Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm a Walker, I'm a Gawker, I'm a Midnight Caulker

Tonight, I learned how to caulk stuff.

Well.  After I learned that I didn't know how to work a caulk gun.  Rob didn't either, actually, so we spent like 25 minutes trying to figure out what we could stick into the tube of caulk to break the foil seal inside. Then he realized that there was a handy-dandy long metal stick thingy just for this purpose on the caulk gun.  Score!

Since that time (about three hours ago), I have caulked about everything not nailed down in my kitchen.  That's not right--everything I caulked basically WAS nailed down.  Or grouted, or glued, or whatever.  I caulked the windows, the trim, the cabinets, myself.  Yes, I am fairly covered in caulk. I also have a headache that I believe is fume-induced.  It's not for lack of coffee.  (Note: I wrote caulkee, not coffee.  I swear.  I am tired.)

I can't take photos because I left my camera at Rob's parent's house, but I will take loads of photos later.  Right now, picture me with white stuff all over, watching Office Space, while the drawers are gone, the cabinets are open, sandpaper and various tools are all over the tables and countertops along with many, many cans of paint.

And, just maybe, a red Swingline stapler.

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