Friday, November 30, 2012

Breaking and Making Bread

Lately, I've been doing homemade stuff: deodorant, laundry soap. Best of all: bread. I tend to buy whatever wheat type bread is on the clearance cart in my Kroger. Usually this gives me lots of options, but every now and then, I'm forced to either pay more than I want for off the shelf bread or have no bread. Which led me to making bread.

This recipe comes from Money Saving Mom (though I didn't use a bread machine). I like to brush the top with a slurry of hot water and baking soda before it goes in the oven and then sprinkle oats on top, maybe with a little salt. I love-a the salt. (I also like to start out by putting the yeast in a bit of the hot water with sugar and letting it activate before I get to the mixing.) The bread is soft and delicious and makes a loaf that maybe gets us through half a week.

Depending on how much I eat first.

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