Friday, May 18, 2012

Kid Things That Drive Me Bonkers

There are a few things that, over the past four years, I have found myself scorning, rejecting, and going out of my way to avoid, destroy, or "lose."

Note: If you are a giver of one of these gifts, please note that I am really appreciative for any gift!  This is totally just weird me stuff and does not have to do with the kids.  We all have our pet peeves, right?

Puzzles.  I hate them.  As an adult, I actually like to set out a good puzzle and finish it, especially over a week or so, just taking a few minutes here or there.  This is especially fun with Rob or my mom and dad.  But the kids puzzles?  ACK!  Unless you are uber organized, the pieces disappear.  I have this tendency to donate the puzzles that are missing pieces and then months later, find the pieces.

I have a few exceptions that I've kept (like the wooden ABC puzzle from Aunt Denise), but the pieces are ALWAYS finding their ways into random dresser drawers or under beds.  Drives me nuts.  Maybe the real problem is my inability to keep track of things.  So, it's not the puzzles I hate--it's me.  (Random but fitting Arrested Development quote:  White Power Bill: "I hate my father."  Tobias: "No, you hate White Power Bill."  White Power Bill: "I hate my father."  Tobias:  "You hate White Power Bill."  White Power Bill:  "I hate White Power Bill.")

Bubbles.  My kids?  LOVE.  Love love love.  The thing is that they want to blow them by themselves.  Which inevitably leads to spilling.  And crying.  Even the big "spill proof" bubbles are not really spill proof.  It's like a challenge to the kids:  how long will it take us to REALLY spill them?  Where there's a will, there's a way.  It also stinks when your kid wants to blow bubbles themselves but the bubbles will not cooperate and be blown.  While there is much joy in bubble-blowing, with much joy comes much frustration.

Those are the only two I can think of right now. I'm also not big into crayons and coloring books, which is weird.  I do like painting with my kids, or letting them paint, but it's definitely a production and we don't do it very often.  What are YOUR pet peeves? I have friends that hate things like Play Doh, which I love.  It's different in every house, probably.  Any toys you refuse to own??


  1. I like playdoh, but having dog in the family insures the playdoh only is good for about a week before it's a gross hairball encased in greyish brownish purple goo.

    I also "loose" crayola markers, fast food toys, stickers, pint sized make-up kits and plastic jewelry.

    1. Fast food toys: UGH! I sometimes will buy a big tub of mixed toys at a thrift store, and it stinks when many of the toys are from fast food places. Markers at my house tend to lose their tops...

  2. I hate glitter with a passion! When my kids were little they knew if they brought something home with glitter it would likely wind up in the trash. Sometimes they would show it to me and then throw it away themselves.

  3. my kids love lego and i do too because it is such a great use of imagination. however, no matter how many buckets i have for them to put the pieces into, there will be pieces everywhere in the house, in the car, in the bags, ...


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