Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Coming...

If I've been a little distant on the blog front, it's because I have been working like mad on getting two ebooks ready for self-publication over at Amazon. I've always been a snob about self-pub, so I'll probably do a post about how that's changed and also my thoughts on writing and my hopes for publication and all that later.  For now, keep your eyes open because this week I should have this available for you.

This is an advent devotional with daily readings, reflection, and questions from December 1-25. I've always wanted a little something extra for the advent readings, and in this book I've paired up Old and New Testament readings together in a way that I hope shows the way God's plan fits together. The questions can work whether you are reading alone, journaling in a notebook, or reading out loud at the kitchen table with your family.

I am SUPER excited about this and can't wait to actually get it done. (At this point, I'm 60% excited for you guys to be able to have it and 40% just in desperate need to sleep.)  As soon as it's available, I'll be posting for sure!

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