Friday, September 30, 2011

Support Your Houston Roller Derby All Stars!!

In half an hour (2pm CST), Houston Roller Derby's All Stars will take the track in Kansas City, Missouri for South Central Regionals.  If you don't know much about derby,  Houston Roller Derby is part of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, which helps organize and promote flat track derby, which is the fastest growing sport in the WORLD right now.  Did you know that?  It's true!

Every year, WFTDA has a National Tournament and the various regions send their top three teams.  Right now, Houston is seeded as number 5, but if we win two key games this weekend, we can advance to Nationals.  It's a huge deal!  Our first game against Atlanta comes on momentarily, and if you tune in now, you might get to see the girls do our signature warm-up dance.  There is free streaming online and a great app for your phone on the Derby Access website.  I've been glued to it all day.  If you stream Netflix through your Playstation like we do, you can also access the site, so I'm watching now on our big TV.

Join me in supporting HRD from home, and get a great introduction to derby if you haven't already!

Are You Pinning?

So a few weeks back, I talked about needing to figure out new things online I didn't know much about, namely Pinterest and Google Plus.  I don't really care about Google Plus, as Facebook is enough annoyance for one person, but I have fallen hard for Pinterest.

If you don't know what it is, the idea is making an online, digital pinboard or scrapbook of ideas you like.  When you see something neat online, instead of just bookmarking that page to disappear in your bookmark list, you click a button that Pinterest adds in your browser toolbar, and that allows you to save a small snapshot from that webpage.  They call that a Pin, and you create different boards for things like fashion, food, home, do-it-yourself, things you love, art, or anything you want to name.  It's a really great visual way to see things that inspired you and I find it much more accessible than just bookmarking to save a link.

Like social networking, you can follow people you know or don't know to see their Pins and their Boards. So when you log in to Pinterest, you will see a page full of all your friends' recent Pins.  I love scrolling through and have found some really, really fabulous ideas there for food and home.  Instead of googling "chicken recipes" if I'm trying to put together dinner, I'll search for it on Pinterest.  The pins I find will be recipes that other people have attested to simply by putting them on a Board.  Or if I need an inspiration for how to add blue into my TV room, I can search "blue rooms" and see thousands of ideas for using blue in a room.  I love it!  Everything is so pretty.

If you want to follow me (I am not super active, but have a few Boards), you can click HERE to see my Pins!  I like new ideas, so if you follow me, I'll follow you back!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lincoln Also Likes Babies...and Eyes

I got to make Eli laugh a little today, and was happy that Lincoln really liked him.  In fact, he maybe liked him TOO much.  There was definitely a hug that made his eyes pop out.  And then he decided to point out his eyes.  Literally.

Please ignore the giant pile of laundry in the background.  It never leaves.

Lincoln Loves the Rain

You know rain is scarce when the 6 o'clock news just shows shots of rain.  Look!  It's raining by this house!  And also near the highway!

So, it rained today and, as usual, Lincoln went crazy and ran in circles on the back patio screaming, drinking the rain and dumping it on his head.  We had Noah and Hudson and Eli over for the boys (and Kelly for me!) but no one wanted to run in the rain as much as he did.
The big boys looked at Lincoln from inside like he was nuts!  He is.
Then the big boys came out and hid under the roof.

I love the sheer joy.  

Dumping the water on the head.  Because the rain isn't enough.
The only thing to do after rain is snuggle under a blanket.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lunch Wars: More Like a Marathon

When Blogher Book Club announced Amy Kalafa’s Lunch Wars as its next pick, I got really excited. Though my boys have a few years to go before they enter school, I like to have time to mull things over, and the school food revolution will definitely take some thought.

I groaned a little when I got the book in the mail—it’s 346 pages. My reaction to the length of the book was much like the reaction people have when you start talking about the overhaul of school food. It’s simply TOO BIG. You know what? I read the book in a week. And after reading, I do believe that change can take place with regard to school food, starting with you and me.

If you are wondering what the problem is with school food, Kalafa outlines this very clearly early in the book. I’m going to give my poor-man’s version: food that children buy at school (from the cafeteria to the vending machines) is generally over-processed, over-chemicalized, over-sugared, and under-nutritious. Unhealthy foods=unhealthy kids=higher rates of obesity, childhood disorders and diseases, and poor test scores.

I felt a little overwhelmed going into the first chapter. How would I ever finish the book? How could I have any effect on such a large-scale problem? The great thing about Lunch Wars is that it’s a quick read, filled with personal success stories from people around the country. To quote Kalafa, “Fixing school food is a matter of degrees and clearly there’s no single solution…People, not policy, drive the movement for better food in schools.”

I would highly recommend this book, even if you don’t let your kids buy lunch. Even if you don’t have kids in school. This is a huge issue and an important one. Kalafa gives great success stories and practical steps that you can take to be a part of the solution to providing healthier choices for our children.  I even found a local blog in Houston called The Lunch Tray that is a great resource.

For me, the problem needs to start with an overhaul in my pantry. Then I’m going to see how I can be involved as a positive force in the school food movement.  For more discussion on this topic, head over to Blogher Book Club.

Disclosure: This was a paid review by Blogher, but the opinions are 100% my own. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Playing with My Kids

Lately, it seems that my blog posts are getting fewer and far-between-er and mostly coming at night.  What's up, Kiki?  Aren't your kids in school a few days a week?  Why, yes, astute reader, they are.  However, I am trying to crank out a novel on those days, so much of my free blogging time translates into free writing time.  Which is lovely and I'm actually cranking it out--8-10 pages in a work day.  (Not well-polished pages, but I write vomit versions first.  For more on my process, click HERE.)

The other days of the week and the times my kids are not in school, I am working out, cleaning, doing laundry that never ends, and this weird new thing:  stepping away from the computer and playing with my kids more.

At least, I THINK that's what I'm doing with my's hard to tell sometimes.  Days as a mom of pre-schoolers are kind of a blur of feeding-washing-talking-changing-dressing-feeding-washing-talking-changing-feeding-cleaning-feeding.  Or something like that.

There is a danger in seeing all those things as insignificant.  I do it a lot.  But it's all those insignificant diaper changes and meals and dishes washed that add up to a lifetime. The moment goes into an hour goes into a day goes into a week and month and year and then you're wondering where the time went.  (Geez, you'd think I was like 80, huh?)  So lately I've been trying to embrace the chaos and dig right in with the boys.

Sawyer tonight kept saying, "Mommy, PLAY with me," while I was puttering around doing dishes after dinner, so I left a sink full of dishes (which I just now had to face) and sat in the floor with him after Linc was asleep.  Sawyer doesn't actually always want me to do anything, but I need to be nearby, or in the space where he is playing.  Tonight I had to make a dinosaur chase a fire truck full of bad guys for a while as Sawyer ran around the room pushing the truck and laughing.  That was fun. Then, because I woke up at 5am this morning, I fell asleep open-mouthed in the middle of the floor.  It was awesome.

In case you're missing the frequent daily posts, you can envision me hosing the sand off somone's feet outside or building a lego tractor.  Or just sleeping in the middle of my TV room while my kids play around me.

Lincoln Tells a Joke

Okay, not a whole joke.  But today he learned how to say, "Knock knock."

He's really getting the whole beginning of words down, just not the end parts.  Knock knock is Nah Nah.  But he's definitely repeating things, and when Sawyer was telling knock knock jokes, Linc started in with his Nah Nah.  He also says Nose, which sounds like Nuh.  And I only know it's nose because while saying Nuh he was sticking his finger up his nose.  Repeatedly.

Maybe in a few months, what he says will actually be clear to people other than me and my family.  But for now, at least I can enjoy the words that feel like inside jokes.

The Call You Don't Want to Get

Last week we got a letter from the pediatrician saying that Lincoln's blood work was normal.  I wondered why we didn't get one about Sawyer, but didn't think too much about it. Then today we got a call from the nurse there who said, "Has anyone called you yet about Sawyer's blood work results?"

Your heart just kind of drops when you get a call like that.  Thankfully, this call wasn't so bad, but they need to figure out a better way to pass on news.

The news is that Sawyer is borderline anemic.  We haven't seen signs of it or anything, but I did some reading and some of the common causes are growth spurts and not getting enough iron in the diet.  Sawyer is a spotty eater--sometimes packing it away and sometimes picking at it.  And he definitely shot up a few inches recently.  The nurse said to get him on some supplements with iron and get him eating iron-rich foods.

Just a bit worse than hearing that phone call is looking up things like "anemia in children"  on the internet.  You know--it could be caused by growth spurts or not getting enough iron in the diet, or it could be CANCER.  Thanks, internet.  For putting worry where there was no worry before.

I'm not really worried, but it isn't fun to have those words and ideas floating around in my head while I'm googling iron-rich foods.  Spinach and supplements here we come.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Call Me Kiki Barber

Get how that rhymes with Tiki Barber? I actually don't know what sport he even plays--I just know his name.  Football?  In any case, you can call me Kiki Barber because I decided last week to cut off two inches of my hair.  Myself.
The last time I tried this, I was a senior in high school, and ended up having to take off more than 12 inches to fix my "trim."  I would all this a success.  The photo doesn't show its full glory (why is it so hard to take a decent photo? Rob took 20 and I deleted 19.  This is another topic for another day) but it's cute, right?  I got a lot of compliments and no one even noticed that it was super crooked with some edgy pieces (which I actually like) until I pointed it out.

Maybe I missed my calling.  Anyone need a trim?

Calling All Sponsors

It's the end of the month and I've got a few changes to my Sponsors info.  My rates for a button ad are $10/month, which will now include a monthly post featuring my Sponsors.  I also have a special deal--sign up for a 6-month commitment and I'll give you the 7th month free.  Sign up for a 12-month commitment and I'll give you 2 months free.

A typical size is 125x125, but I can sometimes accommodate a larger size for a different price. If you need help with a button, I can make a button for $8 if you provide the graphic. For more information, email me:  istillhatepickles at gmail dot com.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Midnight Sweetness

Sawyer still tends to wake up most nights between 2-5 and come crawling into our bed.  Just like from the beginning, Lincoln slept on his own and still sleeps all night long even if he's sick, Sawyer has always woken one to multiple times a night. Rob and I go back and forth about whether we want to forcibly remove him back to his bed or let him stay.  At the moment we let him stay, partially because we are both so tired that we don't feel like getting up, and partially because of the realization that in just a few years, we are going to have a big boy who is not going to want to snuggle.

And he is a snuggler.

He is so much like me as a kid in terms of his personality and the way he doesn't like sleeping.  But I wasn't really sweet or snuggly, and that's one of Sawyer's best qualities.  When he crawls into bed with us, he'll usually say things like, "Thank you, Mommy.  Thank you for letting me sleep with you.  I'm going to snuggle right here next to you."  Then he'll give me kisses, lean over and give Rob kisses, and even every now and then a back scratch.

Last night when he climbed in, he said, "Mommy, I love you.  You're my best friend."  Then he leaned over and gave Rob kisses and said the same thing to him.  Yesterday when we were walking somewhere, holding hands, I said, "Sawyer, will you still hold hands with me and snuggle when you're older?"  He sat down on the sidewalk and started crying and said, "I don't want to get old and stop snuggling."

Aw.  I appreciate that sweet heart, and for now am enjoying the nighttime snuggles that I know too soon will end.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Berenstain Bears and the Economy

Tonight, as I am wont to do, I fell asleep reading to Sawyer.  I was reading The Bear Scouts, one of my favorite all time books from the Berenstain Bears.  I woke up and I was still "reading," but this is what I was saying: "...and that means that the employment rate is such that 80% of people don't have jobs."

Today Even the Dog Threw a Tantrum

No, really.  Just now Tex, who sees the new bag and new kind of dog food sitting in the pantry, knocked over the full bowl of his OLD food on purpose all over the newly vacuumed floor.  I swear I can't make this up.

Today was not a bad day, but a taxing day.  I feel old beyond my years and tired beyond deserving.  It was the kind of day that started with Saw peeing in our bed.  The kind where I tried to take a nap because I was THAT tired and both boys woke me up at intervals of ten minutes until I gave up.  A day filled with me saying things like, "Get down!  Sit down!  Don't pull the blinds! Don't push your brother!  Take smaller bites!  Stop running!  Come back!  Don't hit the TV with a sword!"  The boys weren't bad or even grumpy; they were just INTO EVERYTHING.

My parents were lovely enough to invite us over for swimming and dinner.  The boys had fun after first tearing apart the house and each other.  They love Gammy and Turkey and it's nice to get out of the house and have someone else play with your kids and fix dinner.  That was a high point of the day.

Then at the grocery store, I realized after ringing up everything that I left my wallet at home.  I am eternally grateful to the checkout clerk who let me pay for everything (including wine) without ID using an out-of-state check, and also to the bagger who dragged the cart away from me after I kept having to yell "SIT DOWN" and gave my boys stickers.  Really--I almost cried happy tears.

Thankfully, due to short naps, the boys are both asleep (knocking furiously on wood that they'll stay that way) and I am drinking a glass of wine and waiting for a derby friend to come hang out.  I just caught sight of my "Embrace the Chaos" sign in my kitchen, and it's definitely the kind of day where I didn't.  Not even a little.  I wished for time to pass, and generally felt like a bad mother/housekeeper/wife/person.

A little too late for a redo, but maybe tomorrow?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ice Cream: Bringing the Generations Together

As Rob and I left for date night tonight, the boys got lucky:  ice cream cones from Gammy and Turkey.  With Blue Bell, no less.

Gammy "cleaning up" Lincoln's cone.



Boy Play Day

Today was Rob's day off, and boy did we enjoy!  Here are some great shots of the boys playing crazy boy games:  wrestling, tossing, chasing.

Lincoln's legs became the horns as Rob chased Saw like a bull. 

I love seeing the eagerness of my boys to play with Daddy.

What the heck is Sawyer doing here?  Creeeeepy!

Lincoln can hardly wait. 
The famous child swing game.

Tex even wants to play!

Lincoln started to get a little overwhelmed...

...and alternated between tears and laughter.

Then came the tickle game, which ended the play time, everyone exhausted.

Tex was a little jealous.  Poor dog!  He still lives better than most dogs, but not as well as the boys.

Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Or is it "gonna"?  I haven't really listened to Rebecca Black's Friday song enough to know.  In any case, it's really time for you to vote on Friday.  That's right!  It's Awesomely Bad Hair of the Week voting time!  There are some amazing hairs this week.  Check out this one:
That's for serious!  Anyway, if you want to participate in the voting process and pick from several well-deserving candidates, you can do so at My Morning Hair.

Sawyer On: Mommy and Daddy

M:  Sawyer, can you go pick out clothes to wear today?
S:  Mommy, why do you keep asking me? I'm not going to do it.

[that did not go over well with Mommy OR Daddy.]

S:  Mommy, when things go wrong, we say dagummit.
M:  Did you learn that from Daddy?
S:  Yes, I learned it after Daddy.  That's what we say.  Yup.


We got rid of the rats...and gained mice.

Lincoln pooped in the toilet...and took off his diaper last night and peed in his bed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Score! Lincoln Poops in the Right Place

Today, Lincoln pooped in the toilet.

No, we aren't potty training--it was just kind of one of those things.  I said a while back that he liked to get on the toilet when we talked about going potty. Mostly he'd sit there and then flush.  I figured it was a good start to training, which we'll do when he's around two.

Today he kept trying to take me somewhere (read: grabbing my hand and dragging me) but I was playing Legos with Sawyer and didn't get up.  Then he leaned on me and started making the poop face.  I don't know if he was trying to take me to the toilet, but I asked if he wanted to go on the potty and he went in there, so I got him up all un-diapered, but figured, since there was already some poo in the diaper, that he would just sit there.

He sat for a minute and when I asked if he was done, he shook his head no and stayed.  And then he pooped!  Right in the toilet!  I was pretty amazed.  We celebrated with a Pez (I don't like food rewards but have no stickers) and Sawyer even said, "Way to go, Lincoln."

I still don't think we're going to try potty training soon...unless he starts communicating more about wanting to go on the toilet.  Then we're all in!  Let's put a gold star by this day.

Why I Let Rob Grill

Does the "You Are Special Today" plate make up for it??

What I Have/Have Not Done Today

The days the kids are in school have become more and more productive, but I'm also not doing a lot of blogging. I miss it, but until derby is done and I have more free time at night, blogging will suffer.  Because I WILL finish that novel, dang it.  So that's mostly what I've been doing today.  I wrote something like 8 pages and am about to dive in for more.  I also read half of two chapters in two different books, vacuumed and mopped and did two loads of laundry.  But here are a few photos of what else needs to be done.

 Clearly, I need to empty the dishwasher and put things in it.  Ew.  I try never to let it get this bad, but there are some days...
 These cloth diapers have been on the line like a week. They were out the day it rained and then they had to stay to dry and then it rained again and again, so they are now really dry.  My friend Laura is coming over today to learn my cloth diapering ways, so I'm leaving them up to keep it real for when she gets here.
 Ug!  I am so not into laundry folding/putting away.

What I'd rather be doing (besides blogging or working on my novel):
 I'm so close to being done with this.  I kind of love it, but also think I'll sell it because it isn't doing what I want in my space.  We'll see.  If I sell, I'll let you know and put it up on the blog.
And these are my starts on jellyfish (which are just sketched in paint on the canvas).  They are taken from MaryBeth's photos (thanks, you!) and one of them will be my giveaway painting if I don't love it too much AND if I ever get to 150 followers.  (Hint.)

So that's my day!  It's been full!  Oh, and I'm still in my pajamas.  Jealous?  (If you are, just imagine again my sink and the laundry-laden couch and you'll feel better.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Championship Bout!

Hey, everyone!  I have one derby bout left on October 15!  Tickets WILL sell out, probably by early next week.  They are a hot commodity!  So if you'd like to come, head over to Houston Roller Derby and grab your tickets!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Small, Sweet Moments

If I'm going to write about the hardest small moments of the day, I need to also write of a few lovely moments recently.

Moment One:  The boys have been playing together recently, which mostly means the two of them screaming at the tops of their lungs, chasing each other around the room and falling into a heap in the floor on top of one another.  It's hilarious.  It's cute.  I love that they play together now, even if only for a few moments.

Moment Two:  Yesterday when I went to put Lincoln down for a nap, Sawyer ran in and said what I thought was, "Mommy, I want to play with Lincoln."  I told him that it wasn't time to play and then he burst into prayer.  PRAY, not play.  He said the cutest little prayer, including our whole family and grandparents and our dog.

Sweet, special moments like these more than make up for all the gettings-in and out of the car that I might have in a lifetime.

The Worst Five Minutes of My Day

There is a part of every day that I hate.  It only takes about five minutes, but it happens repeatedly, so it ends up being like an hour every day.

It's getting my boys in and out of the car when we go places.

Why is this such a challenge?  Am I the only one who finds this task to be ridiculously hard?  I end up sweaty and frustrated and generally grumpy.

Leaving the house isn't so bad.  There is at least one boy that rides a big wheel away while the other runs down the sidewalk.  I get one in the car and then he climbs into the way back and starts running around while I'm catching the one who's almost in the street.  I finally get everyone in the car and buckled, but then I've forgotten milk/water/diapers/snacks or my purse, so I have to run back in the house and get back in the car.  It's tedious.

Getting them from the car into other places is really hard.  Like the gym, for example.  I usually carry Lincoln and let Saw walk, but he likes to run all around the sidewalk, chase birds, pick up and eat gum that he finds, and sometimes lie down.  He either goes too fast or too slow. If I let Lincoln walk and carry Sawyer, he's getting better at listening, but I can't count on him.  Neither wants to hold my hand.  I can't carry both.  If both run, they run in different directions at different speeds.

The world is a scary place, so while it's hard in my driveway to corral them into their seats, I don't like Sawyer being more than a few feet away from me.  Especially when there are cars and streets and parking lots and total strangers.   I inevitably find myself totally stressed in those five tiny minutes.  It's the pits!  And even though my boys are fairly well-behaved and sometimes do it just right, they are also three and one and a half--you can only expect so much.

Any suggestions for herding kids?  A cattle prod, perhaps?  Handcuffs?  Leashes?

Photo of the Day

Some of our boys are more excited about playing together than others. 

Music in the Home

I went as a guest to MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) this morning to hear Sue Debruler (an old friend who goes way back to my early Texas days) talk about music in the home.  It was phenomenal, and I came home and found myself singing the "Do a Deer" song to the boys over and over.  (And I can now hit the high notes!)  I thought I'd share a few things that I learned and loved.

That's a name that  boy moms are loving.  These are basically big tubes that are each correspond to a musical chord.  You can buy a whole octave as a set.  (I want to figure out if I can make them using differently cut wrapping paper tubes...)  To play a song or make music, you whack them on stuff.  I totally envision a sword fight with boomwhackers in my home.  What a genius idea!  Today in about two minutes, Sue had a group of random women playing hot cross buns, complete with harmony.  My boys would love.

Helping Teach Pitch
Sue said she struggled to teach one of her kids pitch, which is essentially to sing in the right place.  (Think of those terrible American Idol contestants who are deemed "pitchy.")  She tried a few things to help him match what was being sung.  Pick a simple, familiar sung phrase (Sue used "nanny nanny boo boo" as an example) and sing it to your child and have them sing it back.  She changed the words to: "Kid's name, where are you?"  and the child would sing back:  "Mommy, here I am."  If the kid didn't match, she would match what THEY sang.  This helped them feel what a match in pitch was like.  She suggested trying this singing through either end of a vacuum hose (which again sounds fun with the boys) or with your heads close together where you could both hear and feel.  Great ideas!

Learning Rhythm
As a beginning to rhythm, Sue suggested playing a song with a good beat and doing a parade around the house, having your child learn to march to that beat.  Pick a few different songs and change it up every now and again to see if they can learn the new one.  You can also teach kids to match rhythm by repeating a clap pattern, or have them clap out the beat of their names where the syllables fall.

Notes Up and Down
Sue had a laminated sheet with a few lines drawn on like sheet music, but just with a few.  She suggested using round crackers or oreos as notes on the page and working with your child just to learn if a melody is going higher or lower by placing the oreo on the line.  Think of "Hot Cross Buns," which has three descending notes in the hot cross buns part.  You would place the cookie on the top line (if there are three), then the next cookie should go in the middle line and the next on the bottom.  Once you show your child how this works, let them choose where the next cookie would go (up or down--doesn't have to be real melody or correspond to really reading music) and they get to eat it if they're right!

I feel more inspired to sing in the home and find ways to incorporate music into the boys' lives.  We already have impromptu dance parties at least once a day, so I know they like music.  Now I'm thinking of new ways to get them up and moving and also hooked on music like I am.

One last bit of wisdom to share from Sue.  She said that there are three languages that kids need to learn: the written alphabet, the mathematical language, and the language of music.  All three use symbols to stand for something, and they can intertwine and sharpen each other as your child learns.  That's a great way to think about it, even for me--someone whose brain rejects the reading of music.  I still have hope I can enjoy with my kids even if I can't read music.  Thanks, Sue!

Sawyer Knows Kung Fu

Tonight, Sawyer got to tag along with Rob to a football game and then one of his former youth's brown belt test.  When he got home, THIS happened.  Trust me, you will want to watch this video.  I can't choose between the best lines, but I really liked these:

"I'm tired."

"I got more energy!"

"Mommy, don't laugh!"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Transformers Meet Spiderman Meet Where's Waldo?

Today at nap time, Sawyer didn't want to read a story--he wanted me to tell a story.  But he had a very specific story in mind.  This is kind of how it went.

S: Mommy, tell me a story.
M: Okay.
S:  The one about the transformers and where the robot gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
M:  Okay.  Once upon a time there was a helicopter, but he was really a transformer.  One day--
S:  And the aircraft carrier!  And there's an attack!  By the space aliens!  And they were shooting and shooting but then he transformed into a bigger and bigger robot and he shot at them.  Tell that one.
M:  Um.  Okay.  So, there were space aliens and they attacked the aircraft carrier where the helicopter was but he was really a transformer and so he transformed into a robot and shot at them and they flew away.  The end.
S:  And then tell me the one about Spiderman and Bumblebee and Waldo.
M: Like, Where's Waldo Waldo?
S:  Yes.  And the Hulk.  And they were in the street and then there was an attack!  And it was a flying house and it was shooting and shooting at them.  That one.
M:  Um, do you want to tell it.
S:  No, Mommy.  YOU.

Hello, Monday!

I had a really busy weekend.  Derby is winding to a close, but not winding down.  It's tournament season, so there are regional championships on the next few weekends, then nationals in November.  Then in December, the World Cup of Derby, which I am super excited about.  Most of these broadcast online, so I'm watching games when I can.  We had our bout Saturday and I was super excited to play.  I was afraid my shoulder would keep me out of everything, but it's healing nicely.  There is only one game left for me, and you better get tickets if you want them.  Buy them HERE.

Last night I went to see two new Houston derby leagues, Northside Fury v. Rocket City.  It was a fun game to watch and I enjoyed getting to be with more of my teammates.  Can you tell I'm feeling nostalgic already for my team?  Retiring at the end of this season will be a relief to my current busyness and stress level, but really sad as well.  I want to clone myself and play while also being able to fully focus on my fam and other things I need to get done.

Look forward to more photos this week!  Oh, and you need to head over to My Morning Hair.  I have like 130 followers here via google connect, and 20 over there.  What is that?!?  Come and follow and see some Awesomely Bad Hair this week.  Here's a teaser of me to get you started.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Derby Bout Tonight!

Tonight is the second-to-last derby bout of the season!  Tickets are so hot, even Rob couldn't get in.  :(  I believe that we will be streaming live online via Ustream, so check the site around 7pm to see if it's up and running.  The first game (Houston's Sirens v. Spindletop from Beaumont) will be on at 7 and my game (Bosses v. Brawlers) around 8:30.  I am a Boss in black and my derby name is Kiki Mojo!  There are some old games archived if you search for Houston Roller Derby on Ustream, so check for a link or some indication that it's LIVE and with today's date!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Caught: Lincoln Playing by Himself

What a big boy!  You should see how it looks now when it's me, Saw and Linc around the big table (we have a high bar-type table) for breakfast.  He refuses the high chair now and has to sit with us.

Are you spying, Mom?  Seriously.  I'm practically an adult.  I don't need a babysitter.
Mom, jeez.  Could you put the camera away, please?



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