Saturday, October 20, 2012


Rob and I purchased a segway tour deal via Living Social this month for Galveston.  Yesterday we pawned off our children and headed down for a lovely day.  Being the Arrested Development nerds we are (again, you are missing like 30% of my jokes if you haven't watched this show), we decided to dress in ways that honored Gob Bluth, the segway-riding magician on the show.  I took a zillion photos (note: do NOT take photos while riding a segway) and will have a few posts.

 Photos I should NOT have taken while riding a segway. Good news: I did not crash off the sea wall.

Every time I rode close to Rob, he whispered, "Club sauce."

 Look, ma!  One hand!

 I have a new calling: segway photographer.

 I was supposed to have a banana suit to wear (there's always money in the banana stand!) but in the end, had to settle for a prison jumpsuit.  Gob did go to prison just to try to break out.  When he couldn't pass the key, he got lucky and was shanked.

I'd dare say that no one can have more fun on a segway tour than Rob and I can.  If you get a chance to take one, they are fun, but it's weird getting used to the things.  I wonder how long Will Arnett actually had to practice to become natural at the thing.  It's weird.  But fun!  But weird.

It's a jet-pack, Michael. What could possibly go wrong?


  1. time for me to go through the 3 seasons again...

  2. I'm very curious what, if any, the responses were of your fellow Segwayers and the public at large.


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