Saturday, June 30, 2012

4-Year Old Theology

This actually does not come from my kids, but from an old printed sheet my mom found today that was from my brother Geoff's Sunday School class in 1988.  I'm typing verbatim.

Geoff:  Jesus' mother was Mary and Joseph was his daddy. They lived in Nazareth in heaven.
Grant: His daddy could build a house and Jesus could help his mom do things, just like I do.
Brad: My daddy doesn't build houses.
Aleck:  I help my mom make blueberry muffins and we eat them all.  Uh huh.
Katie: I help mama make cupcakes. We put M&Ms on top. I guess Jesus didn't have M&Ms in heaven.
Aleck:  We get ours at 7-11.
Beth Anne:  Jesus is helping his dad. He was three and he picked up wood to make boxes.
Geoff: I help dad build towers outside.
Beth Anne: My daddy doesn't build anything.
Geoff: My dad makes things with his hammer and his five nails in the garage.
Brad: Jesus is good.
Katie: Jesus is kind.  Cuz he is.
Beth Anne: Jesus is nice.
Grant: Jesus is happy.
Aleck: I don't know about how he was.
Geoff: Yes, he loves me.
Grant: Yes!

Aleck is my favorite theologian, and my brother Geoff is a very close second.  I want to know what kind of tower he and my dad were building with their five nails...

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