Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breaking Resolutions in January

With the re-start of derby (groan, my aching muscles!) and the whole selling-our-house thing, I have broken most of my resolutions on the daily. I'm sure I didn't post about resolutions, but I made a bunch, mostly focused on daily things that I think I can achieve.  Here are a few examples:

-make Rob lunch and breakfast each day
-do at least 10 minutes of yoga
-clean out sink and dishwasher and put away all laundry before bed

Fail, fail, and fail!  One thing I have done is give Rob a ten minute massage at least MOST days.  I don't have time for even ten minutes of yoga sometimes, and it's easy to use the excuse that I already did 2-3 hours of derby most days.  I'll also blame derby for the last one of those--I am a zombie by 10pm and just pretend I don't see the sink and laundry.

I always give myself grace with resolutions.  I am working toward some of them and doing well, like with having daily times with God.  Much better there, and that's important.  I also have been planning meals better and have done lots of organizing.  It's just with the whole moving thing, plus a busy beginning to derby, some of my lovely resolutions aren't going to make it.  I am okay with saying that MOST days I will do those things.  I have hope.  Returning from vacation also threw a wrench in things, and I've had extra practices the past two weeks in derby that will end starting next week.  Rob and I are going to write out a plan of attack on stuff for the house, so I think we can be organized.  I have failed, but don't yet feel like a failure.

Did you make any resolutions this year?  Have you broken them yet??


  1. I like to consider mine as looser goals to work towards during the year. So I'm basically following along in the spirit of them, despite dropping the ball here and there. I have things like "spend 15 minutes each day cleaning" and "work out at the YMCA at least once a week" that I've taken some liberties with, particularly since I was doing TT tryouts and battling a cold, but I'm at peace with it as long as I keep it up most days/weeks.

  2. I DID make resolutions and I have broken all of them except one: I have not eaten fast food yet this year. Taco Cabana has spoken to me in my dreams once or twice, but so far I am doing well.


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