Friday, June 8, 2012

Clearance Finds

Here is an example of why I love shopping clearance.  In lieu of coupons (which have been too complicated to keep up with as our house is on the market) I have found every nook and cranny where my local Kroger puts out clearance foods.  The trick is that they don't always mark this area (though there are three that are properly marked) and they don't always move the clearance foods out of their normal section.  I shop with eyes slightly unfocused to see the orange and yellow stickers in those normal sections--most especially the organic section, the salad, and the fancy cheeses.  The set-apart clearance sections are:  freezer, produce, bakery, meats, and random.

Today's clearance bounty:

-four containers of organic extra-firm tofu (great for freezing, and also for fried bean curd dinner tonight--yum!) for just over $1
-1 package organic, cage-free eggs for $1.50, same price as regular
-1 giant bag meatballs, $6 instead of $10
-1 bag sandwich rolls $1 instead of $2
-2 multi-packs of playdoh $2.50 for 10 containers
-2 silly putties for 50 cents each, normally $1
-2 of those toy animals that grow in water for 75 cents, normally $3

They also had milk, which I didn't need (plus it was skim), some of that fancy Ezekiel bread, some vegan ice cream, lots of cupcake and cake mixes, some random toys, pies, frozen breakfast sandwiches, and some frozen stir-fry meals in a bag. 

If you aren't familiar with your store's clearance sections, take a few minutes the next time you are there to look or ask!  Kroger will not take coupons on the manager's special items (what they call clearance) but Randalls will.  Great way to save money!

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