Friday, March 30, 2012

Making Bad News Go Good

Please forgive the rather awkward and inappropriate song reference there.  If you missed it, good.

Last week I wrote about all the craziness.  Maybe that was this week? Actually, it was both!  We had sick kids and a cancer scare with my mom and another with Lynn and I had friends who were struggling with all kinds of things.

Oddly, this week many of the "bad" things came undone.  I'll share a few.

1.  Mom mom had an X-ray of her lungs that was abnormal, so she had to have a cat scan.  She'd been sick for three weeks and the doctor couldn't tell her what they thought the issue was over the phone, but when my mom asked about cancer, the doctor said they had to rule that out.  Ensue quiet panic!  The cat scan THANKFULLY revealed some kind of nodules on her lungs that she has to watch, but are NOT cancer.  We are crazy glad about that.

2. My great friend Jenna was told two weeks ago that she had Lyme Disease.  Being a total tick-phobe (is there a technical name for that?) she totally flipped out. That can be nasty if not caught in time. This week, she discovered that her doctor ran the wrong tests and had gotten a false positive.  She does NOT have Lyme or Lupus or any of the other crazy serious things they scared her with.  The original problem (her knee), has healed up and she is fine.  Whew!

3. Lynn had a check-up this week with her cancer doctors after a scare a few weeks ago when they thought she had broken her back.  The doctors found that instead of staying weak or weakening, the lesions in her bones are HEALING.  Insane!  If you want to read more about this, you can click on her Caring Bridge site HERE.

Lincoln also ended up being okay after the doctor ordered X-rays being concerned about his breathing, and another friend who had some serious issues with her child not being accepted to the only school in that area resolved the issue.  (She swears by leaving 14 voicemails in a day.)  Some things have not resolved: a derby friend is separating from her husband and moving back home to Illinois with their two kids.  Hard and sad, hard and sad.

But I am rejoicing in the great news all around and how one week (or a few days) can turn some of those things around in an unexpected way.

Now we just need to sell our house this weekend.

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