Monday, January 23, 2012

Help! I Have a Blog Jam.

What, you may ask, exactly is a blog jam, Kiki?

Nope, not like jelly jam.

It's not like Pearl Jam. (I still love you, Eddie Vedder!)

Or a late night jam session.

Not a derby jam.

For sure not toe jam.

It's a TRAFFIC JAM.  I have a giant pileup of blog posts in my head, like I-10 where it meets 8 over here on the westside around 6pm.  I am totally backed up and so busy that I may just get a few posts out now and then, but there are so many more to come!

I am definitely continuing my Life of Kiki series with England posts (thanks, Mary, for saying you love and miss them!) and have so much to say about moving and life and salads and my boys playing together, but unless God makes every day a leap day with one extra hour, I'm going to be slow and steady for a while.

So please excuse my blog jam while I try to finish editing a novel, get my house ready to put on the market, start a new season of derby (ICYMI, I signed on for another season), and do all the everyday things like love my fam and maybe even clean out my car.

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