Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Olympics Taught Me This

I really wasn't sure how much Sawyer was enjoying the Olympics this year. Lincoln LOVED them, but Saw seemed bored and mostly kept asking to watch a movie. He's been in gymnastics all summer, so I had these expectations of him being totally inspired and stuff--yeah. We all know about parenting and expectations, right? Better to have few. Or just expect to be surprised. I WAS surprised yesterday in his last class when Sawyer suddenly did something really kind of amazing.  I didn't catch it quite on camera, but here you see the start.
Sawyer did a flip on the rings.  No, it's not an iron cross or anything, but they haven't taught them this.  And he did it totally on his own volition and strength.  Basically, they do stations with a few of the apparatus and with the rings, they ask the kids to use their arms to pull their body up a little.  Most kids swing.  Saw does both.  And then...he just flat out spun around upside down and did a flip.  Twice.  After, he told me, "I learned that from the Olympics."

Woot!  He was paying SOME attention after all.  I don't harbor dreams of him being an Olympian (um, okay, maybe a little bit), but I do love seeing him doing all his wild, physical stuff.  Here are a slew of mostly terrible photos taken from across the gym.

 Sitting patiently--this was something we worked with him on a lot, and what he struggled with most in class.

 Definitely Sawyer's favorite thing of the day--a half circular thing that they worked on balance.

 Maybe it's time for a haircut...

Aw!  Despite the demonic red eyes (my computer is having a freakout and I can't edit these right now...maybe later), he is super cute.  

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  1. If/when your house sells, please move into a gym...not a house.
    :) LO


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