But I really, really like it.  It's fun.  I did the underneath pieces in streaks, so it's not super obvious.  I spent a whole day with Peter on Friday at the zoo without him even noticing.  Other times it's a little more out there, I guess depending on how I wear my hair.

But you're THIRTY-THREE, you are saying. (I can hear you.)  Blue hair is so...college experimentation.

Maybe.  Maybe not.  There are endless debates about what is acceptable and not acceptable after a certain age (or ever).  As we move into summer, I've been seeing this debate everywhere:  how old is too old to sport a bikini??  One side says as long as you look good, it shouldn't matter.  The other  says that there exists a set of rules, whereby a type of dress or style is necessarily for the younger set.  I'm not sure what either camp would say about blue hair.

Here are a few things I'd like to say about my choice:

-I AM thirty-three.  By now I have a good sense of what I like and don't like.  If I still like blue hair at 33, then I like blue hair.  Period.

-Rob was on board with this.  I definitely think that spouses should talk to one another about the choices of clothing, hair, makeup, etc.  I don't think that one should control the other, but it's healthy for you to be considerate about what your partner likes.  When I told Rob I wasn't crazy about his Tony-Almeida (aka, the soul patch), he shaved it off five minutes later.  If he were not on board, I wouldn't have done it.

-I don't have a job that would be in peril, or any other arena in which blue hair might cause a problem.  Rob is a youth pastor, so there may be parents that might question the influence on their kids.  To me, this is a great conversation starter with their kids so I can say that if their parents like and allow them to dye their hair or get something pierced, then great.  If not?  Wait until you are financially independent.  Then you can choose your hair color.

-Along those same lines, this is not some kind of act of rebellion or an expression of angst.  I just kind of like blue hair.  (Are you sensing a theme here?)

-It's just HAIR.  It will grow out or can be dyed back.

So, what do you think?  And I don't mean about the style--I'm totally aware that blue hair may not be your thing.  (Sorry, mom.)  I'm totally okay if you don't like my hair.  What do you think about choices and your age?  Is there a cutoff for when you can choose something other than the norm for your hair or clothes?  Are we all confined to GAP and Land's End after a certain decade?  Can you wear a bikini if you're forty-five?  Please, discuss amongst yourselves.  Preferably over coffee and with a New York accent.

Weight Watchers Dropout

Wondering why I haven't updated you on my progress with Weight Watchers?  Yeah.  I dropped out.

The program itself and the idea behind it is fabulous!  I lost about 8 pounds and have kept it off, so that's great.  The problem?  With the online program I was doing, you have to keep record of what you eat (as well as exercise) every day.  If you don't do it every day, it might affect the running weekly flex points that you get.  The first week or two, I was great!  I used the mobile app on my phone and the computer.  I kept track and things went well.

Then I got back to busy.  I didn't have time every day and I DON'T have time every day to update this.  Though convenient on my iPhone, it's very slow and takes up like half my battery to update the daily meals.  Kind of a problem.  And when I have a free second on the computer, I want to be blogging or catching up on personal emails, not entering what I ate each day.  I know that if this were a priority, I'd make it a priority, but honestly, I barely have a moment's free time with my busy boys and busy derby schedule, and I DON'T want to spend my time entering the ounces of grilled chicken I ate for lunch.

So.  We are back to self-regulating and I am definitely motivated after losing some weight.  I am so close to my goal, and I think that almost makes it harder.  If I had 30 pounds to lose, like I did months ago, you realize that you are in it for the long haul and you really need big changes STAT.  When you're like 10-15 pounds away from an ideal weight, it's just close enough to kind of maintain and think, "Well, I'm ALMOST there.  This is pretty close."  I've got a whole drawer of jeans I can't wear yet that are my motivation now.

Sorry, Weight Watchers--I just don't have time for you in my life.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo(s) of the Day

These are random and all different.  But I liked them.

Rob took this one.  Yay, Rob!

Zoo on Friday: Second Try

Today I hit the zoo with Uncle Peter and the boys. Despite the heat, it was a much better day than last Friday.  Less school field trips.  Fewer children running over my children.
Sawyer and Uncle Peter in a tunnel underneath the lions.

Despite the fact that he was weirdly crawling through the hut, Linc is looking super old.
Uncle Peter with Saw in a cave.
What big eyes you have!
Cute photo. But that thing totally would have ripped off his face if there were no glass, and you can't convince me otherwise.
"Is that chimp dead?"  "Yup, Mommy killed him."
So no one is looking at the camera. 
Just one more creature that would have eaten Sawyer if there were no glass.

A boy after my own heart.  Staring longingly at the alligator.
And the snakes.

That's what I call spooning.

You can hardly see it, but the boys got to pet a giant rabbit.  It looked kind of like a giant chinchilla, actually.

If you forget Lincoln was actually in a tunnel, it looks like he is going head to head with a piranha.

Yup.  These also would have eaten my kid without the glass.  Also without the glass, my kid would have been underwater.
What happens when you think your kid might like for you to appear in the end of a tunnel and say Boo!
Boys in a tunnel.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Caption This

My mom and I just laughed so hard at these giraffe photos.

"Thank ya.  Thank ya very much."

"Come here, Mikey.  Let me slip you a little tongue." (Props if you know the movie quote.)

Sawyer On: Uncle Geoff

An excerpt from Sawyer's prayer tonight.

S: I pray for Uncle Geoff and the other Uncle Geoff, and the REAL Uncle Geoff.  And the other Uncle Geoff and the other Uncle Geoff and Aunt Uncle Geoff and Turkey Uncle Geoff and Gammy Uncle Geoff and you're Uncle Geoff.


In derby we use the term Reset.  When you are in the middle of a jam and all your blockers are scattered and you just let the opposing jammer by on the inside line and everything is all fouled up, someone should yell, "Reset!"  Your team comes back together on the track and mentally starts it over.  You forget about the mistakes you just made and how you weren't playing together.  You forget what you were doing wrong and what you just did and instead, as a team, act like it's a new jam.  With a fresh head, you bring it together and do the things you were supposed to be doing from the beginning.  It doesn't always work, but there is something kind of amazing when someone says "Reset" in a jam, because it brings the sudden realization that you CAN stop the mistakes and start fresh.  It doesn't take away how you've already messed up, but it allows you the freedom to change it for the remaining time in that jam.

I am shouting, "Reset!" to myself this morning.  Only not in a jam, but as a mom.

The last few days, I have become Grumpy Mom.  Sawyer is out of his school, and while I thought we would plan activities and do neat things having him home, it just hasn't worked that way.  Both boys have been a little nose-runny and cough-y, so our playdates are limited.   I've been by myself a LOT with them and just feel like I'm wearing down.  Instead of being Fun, Silly, Great Mom, I've been snappish and cranky and short-tempered and just generally wishing for some kind of out where I can be alone.

Rob has the boys on a ride right now outside, and I took a few minutes to pray and read the Bible and ask for help in a really big Reset.  I don't want to yell at my kids or even just snap at them and I have found myself doing both.  I don't want to feel frustrated by the constant needs or questions or the insane level of noise.  Instead I want to appreciate both of them as the little people that God created that I carried in my body for almost 42 weeks each, the babies who are growing up into little boys who will one day become men.

Though the days seem long, everyone always says that time flies with your children, and I know that it does.  And yet, in these moments of sick and cranky kids when you are alone most of the day and tired and just want a moment with no one asking for something, you can't see how one day you will wish for those moments back and for a little body snuggling up to yours.

It is amazing how a thirty minute break can help with the reset.  I'm hoping that this has worked for me.  I want to enjoy these moments and not be Grumpy Mom any more.  I mean, it's not like it helps me feel better to be grumpy--it makes me feel worse!  So I am choosing (with God's help) to Reset and ask for the chance to be Gracious Mom.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photo(s) of the Day

This one is so much cuter if you think that's all red popsicle on his face and not blood.  He trip and hit his face on a toy.  The red popsicle was a treat after and just added to the effect. 

Boys on a bench.

What Drowning Does (and Does Not) Look Like

Thanks to Nat and Ashley for posting this link on Facebook.  I think I'd heard some of this before, but this link has a really comprehensive description of drowning and also some scary statistics--50% of children who drown do so within 25 yards of an adult, and in 10% of those cases the adult watches it happen, not realizing the child is drowning. Yikes!

Don't freak out (as you're freaking out).  Go read the article and be aware when you are around kids and around pools or the ocean what you can look for (and listen for) to keep everyone safe.  As someone with a pool, this was very helpful to me!  Click HERE to read.

Large Tummies, Small Tummies

Recently, a strange phenomenon has been happening at home.  Sawyer and Lincoln are wearing the same clothes.

Weirdly, between 12 months and 2T, there is kind of a big gap in clothes.  Whereas the  first year the clothing sizes go by 3 month increments, after 12 months it's kind of either 12-18 months, 18-24 months, or 2T.  I think I didn't buy a lot of things in that gap for Sawyer, so have either 12-month (which is too small) or 2T.

But, wait--isn't Sawyer three now??  Yes.  But he is little.  Any pants or shorts above size 2T fall off of him, quite literally.  On the other hand, Lincoln can pull off the 2T size quite nicely.  A little long, yes, but they FIT.  And it's kind of freaking me out.

The other day I weighed Sawyer, my not-great eater, and he is even a little less than what he was last time I weighed him.  So he and Linc are less than five pounds apart.  Lincoln isn't huge or anything (and Sawyer isn't scrawny, just small), but the gap between them is really closing.  It wasn't odd to me putting Linc in Sawyer's baby clothes.  Very few onesies made it through Sawyer without poo or milk stains, but when they did and I put Linc in them, it was nostalgic and sweet.  It was more of:  Aw!  Remember when Sawyer was just a little munchkin!  Now, as I'm putting Lincoln in things Sawyer wore LAST WEEK, I feel suddenly overwhelmed by how much my boys are growing.  They are getting OLD.

Lincoln still has a ways to go before he'll be dating or driving, but he's become more of a little boy than a baby almost overnight.  I took photos the other day of them at the park (which really did NOT turn out well) and there were a few that from the back at a glance, I got the two of them confused.  Yikes!

So I can now say, officially, that I am a mom of two little BOYS.

Rolling Over at Wags and CVS

This week I got some pretty good deals on things I needed (and things I didn't) at CVS and Walgreens by making use of the rolling over of Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards.  Here's a sample of what I got yesterday for $12.15 out of pocket, starting only with $5 ECBs at CVS:

-1 package lollipops (for child bribery and filler)
-1 package cookies (for child bribery later and filler)
-1 pack of gum (for mommy reward and filler)
-1 pack swim diapers
-1 3-pack diaper wipes
-contact solution
-2 nail polishes
-1 laundry detergent
-1 gallon milk

That's kind of a lot, considering especially the cost of a gallon of milk $3.34 at stores here and swim diapers (usually around $6 a package).  I also ended up with $2 ECBs and plan to go buy more laundry detergent, which was $1 with coupons and is the kind I use for my cloth diapers.  It's a good deal, but not a GREAT one, because I needed some things like diaper wipes this week and didn't have a great matchup with coupons.

I'm not going to put the whole plan of what I used and how I used them, because you can check a site like Couponing 101 for ideas, but to get an idea, here's how it works to roll over at these stores.

I went to Walgreens and bought 1 bottle of contact solution.  It was $7.99.  You're saying right now (if you wear contacts):  "But, Kiki! That's not a good price!  It's $3 at Walmart."  I KNOW.  But, if you bought the contact solution, you get $8 back in Register Rewards.  PLUS I had a coupon.  So for $6.99, I got a bottle of contact solution and also $8 to spend in Walgreens.  So I then bought swim diapers, using a Walgreens store coupon and a coupon from the paper (which made them $2.99) and my wipes, and paid nothing for them.  So that's $6.99 out of pocket for contact solution, swim diapers, and a 3-pack of wipes.

Same idea at CVS.  This week there is a nail polish sale.  You buy one for $4.99 (which, again, is more than I'd normally pay) but get $4 back.  Plus I had coupons.  Earlier in the week the cashier let me use a $2 coupon that wasn't specifically marked nail polish, so I spent $2.99 and got $4 back in ECBs.  I used that $4 yesterday to buy two more nail polishes (one at a time in separate transactions).  The cashier said the $2 coupon did not apply, so I used a $1 coupon specifically for nail polish.  So I bought one nail polish, used a coupon, got $4 ECBs back and paid nothing.  Then I bought another nail polish, used a coupon, bought detergent, used a coupon, bought candy, and used the $4 ECBs, plus another $1 I had from buying milk earlier in the week, which cost 92 cents total.  I got another $4 in ECBs, so I bought another gallon of milk and gum and paid 18 cents.  Each of those had a $1 ECB, so I walked out with all my stuff and also $2.  My total in CVS out of pocket was $1.10.

The total saved this week in these two visits: $39.

See how this rolling over thing works?  You have to be willing to do several transactions, or have several visits.  I will get in the back of the line if one forms behind me while I am doing this, by the way, so don't hate me.  These stores mark things up, but when you need something or use something that goes on sale with an ECB or RR attached AND especially if you have a coupon, go buy it and let it roll over. If you think of it that way, this week I bought something I use but don't need at CVS (nail polish) and let that nail polish buy my milk for the week and also detergent and also candy to keep my kids occupied while I did all this.  At Walgreens, my contact solution paid for swim diapers and wipes.  I don't shop these stores every week, even though there are deals every week.  I only go when there are things I like, use, or need on super sale.

Think you want to start saving?  Check out my link up top to Coupon Armageddon.

Sawyer On: New Babies

Note:  I am NOT pregnant.  Trust me.  This is not some cute way of sharing "good news" via blog.  Sawyer is also not prophetic.  It just so happens that Sawyer is suddenly obsessed with babies in tummies.  Here are two conversations about it from this week.

S: Mommy, do you have a baby in your tummy?
Me:  NO.  Why?
S:  Then we could give Lincoln back for a new baby.

S: Mommy, do you have a baby in your tummy?
Me:  NO.  Why do you keep asking that?  I will tell you when I have a baby in my tummy.  Trust me.  Do you want me to have a baby in my tummy?
S:  Yes, for your birthday.

I then tried to explain to Sawyer how women might not want to be asked if they have a baby in their tummies, because it might make women think they LOOK like they have babies in their tummies, but I am pretty sure that went right over his head.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Rob had to move the couch out from the wall for something and found what was, presumably months ago, a bottle with milk in it.  "THAT'S DISGUSTING!" I said.  "GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE AND INTO THE TRASH THIS MINUTE!  Oh.  After I take a photo for my blog."

Not with a Ten-Foot Pole

There are some things I don't and won't really discuss on my blog, and I have my reasons.  Often it's to avoid incendiary topics (like politics) that can often draw a line in the sand and can alienate readers or create a negative atmosphere in comments.  Sometimes it's that I feel like some things are private.  I'm sure you're probably wondering what those things are, since I'm pretty open about things like poop and setting my kitchen on fire daily, but you'll never know! On the other hand, there are things that I KNOW draw a line in the sand but I am willing to talk about, just not every second.  Like Jesus.  That's a name that can silence a room right there.

This is the longest preface EVER for a link that I'm not going to discuss here.  What a tease!  This story also kind of brings in another reason that I don't always share how I feel:  it's way too easy to judge other people sometimes in a way that we shouldn't.

I read this link tonight (saw it first from you, MB!) and had to link up in case you hadn't read about the parents who are keeping their child's gender a secret so that s/he can discover for him/herself who s/he is, presumably without the outside pressure of society.  I am still a muddle about it and wanted to share the link.  Feel free to comment here, but to mimic the parents in the situation, I'm going to remain mum.  Other than to say that I don't think this is a healthy choice and it made me really sad.  Read about Baby Storm HERE.

Update On: Bullies

Sawyer has gotten a little less obsessed with the Not Nice Kids.  For a while, he talked about the Not Nice Kids at the park and the Not Nice Kids at the gym.  I was not there the day in the park, so I am not sure about that one, but as for the kids at the gym, I found out their names and we have been praying for them.  I encouraged Sawyer to use their names instead of calling them the Not Nice Kids, and told him that he should give them a chance to be nice.  I pointed out that sometimes he is not nice to Lincoln, but sometimes he IS nice, so he should see if those kids would be nice.

Several times when I dropped him at the gym I had to pray for him there in the room, and once he was so upset that I couldn't leave for a few minutes.  Now he still sometimes wants prayer, but mostly will go to the gym pretty well.  We talked through options.  He could give the kids a chance to be nice, but if they weren't, he could tell them nicely he didn't like that and then go to another area in the room.  If they persisted, he should talk to his teachers.  I also talked to his teachers to let them know about his fears.  Since the same girls are generally there, they knew what happened and also about how those kids are.  Apparently, there are some behavioral issues with one of the boys.  I hear his mom getting called back to the kids' club a lot.

I was really excited yesterday because Sawyer told me that he shared with the kid who had been not nice to him.  I told him how proud I was and how Jesus had helped answered the prayers to help Sawyer forgive.  We talked about how God calls us to love our enemies, which means people who are not nice.

It's really hard to hear about your kid having issues with anyone, especially if your child is being picked on or hurt to the point where they are scared to go somewhere, like Sawyer was.  My instinct was to protect him at any cost.  My mom said she wanted to put the kid in jail, and that's really how you FEEL when someone hurts your child.

I am really excited, though, to see the fruit from trying to figure out the godly way to handle this.  Sawyer is praying more and asking for prayer when he needs help.  He is going against his instincts to be not nice back to the kid by sharing with him.  And he still has the tools for help--telling the kid not to do it, walking away, and asking his teachers for help when he needs it.  I'll go ahead and chalk the good outcome up to prayer.

Photo of the (Yester)Day

Thanks to Mary Queen of Skates for the flowers.  I just kinda liked this shot.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Camp Gladiator

If you are wanting to get in shape and need some motivation, you need to check out Camp Gladiator.  Started by Ally Davidson, winner of American Gladiator the year Rob's brother Tim won.  (Need a refresher on that?  Click HERE.)  CG spread from Dallas/Fort Worth to Austin and is now putting down roots in Houston.  Rob is one of the trainers and if you know my husband (or have seen photos of him tossing Sawyer into the sky), you can know for sure that you are in good hands with these CG trainers!

Check out the website HERE for all locations and more information.  Rob has a preview week at Bear Creek Park (3535 War Memorial Drive) this Tuesday (that's tomorrow!) at 6:30pm.  Bring water and a yoga mat if you have one.   Oh, and a good attitude.  If you love it, you can sign up or consider being a trainer with CG.

Missing Turkey!

My Dad is with my brother in Richmond until he moves here, and the kids are really missing Grandpa Turkey.  I realized I never posted these photos from earlier of my Dad playing in the bouncy thing that I borrowed from Kelly.

Come back soon, Turkey!




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