Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Scrapers Stink

I need a bit of feedback from my readers!

I am considering changing the layout where you will see a snippet of each post on the main page and then to have click through to read the whole thing.  I really don't like that kind of format, but there are these creepy programs that scrape blog content, post on another, phantom website filled with links and spammy ads.  They make tons of money using other people's content and it stinks.  I've noticed my posts being scraped before, and one of the best ways to prevent would be to truncate the posts.  Would you guys be less likely to click through and read?  Any thoughts on the truncated posts?

Again, it's not my favorite format, but the most effective way to prevent scraping and content stealing.


  1. Aww man... to be honest I don't think I would be as likely to click through! Tell me more though, this is the first that I am hearing about those scrapers!

    1. Yeah, I'm really debating as I hate the click through. It's pretty when you glance at a blog, but I typically never read. If you google blog scraping you'll find some info. I had it happen a few times and wasn't sure what was going on--just found my whole entire blog posts up on some other website that was full of ads and spam and had inserted spammy links into my content on their site. There are ways to get the sites shut down and things like that, but this can happen without you knowing it (even with google alerts on things, I didn't find them til they'd been up for a while) and it can be annoying to go look. More annoying, though? Someone stealing your stuff and making money from it. Lots of people watermark their images, which is something, but that just shows the people on the fake websites (which often will have higher traffic than your own) that there is another owner of the photo--they still may not ever go to your blog or know that you didn't make a spammy, ad-filled post on some creepy site. So...yeah. I'm debating.

  2. My work blocks blogs. The only way I read your blog is on my phone's RSS Feed Reader. If I can see all of your blog on that reader, then I it won't impact my reading at all.
    However, I've stopped reading blogs that required a click to see more, because of this reason. It was like a tease... and I barely get to read blogs at home anymore.
    But I understand if you have to do it.

    1. I don't think it would affect the RSS, just the main blog if you look at it that way. The tease annoys me too. I like the whole big thing. Sucks to have to consider doing that just to be protective...

  3. I read all my blogs on readers. I was regularly reading a blog that changed its format. After the change, when I viewed it in my reader, I had to click a link that took me out of the reader to her page to read the rest of the blog. I stopped reading her blog. :(


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