Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo of the Day

Waldo, Get Out of the Laundry

Rob dressed as Waldo for a youth event tonight and I told him to hide somewhere.  Of course he picked the couch full of clean clothes that I wanted to hide from all of you blog-readers that might think my house is clean.  (Ps-if you think that, you obviously don't read my blog very often.)
 He's cute in stripes, no?  Even blurry.  And why does this photo make his hair look white underneath the hat?
Can you find him?  Tex did.

Birthdays and Batmen

Tonight we went to a birthday party for Saw's cousin Braden and the kids had a blast!  Being near Halloween meant dressing up, and our thrift store superhero suits (thanks, Mom!) were great for this.  They are for kids much older than my kids, but you know what?  You can roll up the sleeves and ankles to make it work.  Who knew?
 Lincoln was Batman.  The serious Batman, though.  Like Christian Bale, and not so much as George Clooney or Michael Keaton.  (Though I loved Michael Keaton.)
 Wearing a costume for a 7-year old meant that most of the day he looked like he was wearing a super saggy, full diaper.  (Which he kind of was.)
 Braden, the birthday boy, doing his best Val Kilmer in Top Gun.
 Spiderman likes sprinklers.

 Lincoln spent a lot of the party confused: why are people wearing costumes?  What ARE those costumes?
 Mimi borrowed the Batman mask to scare cheer up the kids.
 Saw loves Braden.

 Lincoln is still confused.

 The egg race.
 Lincoln tried to eat the egg.  Which makes sense, being that it was in a spoon and all.
 Lynn looks rather fetching in the Batman mask.
 Uncle Paul, bobbing for apples.
 He wins!
 Lincoln likes turkeys, real and wooden.

 Spiderman in the baby swing.
 It's not a party til someone takes their clothes off.
This is the best I could get of the two of them.  What can I say?

October Sunburn

Because Rob and I have a minor major obsession with Friday Night Lights on Netflix, we went to the Katy High School football game Saturday afternoon.  A few things about this.

1. Katy High School is a monster when it comes to football.  The Tigers have won 6 state titles (which in Texas kind of means more than, say, Delaware.  Sorry, Delaware.).  Four of those are since 2000.

2.  Rob's two younger brothers, David and Daniel, both got to play with Katy and go to either state or semi-finals.  I don't remember which. I saw one of them (David?) play in the Astrodome and the other (Daniel?) play at Reliant Stadium.  Vince Young was a quarterback for the high school Katy played against and Rob was like,"Um.  That guy is going pro."

3. Rob was a monster in high school football.  That is, until the Booster Club president had Rob benched so his son could play all the good positions.  No, really.  Whenever the Boosters get all evil in Friday Night Lights, I keep thinking of this.  Rob is the most gifted athlete I know personally (sorry, rest of you Oliphant brothers. You all come in second.) and could have done amazing things in football if he had not been put on defense to make room for the rich kids.  It probably in all honesty changed the path of his life.  His dad says that it also built and revealed Rob's amazing character.  I still do get mad when I think about it.  I've seen some of his old tapes (and some of his moves even recently on the flag football field) and he really is PHENOMENAL.

4.  Friday Night Lights is a great show.  We've both gotten a little excited about Texas and football and Texas Football, which deserves capitalization.  Oh, and we also both like Tim Riggins.  I think if the actor who plays coach Eric Taylor showed up at our door tonight at told Rob to go run five miles, he would.

5. Katy fans are insane.  The football stadiums here in Texas seat like 10,000 people.  The Katy side is always full, always full in red.  The spirit for the school is amazing.  Much like the small town of Dillon, except that Katy is now a way-far-out suburb of Houston.  I think eventually we'd like to move to the Katy High zone in case our kids want to play football.  Crazy, huh?

All that to say:  we went to a Katy game.  And it was hot, so I stripped down to my tank top and ended up with a slight sunburn.  In October.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Possum or Opossum

Which do you say?

I got into a heated text debate with a friend tonight over this.  According to Wikipedia the correct term for what was on my back patio tonight, rustling through garbage I had thrown back there, was an opossum.  However, I always that was a cutesy and incorrect term for what was really and truly a straight-up possum.

I can admit it.  I was wrong.  But I don't FEEL wrong and I will continue to call them possums.

Hopefully, though, they will not continue to hang out on my back patio.  I didn't even get a picture, which is really the important and key factor, and my dog might have eaten it, as I let him in the backyard and he didn't come back for like 20 minutes.  Considering our backyard is tiny, that's a long time to be back there. He wasn't bloody or anything when he came back in, so maybe not.  As long as we don't have a rabies outbreak, I'm okay with this.

Frogs Deserve Their Own Post

 He looks grumpy.  But he's clearly the king of this terrarium.  Is that the right word?

Ps- These aren't frogs.  But I kept the color scheme.  Or...the zoo did. Thanks, zoo.  I might have to make some prints for the boys' room or something.

We Went to the Zoo...But Forgot Costumes

I realized when we got to the zoo today and there were like 5 billion cars that something was wrong.  (I think the fact that I put it that way says something about my very personality.  Not that it was crowded.  Something was wrong.)  The Houston Zoo apparently does some kind of amazing Halloween thing every year that lasts for days.  Or something.  I didn't ask questions, but tried to hide a little when I sent my kids without costumes up to beg for candy.

Anyway, people were mostly so distracted with the candy and all that it didn't seem that crowded.  In case you're wondering why we are packing in the zoo trips, our membership runs out this week and we might not renew it, so we're milking it.  Mom went as well and so I got to actually take a few photos of everything.
 I like how everything my boys want to do at the zoo has a warning that it's for people 48 inches tall or higher.  I am really not THAT far above that.  Anyway.  My boys can happily climb everything that is supposed to be for short adults.
 Sawyer watching prairie dogs.
 And then there is the goat-petting.
 And petting.
 And hugging, which I just missed here in this picture.
 More climbing.
 And running.
 And what's probably poop on the bottom of the shoes.
 And running.
Chasing the birds.
 More smiling.
 And hanging.
 And climbing.
 Mom and the boys.
 Maybe Sawyer isn't getting better at smiling in photos.
 Definitely not.



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