Monday, March 5, 2012

Putting the Wo in the Women's Retreat

That post title sounds much better if you read it aloud. Particularly if you pronounce the "wo" as "whoa." Perhaps I should rethink post titles that only work with explanation.

This weekend I went on my second ever women's retreat.  Really it was the first, because it was the first one where I stayed for the whole time.  There are a few reasons for this.  Lately, it's been because I have kids at the wrong ages.  Either I can't leave them because I'm nursing and didn't want to bring them, or the timing was off with leaving them with Rob.  Really, though, that's my great excuse (though it's also true). There's always this part of me that feels naggingly left out of groups of women.  I was a tomboy growing up, and though I do like looking pretty and feminine and secretly love wearing sky-high heels, I generally just feel a little less girly than most girls.  So in large groups, especially of church women, I can feel either a bit sort of not quite good enough, or maybe even wonder if I'm the only one who feels a bit different.

What is it with women and these kinds of feelings?  Don't we all size each other up a bit, even make wrong assumptions? Even on a church retreat for women?

So in any case, I loved the retreat.  And not just because friend Nicole Unice was the speaker. (Go check out her site and book and upcoming book!) AND not just because Nicole and I found bolts of inappropriate man fabric in downtown (read: tiny town) Round Top, Texas.
Any ideas for what to make with this?  Leave them in the comments, please.

I got to meet and hang with a bunch of different women of different ages brackets that were all super fun.  I had seen most of them in church before and even knew a few names, but mostly I sort of breeze in and out of our church without talking to people since I'm chasing my kids.  (I'm beginning to see a common theme that my kids become excuses for things too easily.)  And again, when you only have mascara on one eye because you forgot to do both, it's easy to assume that all the women who look more put together than you wouldn't want to talk.  How great to get to know people! (And realize they probably don't care about my mascara or lack thereof!)

I also felt sort of oddly stirred to rekindle some of my gifts and loves in the realm of spiritual things, specifically in Bible-study-writing and maybe even teaching or speaking or...something. I'm not sure exactly what yet, but I had a great talk with Nicole about it and felt that I was sort of being stirred to pray and seek out places I can really be using those gifts.  I'm not sure what this will look like yet, but we'll see.  You know I'll keep you posted as I do with everything else.

The last great thing was having two nights of sleep without little people waking me.  I love and missed those little people, but a night without them waking me up was A-mazing.  Of course, now I'm still super tired and feeling sick, but those two nights--well.  They were glorious.

I really can't say enough about this retreat and how wonderful the time was.  I retreated, and I feel refreshed and recharged.


  1. Please make a man-sized snuggie out of that fabric. It would be a crime against humanity not to do so.
    Also, I have often forgotten to put mascara on one eye only. I can totally relate to how you feel in the company of women, but I also feel that when I do push myself out of my comfort zone, it's almost always worth it.
    Great post! Glad you had some fun and rest.

  2. sounded like fun! i have never been able to go. kids at wrong age or scheduling conflict. maybe one of these days....

  3. Suggestion for fabric: Body pillow cover. Since it is firemen it would make a lady feel safe when her man is out of town. :)

  4. I was totally going to suggest a pillow case...for use at future women's retreats of course! Make all the other ladies jealous. :o)


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