Monday, August 6, 2012


I'm traveling, so this post is heavy on Kiki and light on my boys.  I miss you, boys!!
 Attack of Teddy in the car.

 Welcome home!!
 Sometimes, I miss Rob.  This headless plastic torso doesn't quite make up for it though...

 Video poker in Louisiana.

 My favorite drink, in one of my favorite bars in Greensboro.

 A drawing I found at my Aunt and Uncle's house that I made for my great uncle.  Miss you, Alpert!

Meeting up with some of my favorite people from Hope Church, VA-- Olivia and Nicole.  We are fabulous.

 The reason I was here:  baptism!  The girls are adorable.

 My toes at the beach today.  Yay, VA Beach!

 A storm on the way through Georgia.

The sky is lovely in Louisiana.

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  1. Cute cute pictures! Hope you have/had a wonderful trip :D


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